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NHL!Bitty - Origin: From Samwell to Seattle

(I haven’t posted any of my background stuff on how Bitty gets from Samwell to the Schooners, so here’s my bullet point breakdown of how/when/why)

Part I - Hug Check | Part II - Chirping | Part III - Post-Season

- Senior year, Bitty is the first openly gay NCAA captain of any men’s sport. When Samwell wins the Frozen Four, commentators start speculating on him being a draft prospect. Jack isn’t out yet.

- ‘Get Bittle in the NHL’ goes viral as an equality issue and the NHL is under pressure to recruit him, which creates this divisive ‘is he really good enough to play’/’the league is homophobic’ situation among fans and within the NHL.

- Bitty gets a lot of heat from all sides and Jack is really worried about his bf, who is living every coming-out fear Jack’s ever had. The Falcs can’t recruit Bitty because Jack has already disclosed their relationship to management, so Jack can’t protect Bitty.

- Things go downhill quickly after a hacker leaks a series of emails between the Commissioner and several owners, wherein he says an AHL franchise needs to ‘take one for the team’ and recruit Bittle so the NHL won’t have to deal with the ‘problem’ anymore. 

- The league course-corrects hard and is bending over backward to get Bitty to sign off on their official apology, but Bitty is disgusted by the whole process and doesn’t want to participate in the draft just to make the league look better. He isn’t planning to go pro at all, and now he’s hesitant to move to Providence with Jack, concerned that he might accidentally out Jack and land him with the same PR problems. 

- Bitty goes back to Georgia the summer after he graduates. 

- After things calm down a bit, Bitty gets a call from the new Schooners owner, a progressive tech billionaire who hates the NHL commissioner and genuinely wants to sell Bitty on Seattle. Unsure of himself and his relationship, Bitty agrees to the meeting… 

- And surprise! Bitty loves Seattle, the team, the ownership group, the food, everything. Even less of a surprise, the team loves Bitty and offers him a two-year contract with an option for renewal.

- The distance hurts, but it actually makes things easier because the risk of Jack being outed is much less if he’s not sharing an apartment with Bitty.  

- Bitty understands now why Jack needs to prove himself before he comes out, the same way Bitty needs to prove himself now. Jack deserves that buffer, and Bitty can help in his own small way.

- At the same time, after seeing how Bitty was treated Jack doesn’t want to come out until his boyfriend is established enough that he won’t be remembered as ‘that gay hockey player’ or ‘Jack Zimmermann’s boyfriend’. They’re just two dumb boys looking out for each other. They agree to revisit coming out together after Bitty’s two-year contract ends.

- Bitty’s rookie year is a hell of an adjustment, he billets with d-man called Carter Morin who is a year younger than Bitty but still has three pro seasons under his belt. Carter is convinced Bitty will be a target because of his size and sexuality, so he becomes obsessed with teaching Bitty how to ‘defend’ himself. This basically boils down to lessons in ‘how to play dirty and not get caught’.

- During these lessons, Bitty realizes he has a lot of anger he’s not dealing with. He’s pissed about being marginalized by the league, the press that won’t stay out of his and Jack’s business, he’s pissed he can’t publicly be with his boyfriend, he’s furious WBC are planning to picket his first home game. He has years of repressed southern rage and he doesn’t have to play nice to make bad people feel good. Not anymore.

- Off the ice Bitty is a perfect gentleman, does tons of outreach, fundraising, he visits hospitals and coaches day-camps, after that first season he’s a fan favorite, but on the ice Bitty slowly becomes a living embodiment of ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’; he’s a good player, everyone knows it, but now he’s absolutely ruthless and spends his fair share of time in the penalty box, initially for defending himself, later for defending others. 

- During a particularly aggressive Schooners game, a commentator jokingly describes a post-fight Bitty as Bob’s spiritual successor, coining the term ‘Bad Bittle’. Bob is elated, Jack is horrified.

- Bitty ultimately makes friends on the team, builds a following, and becomes an integral part in building Seattle’s fledgling franchise into a championship team.

