gay guy dancing

DJ Suki’s Rave Playlist

1. We Are Number One

2. We Are Number One Acoustic

3. We Are Number One Nightcore

4. We Are Number One Remix

5. We Are Number One Midi Version

6. We Are Number One EDM Version

7. What’s New Pussycat

8. It’s Not Unusual

9. Be My Bad Boy

10. Girls Like Girls

11. That one slow song that Branch always requests

Reasons why last night was great:

1) a lot of my friends finally had a chance to relax and break away from things bringing them down
2) gay bars and drag shows
3) I got a REALLY cute girls number last night and have been texting her a lot
4) my very drunk friends terrible jokes
5) the petal to the metal in my friend realizing the toxicity of the relationship theyre in
6) friend also took of their shirt while dancing and made 50 year old texan men question their sexuality