gay in the animal kingdom

When U Start A New Serie ...

Animal Kingdom

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And Is Good … Like Very Good

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Also have very hot men

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And A  Gay Character…

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(A Possessive Gay Character )

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Deran rubbed at his facial hair while his knee bounced up and down in nerves.  He’d shown up at your door almost half an hour ago and hadn’t said a word since.  It was making you nervous.  “Deran, just tell me.”  You finally spoke up, watching him fight with himself to figure out what to say.

“I haven’t told anyone.”  Deran started, glancing up at you and holding your gaze.  “And if I tell you, you can’t tell anyone either.”

“I promise.  It’ll stay between us, whatever it is.”

“I’m gay.”  He breathed deeply, leaning back in the couch and crossing his arms over his chest.  “Been seeing that guy from the surf shop for a few weeks now.”

After watching season finale:

Why the fuck Baz always walking like a fucking model? all the fucking time?

I don’t think Baz is dead, meh!

Nikki’s character is like pointless??  Like kill her off, already, thank you.

Pope albeit mega psycho cares too much for his brothers and would cut you up if you hurt them.

Don’t really give a fuck about Lucy.

Smurf is boring.

Deran is the only one who’s gonna have a decent life at the end of it all.

Like imagine Deran and Adrian babysitting Lena, fml

Craig will either end up dead or will just leave for good.

Deran is so gay, confirmed. 

Alright so I unfollowed a hella lot of people so my dash is p dead now.

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