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Fandometrics In Depth: Shipping

Shipping is one of Tumblr’s favorite hobbies, drawing hundreds of millions of engagements each year. On Tumblr, shipping exists in many forms: fan art, fan fiction, manipulated GIFs and videos, and roleplay, just to name a few. It’s a common practice no matter what fandom you’re in—from television shows and movies to K-pop and video games. On Tumblr, the most popular type is slash—ships comprised of two male characters. Out of the top 150, 95 (63%) were guy/guy love.

We grabbed the top 30 ships from 2013—2016. 2013—2015 were ranked by reblogs alone. 2016 and 2017 are ranked by their Trending Score. This includes volume of searches, original posts, and likes in addition to reblogs. We’ve sorted the source content behind each year’s top ships below.


  • TV | 40%
  • Music | 40%
  • Anime | 10%
  • Celebrities | 6.67%
  • K-Pop | 3.33%

2013’s most reblogged ships were predominantly slash (76.67%). The remaining 23.33% were all heterosexual (het) ships—there were no femslash ships in the top 30 that year.

The most reblogged ship of the year was from an anime: MakoHaru (Nanase Haruka and Tachibana Makoto, Free! series).

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  • TV | 40%
  • Anime | 20%
  • Music | 13.33%
  • Celebrities | 10%
  • Movies | 10%
  • Web Celebrities | 6.67%

Though slash (66.67%) and het ships (26.67%) comprised most of the list in 2014, femslash ships (6.67%) made their debut.

 2014’s top ship was Destiel (Dean Winchester and Castiel, Supernatural). Though the ship is not canon (yet), the 200th episode “Fan Fiction” paid homage to it.

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  • TV | 43.33%
  • Anime | 23.33%
  • Music | 13.33%
  • Web celebrities | 13.33%
  • Movie | 3.33%
  • Celebrities | 3.33%

In 2015, femslash numbers also doubled, representing 13.33% of the ships. Slash accounted for 60%, het just 26.67%.

2015 was a big year for Larry shippers—Larry Stylinson (Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, One Direction) reached No. 1.

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  • TV | 50%
  • Movies | 20%
  • Anime | 13.33%
  • Web celebrities | 6.67%
  • Music | 3.33%
  • K-Pop | 3.33%
  • Video games | 3.33%

Slash ships began to take a dip (56.67%) in 2016, while het ships grew (36.67%) and femslash decreased (6.67%).

Despite femslash’s waning popularity, 2016 marked the first year a f/f ship not only cracked the top five, but hit #1. Clexa (Clarke Griffin and Commander Lexa, The 100) was embroiled in controversy when Commander Lexa was shot by a stray bullet and killed immediately after her and Clarke’s relationship was consummated. Her death launched a critical look at the “Bury Your Gays” trope by journalists and fans alike, and the argument that LGBTQ+ fans deserved better than the storylines given to them.

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2017 (thus far)

  • TV | 50%
  • Anime | 13.33%
  • K-Pop | 13.33%
  • Music | 6.67%
  • Movies | 6.67%
  • Web celebrities | 6.67%
  • Video games | 6.67%

In the first half of 2017, slash has continued to hold over half the conversation (56.67%). Het ships and f/f ships are starting to equal out at 26.67% and 16.67%, respectively.

This year’s top ship so far? Klance (Keith and Lance, Voltron: Legendary Defender). Since we launched the weekly ship list on May 1st, Klance has been No. 1 seven times.

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Further reading

Some great resources where you can learn even more about shipping and fandom:

my thought process was just “kit kitterage (the American Girl Doll) is gay” which is true but that shifted rapidly towards “kit kitterage is a gay journalist who will be in her prime during the height of mccarthyism” and then “😨”


This Catholic priest is trying to change the church by actually loving and accepting his gay parrishoners

When journalist and videographer Eric Kruszewski first learned about LEAD, an LGBT church outreach program started at St. Matthew Catholic church, he knew he needed to see its work in action. The resulting video series tells stories that range from a lesbian former nun’s decision to leave the Church to a mother of gay and straight children learning how to be an ally.