- Schooners take the cup in Bitty’s second year and Jack is surprisingly okay with his boyfriend getting a ring before him, it means they’re one step closer to being untouchable

- The Falconers dethrone the Schooners the following season and win the championship. Jack and Bitty come out/marry on Jack’s cup day. They don’t wear wedding bands, they wear their cup rings.

gay hockey players rights to stay in the closet are more important than the NHL having a golden boy they can wave around to seem more progressive @ you can play

the first time jack visits tater’s apartment unannounced he accidentally sits on kent parson’s 6 month old espn body issue, hastily showed between two sofa cushions.

what follows is the most awkward conversation since bad bob tried to tell a 20 yr old jack about the birds and the bees. it really solidifies their friendship.

To the Check Please fandom: I love you, but you guys are missing out on something that I think you’ll love. 

It’s called You Could Make a Life 

The latest Check Please update currently has over 12,000 notes on tumblr and the ycmal chapter with the most likes and comments has less than 1000. Based on how great ycmal is, I can only assume that you guys are unaware of its existence or these numbers would be more similar. 

It’s superficially similar to Check Please in that every story is about a gay, male, hockey player and his life on and off the rink. 

Keep reading for my pitch or just go straight here and treat yourself to some fantastic writing 

Ycmal is a series of stories that exist in the same universe but can each be read independently. There are nine (NINE!) complete stories ranging from less than 4000 words to 158,966 words (trust me, when you read this long one, you’ll be grateful for the length). 

In addition, there are so so many short snippets about the characters. Think Ngozi’s extras but this is where the author’s incredible generosity comes in. Most of these stories are based on direct requests from readers and they range from “everybody’s cats!” to bodyguard AUs. If you’re still not convinced then read on. 

To borrow some quotes from that amazing Check Please primer that went around for a long time:

What’s that you like zany casts? 

Dan Riley: The gateway drug and a true romantic 

Marc Lapointe: Shitty’s social justice in an almost Bitty-sized body but with more pretentiousness, and he’s French! (Canadian)

Ulf Larsson: Swedish sex god who makes bad decisions 

“Vinny” Vincent: His teammates call him Bambi and he’s a goalie

Anton Petrov: Angry bub defence man

David Chapman: Seriously his character development is the most amazing thing. You will LOVE him

Jake Lourdes: We voted on what we thought of him and half of the suggestions were some variant of “golden retriever”

This isn’t anywhere nearly all of the characters. I haven’t even touched on the supporting characters and they’re all delightful

Are main character guy and pupil guy going to kiss? (No, nobody stylistically differs by having pupils but they all have pupils so it still fits)

There is pretty much always kissing ;)

How do I read every [ycmal story] ever? 

Good question, we’ve got you covered. 

This is the author’s Archive of Our Own page, which has all the official plotted stories

This is the author’s tumblr, which has all of the extras and also where you should go when you need to yell at someone once you’re crying

OKAY YOU GOT ME (hopefully). Here are a few hours of my life. What do I need to do to get into this rad universe?

Good question, we’ve got you covered. Again, we voted. 

The number one recommendation as long as you’re up for paying for a novel right now is purchasing You Could Make a Life here. This is the namesake of the whole universe, the epic love story of Dan and Marc and a book that I have read approximately six separate times not including the times I’ve read sections. 

The number two recommendation depends on what you’re feeling right now. 

- between the teeth is my personal favourite. It is absolutely incredible in terms of plot and character development, and it has a lot of my favourite characters. (Hold your breath for Kiro people, then you can use the breath you saved to laugh your ass off) This is the long one though so maybe the next suggestion?

- Vinny gets a life would be an amazing first entrance to this universe. Vinny is a super fun narrator and the story and central relationship are both compelling

- In taking it apart has the tagline “He made his bed and then he fucked a teenager in it.” This one earns an Explicit rating on ao3 more than any of the others

- No expectation of returns is the ultimate friends to lovers so if that’s your jam, start here first

Just please don’t start with throw up your fists, throw out your wits because that one can be emotionally tough to get through. 

