gay in the animal kingdom

When U Start A New Serie ...

Animal Kingdom

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And Is Good … Like Very Good

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Also have very hot men

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And A  Gay Character…

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(A Possessive Gay Character )

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new storylines coming soon...

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Barracuda is an unflinching look at Australia’s national obsession with sporting heroes. It’s a brutal clash of cultures, dreams and expectations and the relentless demands we place on our young athletes, their families, schools, friends and coaches and the struggle with his sexual orientation against winning. Watch trailer.

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After his mother dies of an overdose, 17-year-old Joshua ‘J’ Cody phones his estranged grandmother, Janine, otherwise known as 'Smurf’. J is invited to live with the rest of the Codys at their lavish home in Oceanside, California. J meets his uncles, Craig, Deran and 'Baz’. J gets in big trouble when he finds out one of this uncles is secretly gay. Watch trailer.

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A new reality dating competition will see 13 handsome suitors housed together as they vie for the heart of a hunky Romeo. As the gay version of The Bachelor, hosted by Lance Bass, arrives this fall.

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Back in 1998 HBO’s OZ introduced psychotic murderer Chris Keller, whose devious plan to mind-fuck Job-like convict Tobias Beecher evolved into true — though still psychotic — love. Their passionate love affair was filled with sweet caresses, stabbings, deep kisses, arm-breaking, tender words, and murder plots; a gay love affair far more passionate than anything seen on Looking.

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Elijah was Hannah’s boyfriend during their last two years at Oberlin College. He once hooked up with her best friend Marnie, and the two have had an uneasy relationship since. After he and Hannah broke up for unspecified reasons, Elijah realized he was gay and came out of the closet and now helps Hannah deal with her gay dad.

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On Tyrant, Sammy moves to Abhudeem once his father is named the new leader of a country at war. His openly gay but he has to deal with the struggles of falling for someone when ISIS starts attacking closeted gay muslims, which drives Sammy to start a revolution to protect his rights and his love.

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Billy and his friend Julie are two struggling and jaded New York comedians looking for love and success. Billy is openly gay and this show gives Will & Grace a run for their money. Watch trailer.


Photographer spots male lions mating in Botswana

World-renowned Belgian photographer Nicole Cambre was traveling through the lagoon area of a Botswana safari when she discovered two male lions having sex. In a statement, Cambre told the Huffington Post a lioness looked on as the two males began their affair, though they showed no interest in engaging with her. According to science, this isn’t an animal kingdom anomaly.

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How Common Are Gay Animals?

Homosexuality is extremely common in the animal kingdom? How common is it, and what can it tell us about homosexuality in humans?


What’s up, Adrian? You been competing? Must be why we haven’t seen you.