Gifs: Eric Kruszewski


this or that meme
  1. encyclopedias or collection of poetry gay?
  2. sketching in a museum or journaling in a café gay?
  3. love letter or serenade gay?
  4. paris honeymoon or vegas honeymoon gay?
  5. typewriter or quill and ink gay?
  6. quiet art gallery or history museum gay?
  7. brunch on the porch or supper at a classy restaurant gay?
  8. diamond chandelier or romantic candlelight gay?
  9. elegant cruise ship or smoky jazz club gay?
  10. reading under a tree or reading on a bench swing gay?
  11. carnival under the stars or morning fair gay?
  12. flowery perfume or musky cologne gay?
  13. silky beige bathrobe or monogrammed cotton robe gay?
  14. old library or vintage operahouse gay?
  15. summer in italy or summer in morocco gay?
  16. bedroom eyes or messy hair gay?
  17. ladurée macarons or chocolate soufflé gay?
  18. bowl of peaches or bowl of grapefruit gay?
  19. plush white hotel bedding or soft pink lace bedding gay?
  20. rose garden wedding or old church wedding gay?
  21. go to see a ballet or go to see a musical gay?
  22. wine in an expensive parlor or wine by an expensive pool gay?
  23. the ritz paris or chateau marmont gay?
  24. live in a historical drama or live in a noir spy film gay?
  25. balcony over the sea or balcony over the city gay?
  26. elegantly crying in a tub or elegantly crying by a lake gay?
  27. classic black heels or faux fur heels gay?
  28. old newspapers or antique radio gay?
  29. bouquet of roses or edible arrangements gay?
  30. records by 1950′s singers or classical piano music gay?
  31. world war ii films or romantic period films gay?
  32. carriage of a train on the countryside or car ride in malibu gay?
  33. receive a grammy or receive an oscar gay?
  34. elegant sail boat or luxury limousine gay?
  35. famous news journalist or famous fashion editor gay?
  36. picnic in a lush field or champagne under the moon gay?
  37. lost in a forest or lost in a museum gay?
  38. long talks or long letters gay?
Ever After Legacy

Made by the wonderful and beautiful Wolfy And @emmasimming

(If it says you move into an apartment and you don’t have city living move to a small house)

Generation One – You Love Him, You Love Him Not– You just moved out of your parents home and now it’s your time to shine! But what will you do when two guys make you fall in love?


Must marry someone and have at least 2 kids with them

Each child must have a bad trait

Divorce your first husband after 2 kids or more

Must have 2 husbands

Generation Two – Love Is A Game – You grew up in a broken family you only ever had one love in high school you could never get over him/her after they went off to college. After that you couldn’t get over it. They were your first love, Until you met..


Must have high school sweetheart then he/she move

Complete the postcard collection

Master Charisma Skill

Generation Three – Lone Wolf – After your parents kicked you out you had no other choice but to move into a small apartment, all you ever wanted to do in life is paint, but everyone tells you to give up on your dreams, maybe…. Just maybe for once you don’t care what people say….. DO IT ANYWAY!


Must be in the painter career

Must have creative as a trait

Must have a different sense of style

Generation Four – Beyond People – Your Parents have always embarrassed you all throughout your life because of their political views sense of style and because they enrolled you in some hippy school and just have always been well different than everyone else’s family’s.. You’ve alway just wanted to be alone and just get away from them so that’s what you did


Runaway as a teen

Have one kid

Must Become politician

As an adult begin to talk to your parents again

Must master the politician career

Generation Five – Different – You’ve always known you were different then the rest of your family, Things have always been different throughout highschool and your school years you never dated a person throughout school but you always thought that you would be perfect because of your mom being a politician and all but that never happened you grew up to figure out that you were lesbian/gay and became a journalist it turned out to be a pretty good life


Must be In love with the someone who’s of the same gender as your character

Must be in the in the writer career then join the journalist branch

Must never date anyone is high school

Must adopt at least one child

Person you adopt must be male and become the heir

Generation Six – Asteroid – Your parents were lesbian/gay you were made fun of those dumb bullies that didn’t support gay/lesbian marriage. But you didn’t let it get to you because you knew you were unique. One day you were at home playing Xbox games and your parents called you upstairs to tell you something. You were 16 and a half. Your parents needed to tell you something important.. “You’re adopted“ Is what came out of their mouth at the same time.