You guys, Check Please is an incredible and unique work of art but everyone I know that loves ycmal loves Check Please so I think they cater to similar tastes. Give these stories some love and improve your lives. 


sorta-kind a present/shout out to @justjackbitty because I spent the last week going through about 350 pages of their blog??? because Zimbits. So here’s a messy Zimbits. Not perfect but whatevs

If you haven’t read OMG Check, Please! ( @omgcheckplease) this doesn’t make sense to you. Go read it if you want idk man it’s your life

Jack knew something wasn’t right when he woke up. The covers were too hot on him and his head was pounding like he’d been drinking too much the night before. He shifted, trying to get his bearings, but at some point during the night, he must have pulled the covers over his head. He struggled free, enjoying the fresh air, before noticing a pair of paws on the bed. When he moved his arms, the paws moved too. What followed next was a confusing jumble of panic and incoherent screaming that came out as yowls.

He must have passed out again, because when he came to, he was still disoriented and nauseous. He confirmed that, no, it had not been a bad dream. Somehow, he’d grown four legs and a tail overnight.

After the initial panic, he jumped on his bedside table where his phone was, but he was uncoordinated, and ended up knocking the phone to the ground. He batted at it on the floor, but found that the battery had drained itself overnight when he’d forgotten to charge it.

Cursing and swearing to himself, he wandered his apartment on shaky legs. Thankfully, he hadn’t quite turned off the tap in the bathroom and the dripping of the faucet helped to parch his thirst as he tried to think of what try next. He needed to get help soon. Otherwise, he was going to end up starving to death in his own apartment.

In the living room, Jack found a window that he’d left open because it had been too hot last night. He squeezed out onto the fire escape and tried not to look down. It was strange in this body. Jack never had an issue with heights before, but now, a glance downward to the street had his head spinning with vertigo.

Left with no choice, Jack began to climb upward with the dim hope that someone had also left a window open.

He didn’t get too far before the enticing smell of spices and baked dough reminded him how hungry he was. He followed the smell until he staring into a kitchen where someone was bent over, pulling pies from an oven. Jack called out for the guy’s attention, and when he finally glanced in Jack’s direction, he scrambled to open the window.

“Hey, kitty. What are you doing so high up?” he asked. Jack stiffened when the guy picked him up, but he let himself get rescued from the precarious ledge. “Where did you come from?”

Help me! I’m not really a cat! Jack tried to say, but as expected, it came out in a series of pitched meows.

“Hmmm, okay. You hungry?” He set Jack on the floor to rummage around in his fridge. He set out a plate of leftover meatballs which Jack, losing his composure, attacked immediately.

“I’ll take care of you. Don’t worry, little–uh– guy?” He attempted to lift Jack’s tail to check, but Jack had hissed and swiped his claws. “Okay, never mind. We’re not going there,” he said backing off. Satisfied, Jack continued to eat, though with a suspicious eye on the guy who’d now dropped onto his stomach to watch Jack with a bright smile.

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I'm Gay (Da Ba De)


Shitty was yelling.

No, scratch that. Shitty was losing his goddamn mind, what the FUCK. Dex didn’t even remember what was happening before he said it, and then Shitty was there (when did Shitty even get there? He lives in Boston how did he get there so fast?) lecturing up a storm.

“–super insensitive and offensive. There’s literally a gay man living in this very Haus, bro. Gay is not an insult, it’s not a thing you can just use negatively like that. Fuckin’, Jesus, Dex. I knew you came to us as but a small Republican dickwad but I didn’t expect you to continue being a dickwad this long–”

All he had said was ‘that’s gay.’ That was it. Had it had something to do with Ransom and Holster? Maybe? He still couldn’t remember.

He was very aware of Nurse standing next to him, also losing his shit, but in a different sense. Nursey was dying, all snorts and giggles and oh man that was also,,,,very gay. As was Dex himself, which was why Nurse found this all so hilarious.

Dex and Nursey made Eye Contact™.

