gay in black white

Hey just FYI white gay guys,
Saying that the rest of my race is unappealing but I’m an exception actually is not a compliment whatsoever. It’s actually pretty hurtful.
If you were talking to a white man, you would have simply said,“Damn, you’re cute.”
Be aware that people of color go through a lot in the gay community. We are not only the regularly ostracized for being attracted to the same gender but also an extra helping of ostracized because many gay men feel like the ideal man is a blonde headed Peter Pan that farts glitter. I fart just rainbows and I’m okay with that. Be kind to your fellow queer sexy chocolate man.
That is all.
(Steps off soap box)

Silly Damned Thing Anyhow

we tried to hide it in the house so that the
neighbors wouldn’t see.
it was difficult, sometimes we both had to
be gone at once and when we returned
there would be excreta and urine all
it wouldn’t toilet train
but it had the bluest eyes you ever
and it ate everything we did
and we often watched tv together.

one evening we came home and it was
there was blood on the floor,
there was a trail of blood.
I followed it outside and into the garden
and there in the brush it was,
there was a sign hung about its severed
“we don’t want things like this in our

I walked to the garage for a shovel.
I told my wife, “don’t come out here.”
then I walked back with the shovel and
began digging.
I sensed
the faces watching me from behind
drawn blinds.

they had their neighborhood back,
a nice quiet neighborhood with green
lawns, palm trees, circular driveways, children,
churches, a supermarket, etc.

I dug into the earth.

- Charles Bukowski

Reread this poem but instead of a pet, think of “it” as being a person’s gender, sexuality, race, culture, or anything that makes all of us individuals.