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You've said in one of your tags that Yoongi isn't straight and that's a fact. Was you just joking around or was it mentioned somewhere by him? Could you give me a source? Thank you 💕 P.S. your blog is 👌😍

yoongi’s gay lyrics:

  • cypher pt. 3: “whether its a boy or a girl my tongue will make you come.” 👏👏 legendary.
  • good day: “always laugh and rest on my shoulder. things like appearance it’s as if it doesn’t matter. it has no relationship in our relationship. yep bro, always the same yep bro, by your side.” this could be about bromance too but..
  • wishing on a starstart moving, boy. throbbing heartbeat, it’s starting now, boy. ur possibilities have no limit boy, there’s no limit value you can be a star, don’t forget that.” this song is a soft love song and yoongi’s verse just happens to be about a boy.
  • spring day: “yeah i hate you. although you left there hasn’t been a day that i have forgotten you. honestly, i miss you but now I’ll erase you because that will hurt less than resenting you.” rapmon said spring day is a song about his and suga’s experience and that the lyrics express them.. hmm…

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So I guess I felt like crying tonight. I rewatched In a Heartbeat, and then this was suggested to me. It’s a different kind of coming out short film and I think it’s Korean? The art seems to be very Studio Ghibli inspired and it’s got sad parts and I cried pretty damn hard… (Just a warning, there’s a scene that’s kind of nsfw. It’s nothing graphic it’s just very visually implied that the two main characters have sex. But, it’s in a very tasteful way) Anyway this is amazing and needs more love. 

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the gif of "jungkook" is from a gay korean movie called "white night" (also known as baek ya) and it's a really good movie but i've never seen a version of it with subtitles so if you don't speak korean good luck lmao

Well fuck, guess Imma have to study up on my Korean🙂Thanks for the info love💓

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I don’t know if you guys have heard of this gay-themed Korean movie, but if you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to watch it!!! It’s incredible. The actors are fantastic, it’s emotionally very poignant, and super interesting from a sociological perspective. I’m not sure how accurate its depiction of the Korean education system is, but from what the director was saying in an interview I watched, the film touches on several real issues that Korean high school students still face. This movie is a new favorite of mine, so I thought I’d share it!

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First off, I wanna say how awesome your blog is and how I LOVE Joonkuya. I was just wondering if you know where I can get eng subs for these korean gay movies: white night, night flight, 20, one night only, stateless things, and going south. If you can help me at all I would loooove you! THNANKS <3

hi!! thank u so much 

you can watch one night only here  part 2  and night flight here 

not sure about this one but you can try white night

i cant find any eng sub for the other 3 sorry btw :l