Not a single word of Shitty’s long-ass rant was sinking in. There was a silent question, hanging between Dex and Nursey. You wanna shut him up? It wasn’t clear which one was asking it, just that someone needed to do something to stop Shitty from choking on the foot he was currently shoving into his mouth.

Dex made the first move. He cupped Nursey’s jaw and pulled him in, kissing him gently.

“–and honestly, I’ve probably said that before too but that was before I knew that it was offensive and rude and…and…What? The? Fuck?”

Dex and Nursey broke apart, but stayed close enough for Nursey to press their foreheads together.

“Shitty, I’m gay,” Dex said slowly. “I am a man who finds other men attractive and wants to date them. I took a boy to my senior prom, I went with Nurse to Winter Screw and nobody said a word, we finally had a DTR talk after Lardo gave us her dibs. I am a gay man in a gay relationship with my gay boyfriend–well pan but you get the idea–everyday I wake up in my gay bed in my gay dorm and put on my gay clothes and go to gay hockey practice and eat gay pie made by another gay hockey player.”

Nursey continued losing his shit and grinning widely in Dex’s personal space, while Shitty seemed to be dropping frames as he tried to process too much data at once.

Then, Holster interrupted the scene, absolutely overjoyed. “Yo liSTEN UP, HERE’S A STORY--”

ABOUT A LITTLE GAY WHO LIVES IN A GAY WORLD,” Ransom added in. This only made Nursey laugh harder, pushing away from Dex to double over.


In his laughing fit, Nursey stumbled and knocked over: a lamp, a small table, Shitty, and an unexplained traffic cone that either Ransom or Holster had put in the living room.

As Ransom and Holster continued to go through their (very rehearsed) rendition of ‘Blue (Da Ba De)’, Dex tried to help up Shitty and Nursey. Unfortunately, Nursey just fell right back down.


Gay former Ontario Hockey League player disappointed in Ryan Getzlaf

Brock McGillis couldn’t hide his disappointment when he heard Ryan Getzlaf’s statement after the Anaheim Ducks captain was punished for apparently using a homophobic slur during an NHL playoff game.

Getzlaf was fined US$10,000 by the NHL a few hours before the Nashville Predators beat Anaheim 3-1 on Saturday night in Game 5 of the Western Conference final. Getzlaf appeared to shout the inappropriate remark in frustration with an official after returning to Anaheim’s bench in Thursday’s Game 4. Officials appeared to be too far away to hear Getzlaf, but television cameras were trained directly on him.

“There was obviously some words said, not necessarily directed at anyone in particular,” said Getzlaf late Saturday night. "It was just kind of a comment. I’ve got to be a little bit more responsible for the words I choose. It’s tough to see someone refer to it as (homophobic). I didn’t mean it in that manner in any way.

“I understand that it’s my responsibility to not use vulgar language, period, whether it’s a swear word or whatever it is. We’ve got to be a little bit more respectful of the game, and that’s up to me.”

McGillis, who played in the Ontario Hockey League and semi-professionally, became an advocate for LGBTQ rights, addressing schools throughout Ontario, after he came out in November. He had hoped Getzlaf would take the opportunity to educate other players about how homophobia has no place in hockey.

“I don’t care how you mean it, when you say the word, it’s a homophobic slur,” said McGillis in a phone interview with The Canadian Press. “He doesn’t sound, in my opinion, very apologetic. He’s comparing what he said to a curse word and he didn’t apologize to the LGBTQ community or take ownership of his actions. That’s quite disappointing.”

Getzlaf’s fine is the maximum allowable under the league’s collective bargaining agreement with the NHLPA, but McGillis says he does not think it was severe enough.

He notes that as the Ducks forward has made millions of dollars over the course of his 12 year career, the $10,000 dollar fine isn’t especially punitive. Instead, he hopes that the NHL, its players, and other sports leagues try to engage and educate adolescent players before homophobic, racist or sexist language is ingrained in their pscyhes.

