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Jeff Conaway and John Travolta in Grease (1978) · Carlos PenaVega and Aaron Tveit in Grease: Live (2016)

There Needs To Be More Gay Greasers

Give me boyfriends having a smoke outside of the local diner together, staring straight ahead but their hands lightly dangling by their sides as their pinky fingers touch.

Give me silly tropes like buying each other milkshakes and sharing one at an empty diner at midnight

Give me rumbles where one boy is getting the shit kicked out of him and the other jumps in because ‘no one fucks with my boyfriend’

Give me hard kisses afterward because 'You scared me so fucking much, you asshole’

Give me gangs of social outcasts who are more accepting of homosexuality than socs, because those squares can get bent if they mess with my brothers.

Give me jacket swaps

Give me hot make out sessions in the back of a car at the local drive in movie.

Give me two boys lighting each other’s cigarettes with heat in their eyes.


Stevepop Headcanons
  • steve is the big spoon
  • always
  • no exception
  • soda kisses steve’s forehead ALL THE TIME and steve pretends like he hates it, but it’s secretly one of his favorite things
  • during rumbles, they always stick together and look out for one another
  • they 100% fuck after every rumble.
  • soda bottoms
  • whenever steve is driving, one hand is on the wheel and the other is on soda’s thigh or holding his hand
  • they can’t show pda in public but whenever they’re alone or with the gang, you can’t get them away from each other
  • pony has walked in on them on more than one occasion
  • soda came out to pony first just to see what it would feel like
  • pony said some dumb ass poetic shit, but soda was more than happy that he was accepting
  • darry was confused at first, but once he saw how in love with steve soda was he was so okay with it
  • steve never came out to his dad, and soda has never met him
  • when steve and soda fight, it’s usually over something serious and they’ll go a couple days without talking
  • soda always apologizes first, because steve is so much more stubborn.
  • makeup sex
  • birthday sex
  • late night sex
  • morning sex
  • shower sex
  • these two just really can’t get enough of each other
  • steve gets pissed whenever him and pony are arguing and soda takes pony’s side
  • pony hates steve SO MUCH
  • steve takes advantage of that by making sure him and soda fuck on his and pony’s bed at least once a month
  • seeing soda cry is the most heartbreaking thing steve has ever seen, especially since he never knows what to do to make him feel better
  • soda makes steve stay at his house as much as possible just because he knows how much he can’t stand his old man
  • they couldn’t go to the drive in by themselves because they always had the nerve to hold hands or cuddle up with each other
  • date ideas would include: going out to eat, driving around, or just being by themselves in the Curtis house.
  • steve still lets pony sleep on his bed even though he hates him
  • when they’re at work, they have to keep busy or else they will distract them and they won’t get nothing done
  • when soda gets drafted, they spend the whole night together just crying and hugging each other, they were both to afraid to let go
  • soda refused to let steve go with him, he couldn’t take it if something happened to him
  • steve hated the idea, because all he wanted was to protect him and he knew he couldn’t do that unless he went.
  • soda wrote him letters as often as possible, and steve kept every single one of them, and he still has them.
  • when steve found out soda had died he hit rock bottom. he stopped eating until the gang forced him, he didn’t go to work, didn’t shower. For a week straight he laid on soda’s side of his and pony’s bed and no one dared to try and move him.
  • steve never dated anyone else, he still saw soda as his only love, whether he was alive or not.
  • the gang helped him get back on his feet, but he was never the same.
  • the passion he had for cars died down, if any of the gang needed help with one of their cars he could hardly do it without crying, everything he did reminded him of soda.
  • steve was okay, he could pull through, but their was nothing he missed or loved more than soda.
  • when steve got enough money to get his own place right down the streets from the curtis’ he had a drawer full of soda’s old shirts and flannels and whenever he was feeling sad or missing him he would put one of them on, and he felt like he was okay
  • the house was decorated with pictures of him, soda, and the gang
  • when he closed his eyes he could sometimes feel soda’s lips on his forehead
  • everything about soda was stained in his memory, from the way he said certain words to his scent, to how his skin warmed up under steve’s touch
  • steve visited soda’s grave as much as possible, talked to him as much as he could, vented to him, anything. he felt like soda was still there but he knew he wasn’t
The Times They Are A Changin

10 Years Later - 1969
San Francisco, California
A Flat Above A Little Bookshop In North Beach

Sirius: *discussing the Vietnam War* I’m just sick of it, Remus! Reg basically came back in a body bag! Who knows what could have happened if he was two feet in the wrong direction!