The heir but be of the male gender

Master video gaming skill

Meet an alien

Generation Seven – Friends – You’ve always had this one friend ever since you were in diapers. You learned how to walk together you learned how to talk together, They even introduced you to your first love which lasted. You guys seem like you’ll be friends till your grey and old!


Must have one friend all throughout your life

Must have that friend introduce you to your first love

Must cause drama in between life

Generation Eight –  Internet Lovers – You grew up in love with this one guy/girl that you had never met you were instant friends when you met online. One day he/she texted and said he was coming to Oasis Springs. A few days later the day he/she came you guys met and they kissed you. You guys have been inseparable ever since


Must meet someone and only talk to them on the phone once your half way done being a young adult meet them

Must live in Oasis Springs

Have 1 Child together

Go on dates every weekend

Generation Nine – Raining Dates – You Seemed to love everyone, Every guy you met you seemed to date for at least a week you never knew why or how but it happened


Must have Serial Romantic aspiration

Must date at least 6 people

Have 2 kids

Generation Ten – Hold Them Tight – You Always had a normal life and sibling(s) your mom/dad being really annoying and dating so many people throughout your childhood you woke up in your friends, house and there was someone next to you. You were very confused nothing happened it was just your distance friends creepy brother but you being weird as well laughed you guys have been close ever since you guys ended up getting married but one day your partner got really sick..


Must have lover get sick and move out for as long as you want

Must be dectective

Must complete the mysims collection

Must complete whatever aspiration you choose

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What do you think of Universal remaking it's classic monster films?

You know, there was a time way back when where, if I said that I thought that many of the Hammer Horror remakes of classic horror films were better, I would have been burned at the stake as a heretic.

Today, “the Hammer versions were better” seems to be a relatively uncontroversial and downright commonplace view. I think it might be (among other reasons) because of the Angry Video Game Nerd, who changed the whole conversation about the Hammer Horror films by chatting them up, pointing out how great they are.

Anyway, the point of bringing up Hammer is, I don’t think a remake is necessarily doomed to failure. And while some of the Universal movies are some of the greatest movies ever made (Bride of Frankenstein is the first sequel to be better than the original), some are very flawed and could benefit from another go to clarify the ideas there. The 1931 Dracula, for instance, had a great leading man and set design, but was hobbled by the fact that it was based on a stage play and didn’t use the strengths of film effectively. At times, it felt like a fixed camera recording a stage production.

I have some skepticism about the ability of Hollywood to actually produce really great movies, no matter what the intentions of individual creators are, simply for structural reasons. There is so much money involved that it discourages risk taking and encourages studio micromanagement. One of the biggest trends in film has been the desire by studios to make bigger movies “director-proof.” This was actually how Hollywood worked before the 1960s, with producers having all the power…but the problem is, it only works if you have a producer who knows what they are doing, like Louis Meyer, or to use a modern example, an overseer like Kevin Feige. Good art is reliant on risk-taking and doing things differently, which is harder to do when you’re gambling with ungodly sums like a $150 million dollar budget.

Isn’t Tom Cruise going to be in the Mummy remake? Before he became the Space Pope, Tom Cruise was my hero; in high school, I spent a lot of time making sure my hair looked like his in posters. Sure, he belongs to a weird space cult created by a bad pulp science fiction writer that blackmails journalists and gay actors, but he is one of the best guys at picking scripts. I don’t think he’s ever really been in a terrible movie.

Making the Mummy female is a great idea, and one with a great pedigree. The Mummy was always meant to be female. The first true Mummy novel, the one that codified the traits of the modern Mummy story, was Bram Stoker’s novel Jewel of the Seven Stars, which featured a female mummy (and, to bring things full circle, Hammer Horror, classy as ever, did a version of Jewel of the Seven Stars, Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb, with 5’11” amazon Valerie Leon).