“(Getzlaf) is a social influencer, he is a superstar hockey player and he has an opportunity to do some good things,” said McGillis. "I think that if these athletes continue to just donate money they’re missing the boat because that’s not going to shift the culture and that’s going to lead to more and more incidents like this.“

You Can Play Project, an advocacy group dedicated to eliminating homophobia in sports, also criticized Getzlaf before Saturday’s game.

"Words matter and Ryan Getzlaf’s words are offensive. No language considered homophobic belongs in sports. It’s not the language of role models. This is yet another opportunity to educate athletes, teams and fans,” tweeted the organization that was founded by Philadelphia Flyers scout Patrick Burke and his father, Calgary Flames president Brian Burke.

Getzlaf’s punishment was particularly disappointing to McGillis because last season Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw was suspended a game and fined $5,000 for using a homophobic slur and making obscene gestures toward officials in the first round of the playoffs.

“It seems like it’s almost backwards,” said McGillis. "We took a step back for equality and for hockey to be a safe space for everybody.“

Earlier this week, the Toronto Blue Jays suspended centre-fielder Kevin Pillar for two games for directing a homophobic slur toward Atlanta Braves pitcher Jason Motte.

"If anyone in a regular field of work were to use that type of language they would lose their job,” said McGillis. "I’m not saying either of the players should lose their jobs, because it’s a mistake and it happens. However, I don’t think the penalty is harsh enough.“

McGillis said he had "incredible” support from the hockey community when he came out. He advises any young person struggling with their sexual orientation to find peace within themselves so that homophobic language doesn’t cut as deep.

“You have to learn to accept and love yourself because when you learn to love yourself these words won’t have as much power over you. The thoughts and the opinions of other people won’t affect you the same way they currently do,” said McGillis. “I’m so desensitized to those words they don’t have the affect. When I hear a professional athlete say them I say ‘good, this is an opportunity’ whereas before I would have hid and thought I was horrible.”


With files from The Associated Press

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John Chidley-Hill, The Canadian Press

the perfect boyfriend au (nicky/ovi)

prepare for a ride into my 2am mind.

aka: the Caps hire escort Nicklas Backstrom to be newly out star player Alexander Ovechkin’s fake boyfriend.

Nicky is doing grad studies in criminal psychology and running low on scholarship funds. He could ask his parents, but they’ve given him enough already to help send him to school in america. And jobs for international students that need to work around a grad schedule are hard to find. (any internships in his field are unpaid, hard to get and very time consuming. If he does one, he gets to add experience to his resume, but will slowly starve himself with the inability to take up another job to earn food money.

As with any college student down on their luck he actually looks up how to become an escort(and a porn star, but honestly he doesn’t want to do anything where his mom could one day see evidence of his bad choices) and somehow unexpectedly ends up being invited to join a really fuckin high end company. There’s a shit ton of interpersonal training they put him through, but basically they hired him because he’s pretty, foreign (but speaks very good english), and pretty smart. Their clients are after more cultured company, not just hired dates/fucks.

This is where Ovi comes in. with all the shit going down in Russia, Ovi has been secretly applying for permanent residency/naturalisation in the US. He loves his country, but at the moment, it really doesn’t love people like him. Aka v. fuckin gay. And he’s so tired of hiding. And so fucking lonely. So basically when he gets approved, he tells caps pr he wants to come out. And they’re like- oh, okay, Ovi. We can do that.

So they do.

And it’s a fucking disaster.

Russia flips, but doesn’t know what to do, because Ovi is objectively their best player (in the sense of stats and propaganda the-motherland-is-awesome), but he’s also advertising a lifestyle frowned upon by the federation’s current government.

There’s a big hooha in the NHL with people trying to say Ovi shouldn’t have come out, without seemingly like the backwards bigoted assholes that they are. Some fans are boycotting while there’s also a surge of support for the gay Russian hockey player, subverting the stereotypes of masculinity and queer men in professional sports and it leads to some talk about other players maybe coming out from the underground queer hockey player network.


