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“The name’s McCree, I’m into the mix. When Hanzo is with me, we play with our di- STOP”

The best line


|| The Ice Husbands and The Ice (Boy)friends tasting katsudon and drinking alcohol, Yuuri, watch over your husband please! ||

Aw, victuuri look so happy over their son :`)

Yurio`s so happy because of Beka has enjoyed katsudon ^^

And Otabek is so cute(!?) 

aside from being my best friends in japan/having me on their netflix account so I basically feel like family

I live for the amount of media exposure they get in Japan for gay stuff 

Posting this on mobile but the link of NHK’s brief Tokyo Rainbow Pride coverage can be found here

The first lesbian couple in Japan

Japan has recently registered its first lesbian couple on the registers. It happened in the Shibuya district, in Tokyo, the first place in the country to allow same-sex marriages. 

The protagonists of this story are Hiroko Masuhara and Koyuki Higashi, the first same-sex couple in Japan to have an official certification of their bond. 

The document has been released by the district mayor after the request made by the couple, in order to promote the gay friendliness of the district and positively promote the public image of it. 

The certificate will allow the couple to have some rights finally recognized, as facilitations on rents, familiar insurance policies and hospital visits. 

An important step ahead for a country that’s been claiming for equal rights for gay and lesbian couples for long time and now is getting something back from the authorities and public opinion. 

Clearly, a favorite assistant.

(A note: gay bars of this particular type (”okama bars”) in Japan are pretty popular with straight people, and sometimes even called “tourist bars” (where straight people come to be entertained by gay people). They are staffed by gay men, cross-dressing gay men, and sometimes transgender women (that’s… rare though), and don’t necessarily cater to a gay clientele. This type of bar often functions same as a host club.)