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This gorgeous art print is printed on A3 heavyweight 300gsm matte board, and features the kick-ass work of Cory Smithcsmithart ) , artist of Dynamite’s Magnus: Robot Fighter and Aspen’s Legends of the Shadow Clan and many more; and color by Ben Wilsonham ( benwilsonham )! 

These prints are highly collectible and extremely LIMITED EDITION with just 100 copies made!

Be one of the only people with one of these wonderful prints, and hey, if you frame it and put it on your wall, be sure to let me know!

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As I’ve said, this print is incredibly limited edition at just 100 copies, and money raised helps go towards the production of The Pride for future issues, so grab one now! They are FABULOUS!


The Pride #5

Written by Joe Glass
Art by Kendall Goode, Gavin Mitchell, JD Faith, Jack Davies, Christian Wildgoose and Marc Ellerby
Colours by Ben Wilsonham & more
Letters by Mike Stock

Cover Art by Cory Smith and Ben Wilsonham


Join us for our artist packed jam issue!

The Pride faces the loss of one of their own, and a new addition. As members break down and find each other, the Reverend finally lays his nefarious masterplan bare…and The Pride may be all that stands between him and world domination!

Bring your hankies and prepare for the feels in the penultimate issue of The Pride!

Now with preview of the issue! Check out the glorious first few pages of issue 5 by the incredible Kendall Goode, and the comic also features art by Gavin Mitchell, Jack Davies, Christian Wildgoose, benwilsonham marcellerby and jdmakescomics.

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