There are too many people hitting on Ovi. And every time he is seen with a guy in a bar or restaurant or even just having met for the first time in the rink, there ends up being shit tons of stories about Ovechkin’s playboy ways and how his inability to have a stable relationship was just proof that gays were bad or that he was a bad influence on young gay teens.

And it’s just taking away from the hockey. It’s starting to wear on the team, and Ovi, and they really want to get on a playoff run this year. And have it be all about the hockey, not about Ovi’s love life.

So pr is like ‘we’ll get you a boyfriend!’ and Ovi is all ‘i’ve tried! It doesn’t work! No one will date me!’ and pr is like ‘no, a fake one, an actor. We’ll hire someone to pretend so you look settled and respectable gay, and we can control the narrative!’ but hiring an actor is hard because if people know that they’re an actor, they’ll start speculating on the reality, especially with all the shit since Ovi’s coming out. Eventually they get desperate and start reaching out to escort agencies on the sly and that’s where Ovi gets his ‘boyfriend’; Swedish grad student Nicklas Backstrom, who loves hockey and kids and shitty procedural crime shows. Who has never worked for a client before, so the only ones who know he’s a fake are legit the company (who are really good about staying on the dl and shit) and caps management.

And it works.

Except that the idiots fall for each other.

So there will be complications, but no angst because fuck angst. 

And they end up happily ever after with the two spending summers travelling Europe and being dorks in love, and winters in Washington, playing hockey and curling up in bed together on Ovi’s nights off and reading massive scholarly texts and watching shitty cop shows together with Ovi smiling fondly at Nicky who spends the whole time snarkily judging everything the fake cops and csi’s do. And they’re also having lots of emotional athletic feelings sex.

musicfire454  asked:

I just read all of your NHL!bitty fics and I'm in love!! Between the fame smh gained since jack joined the team, I could totally see the hockey world blowing up over the first openly gay captain, I loved that the Schooners didn't want Bitty to boost their standing or anything like that and how nice the teams seemed. When his team members tried to set him up with Kent, im happy it went so well. I like the idea of Kent knowing all the gay hockey players and having their own little gang.

Thank you so much for sending this, I’m glad you’re enjoying the AU <3 <3 <3 

I just realized halfway through writing a bitchy Kent/Bitty interaction that I haven’t seen a fic where Kent is genuinely happy Jack has moved on; especially given he’s three years removed from Epikegster and hopefully hasn’t put his love life on hold for a decade pining after Jack.

I’m going to 100% credit emmagrant01′s Something Like This for making me see Kent as the guy that knows and/or has slept with most of the closeted guys in the league. 

Damage Control

(AU in which our good pal Bits is a trainer and Jack becomes accident prone so he can see his favorite doctor)

Jack Zimmermann doesn’t purposely go down after a hard check, but he doesn’t mind it too much either. There are always going to be other injuries on the ice too. Like when people spear him or a puck hits him in the face. His favorite type of injury is one where he goes down, but can get back up again after a quick examination. Why? Because he may or may not have the biggest crush on their trainer. The one that handles damage control right on the ice.

It was a home game, and an angry Shark was looking for revenge after Jack scored a goal. The Falconers were destroying the Sharks, who were fighting for a spot in the playoffs. The Falconers already secured their one way ticket to the Stanley Cup finals, but they weren’t going to throw the game either. Especially not on their own turf.

Jack’s thoughts are jumbled and his vision is swimming. He feels the cold of the ice on the back of his calves and incoherent voices speaking above him. Jack hardly remembers what even happened, all he remembers is being elbowed in the face and the sound of his helmet cracking against the plexiglass. Elbowing should earn whoever checked him a penalty, but Jack isn’t well enough to say anything.

Suddenly, a worried face is staring down at him, blonde hair looking like a halo under the bright lights of the stadium. Jack’s heart races as he hears the smooth tone of a southern accent.

“Zimmermann?” The trainer, Eric Bittle, holds up two fingers and drags them across Jack’s vision. Jack only focuses on the halo.