The really good Mummy films are all about love beyond death, reincarnation, doomed lovers reunited in past ages who get a second chance, and eerie sorcery. A film critic once said that all the very good James Bond movies are romances…and the same is true for Mummy films. Likewise, the Mummy is not a Creature from the Black Lagoon or Frankenstein creature who lumbers and uses strength to choke people; he or she is a sorcerer, like a voodoo priestess. The fear there is the fear of magic, which comes from another age and “breaks the rules.” If they keep these things in mind, they should be okay.
News Corp journalist quits gay rights lobby's board after being 'targeted' over employer
Complaints suggested Shannon Molloy’s involvement compromised NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby
By Naaman Zhou

A gay man who has been an outstanding advocate for gay rights in Australia for many years, including writing a very compelling piece about homophobic bullying has been forced to resign from the board of a prominent gay rights organisation after bullying and harassment by trans activists and “queers” on social media and elsewhere in a targeted campaign to bully him into quitting.

lookinghard-blog  asked:

Hi! Jonathan - I am a proud admirer of you and your work! Has it been difficult or challenging be a gay journalist n D.C.?

Not at all. My editor and I first met over breakfast in 1999. We talked about the possibility of my coming to the editorial board. One question he asked I’ll never forget. “Are you willing to move to Washington? I don’t want to be responsible for breaking up a marriage.” The remark blew me away because my then-partner and I had been together for years and to my editor’s mind we were a “married” couple that deserved preservation and respect. I didn’t actually get to The Post until 2007, but my editor today is that same man. And he’s been totally supportive and my now-husband. 

Diplomat's Son
Vampire Weekend
Diplomat's Son

”In October of 2009 Josh Eells profiled VW for Rolling Stone; it was the first time someone wanted to write an article about our lives. And it was also the first time someone had been able to hear Diplomat’s Son from Contra, —a song I had started on my own w the intention of telling a gay story. The timing felt right and I felt I could trust Josh, so in a phone interview with him I talked about being gay with a journalist for the first time.”
Zwei Profis wollen sich outen, aber...
2009 beendete der Amateur-Fußballer Tony Quindt sein jahrelanges Versteckspiel und bekannte sich in seinem Team und öffentlich zu seiner Homosexualität. Seitdem setzt er sich öffentlichkeitswirksam für die Belange schwuler Fußballer ein. Seine Verbindungen reichen bis in den Profi-Bereich. Im Interview erklärt er im Rahmen der SPOX -Themenwoche Tabus im Fußball die Schwierigkeiten eines Outings und berichtet von den Schauspielkünsten schwuler Profis.
By Perform Media Deutschland GmbH

A gay footballer: an interview with Tony Quindt

„Two pro players want to come out, but…“

Interview: Jannik Schneider

In 2009 amateur footballer Tony Quindt ended the „game" of hide-and-seek he’d been playing for years and came out as homosexual to his team and the public. Ever since then he’s been committed to the cause of gay footballers, generating a lot of public interest. His connections span professional football as well. In an interview for SPOX’ week of Taboos in Football he explains about the difficulties of coming out and the acting talent of gay pro footballers.

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Putin is not a good man.

Vladimir Putin is a notorious violator of human rights, from gay bashing to having journalists killed to criminalizing free speech. Good relations between Russia and America is better than bad relations, but do NOT promote or support Putin and continue to call yourself a conservative or a libertarian. He is not a champion of freedom.


I kinda needed a break from school, so the recent finale of Carmilla Season 3 motivated me to do a Lapidot AU and if I weren’t that stressed and sleepy, I might draw more scenes and try to work out this but I can’t think which charas can fill the roles~ so for now enjoy Lapis as the broody vampire and Peri as the tiny gay journalist nerd during Season 1 :3

The Journalist

Fresh out of school
first day on the job
my editor sighed and said
here’s all you’ll need to know:
a real reporter would kill
his own grandmother
for a good story

Now, beat it

I beat it
I became a real reporter
for many years I came up
with many good stories
without killing my grandmother
or anyone else
or even thinking about it

until I came to Laramie

and saw the spiffed-up suited-up
made-up miked-up newscaster
shove aside a dozen people
to stick her nose
and camera
into his family’s face
I could have killed her

It would have made a good story

(Poem taken from October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard by Lesléa Newman)