Remus: At least he’s home with us and getting better. 

We can be thankful for that.

Sirius: Pete didn’t.

Sirius: We need to do something! Stage a demonstration, rally together-




Remus: Sirius, we’re a bookshop-

A GAY bookshop.

People don’t come here to protest, they come here to read the stories of Walt Whitman.

Sirius: *loud whine*

Remus: Do you really want to?

Sirius: *muffled* Yes.

Remus: Fine, but not tonight. Let’s find a sitter for Harry first, It’s bad enough to have a bunch of stinky hippies yelling “fascist” and annoying our neighbors. 

Especially not around a toddler.

Sirius: He’s 7.

Remus: Is he?!

Sirius: Yes.

Remus: Damn, we’re old.


Remus: Yeah, we are.


anonymous asked:

Is there a particular thread or rp by someone else that is a favorite of yours?

(( OOC: Oh bloody hell, there are loads. And I totally go back and read the ones that I particularly like because I have very clever friends who create top notch content. But here’s a few of the ones I can think of right now:

The Greaser AU/Be My Baby series by @siriusly-not-over-remus and @whompingwillovv. So original, such beautiful characterisation and development within the AU… and who doesn’t love gay greasers??

The HP-themed “what’s in my bag challenge” by @kapitan5o was brilliant, because the entire community got involved and it was such a fun and original idea. And I cannot wait to see more of the Young Albus/Grindlewald series they’re doing with @space-marauder.

I’m cheating here because I was in this too, but the Frank and Alice thread I did with @manseyfuls-patronus is still one of my favs, and after all - she was the mastermind behind it. Mansey’s writing and editing skills continually blow me away and she makes a beautiful Tonks, too.

I re-read @asktheboywholived‘s threads all the time because they’re a talented little shit, but I can’t not mention the Redemption series they did with @ohtheclevernessofme1972. Like?? Seriously one of the most well-plotted and crafted pieces of original content I’ve seen. Never Be The Same, Little One, The Veil, and the Dark Times series are just… *emotional babbling*. Yup. Good stuff.

Then I’m trying to narrow down something I love from @ohtheclevernessofme1972, but honestly? I love everything Laina does, because it’s always completely original, and interesting, and entertaining. Laina put so much passion and creative energy in to everything she does and I massively admire her for it.

Also, hey, if you haven’t read @gentlect‘s fic The Wolf in the Ring yet, go do it. Now. Laura is a simply stunning writer, and a beautiful Molly Weasley, and a lovely soul in general. 

Other people I have to mention are @lizziebennetnotinjapan - beautifully talented writer, actor, help-jess-when-she’s-stuck-on-an-idea-er…. and she makes a brilliant Dorcas. Wait, you haven’t seen that yet? Hmm. Then @supernaturaldoctorpotter has a wonderful grasp on the Black sisters, I love everything she does with them, @askwhathasthiscometo is a fantastic Marlene, and I’ve watched @son-0f-a-snitch progress so much with their makeup and ideas and concepts and it pleases me greatly. 

This turned into a massive gushing ramble about my friends but hey, they are a bunch of smartie pants. Go send them all the love. ))

historical plot bunnies;
  • cold war; maybe a russian spy infiltrating enemy lines as a domesticated family man and an american assassin watching and waiting as the friendly neighbor because the government is suspicious
  • ww2; a singer/showgirl going on tour with her band to entertain the military troops on their downtime and one specific officer catching her at the bar
  • 1910s/1920s; two silent movie actors, one a comedic act, the other too dramatic and methodical for their own good. maybe they compete, or intertwine when they keep becoming costars when they have to sort out their differences. i’m a bit iffy about this one, but maybe it can turn into something great
  • late 1800s; after slavery ended, a mistreated maid/keeper and the young heir finding love with one another and having to sneak around
  • 1940s noir; hard-boiled FEMALE detective kicking cocky and degrading men with feminism. and wit. along with her trusty poc male sidekick who feels uncomfortable sometimes and has to keep apologizing for his partner’s actions and behavior.
  • squeaky clean 1950s aesthetic; gay greasers sneaking around and being confused and scared about their sexuality bc they have crazy christian conservative parents
  • 1980s headbanger rock era; a rockstar getting big with his band and touring nationwide and his worried college student girlfriend that started with the bottom with him. she’s always calling, but he barely picks up anymore. he starts to fall into bad habits and keeps landing jail time for possession or drunken outbursts. and she hears about this only bc the radio talk show mentions it the day after. but no matter what her parents say about him, she loves and waits for him.