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anonymous asked:

Soulmate AU for any of your ships where whatever one person writes on their skin appears on the other's.

this got out of hand. it was going to be like 3 paragraphs of Justin Schultz/Olli Maatta feels. i dedicate it to @jjustinschultz who was a great source of feedback and justin schultz trivia.

Justin is fifteen the first time writing appears on his skin. It’s not even writing, it’s a massive, jagged streak of blue texta that draws itself into being when he’s sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal. His mom drops her mug in surprise at the sight of it, before she’s smiling at Justin so wide, taking his face between warm palm and pressing a kiss to his forehead.

She’s so happy for him.

The Schultz’ haven’t had a child born with a soulmate in four generations. Soulmates are not so rare that they’re scarce, but not everyone is born with one. Scientist have been studying correlation and cause and effect and genetic predisposition for years and still don’t know how it’s determined.

So when Justin’s soulmate manages to transfer their half assed body art attempt across to his skin, it’s the universe sending him a sign that his perfect other half is out there- and is apparently an aspiring artist. He heads into school with an indelible blue mark on his skin and he’s never felt so happy in his life.

Until it all comes crashing down at hockey practice.

They’re in the locker room, changing into gear and shooting the shit- most of the guys saw his marks at school (the blue line blurring away around lunch, being quickly replaced with messily drawn red stars up and down his wrist. Justin had spent most of history carefully colouring in the stars with black biro, smiling to himself as new ones had started piecing themselves slowly together after every one he filled in.

“So you have a girl now Schultzy?” One of the wingers is smirking at him from across the room, the rest of the guys glance at him in interest- none of them have soulmates, so Justin is for once the centre of attention.

“I guess.” He doesn’t meet anyone’s eyes and keeps pulling on his gear.

“What’s her name then? D’ya think she’s hot?” he feels like hot lead is sinking in his stomach. Because he knows. He knows there is no way his soulmate is a girl. Because Justin- Justin doesn’t like girls. Has never liked girls.

When the guys in the locker room talk about their girlfriends and hot chicks they’ve seen and sex they’ve had, Justin’s kept quiet. Because when he lay in bed at night, he didn’t think about soft breasts and curves and thighs- he thought about strong shoulders and hard bodies. He thought about boys at school he’d seen and how it might feel to kiss them, to grind into them, to know what it felt like to get on his knees for them.

“I dunno, she’s just been drawing on me.” He trains his eyes on his stall, pulling on his jersey. It feels like deceit. It feels like he’s somehow betraying his soulmate.

“Ooooh, an artist. Fucking fancy.” his D partner teases, and Justin forces himself to smile and check him in the shoulder.

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anonymous asked:

I know people talk about Jack being a not straight NHL player and there's stories about him coming out but has anyone talked about Kent the same? He's been in the NHL longer, how did he feel about being in a culture that well... still has more improvement needed? Is he out in the locker room, does anyone know? Has he tried going out with others or only thought about it because he knows there's too much on the line regarding his career?? I just want more Kent being a gay hockey player please

God I get so emotional over this all the time, like Kent has everything, Captaincy, a cup ring, presumably a spot on the USA olympic roster and he has no one to share it with, like do any of the guys in that room know, has he told his closest team mates, the inner core of the aces, or is it an open thing where one homophobic chirp on the ice and suddenly you have the weight of the Aces 4th line bearing down on you. Or does he keep it a complete secret, using hook up apps when he is out of town, and relying on LV being a non standard hockey town to pick up. 

How many times has he thought about it, coming clean and dealing with the consequences, because Kent wouldn’t just be the first out NHL player, he’s captain of the las vegas aces, the post boy for american hockey, he knows how this narrative is supposed to go. Stanley Cup. Olympic Gold. A hot girlfriend with great wife potential. When he wins the cup he almost does, only stopping himself from taking a picture with the frankly banging looking guy he is making out of because he knows this is not how he wants to story to break. Maybe if he had someone, someone serious he would do it, out himself with a cute selfie and brush it off with a smile at the next presser. But he doesn’t so instead he takes pictures with his cat and hooks up in secret and waits for the day when it isn’t.