gay gayer gayest

Bright Well was much colder on bare skin. The strokes that carried Max through a dive were less effective without flippers, the water silky between her toes. She felt it all over, no insulating neoprene or inner layer of fleece, nothing but her old tank suit and the frigid fingers of the spring. She was aware of her blood circulating. The woman surfaced beside her, hair night-black with wet, lips red instead of the purplish tinge that cold springs roused.

“It’s good, right? To feel the water. Nothing to protect you from it, now.” An arm went around her shoulders, a hand buried in the dripping braid, unraveling the strands. “It’s more honest.”

gay gayer gayest

anonymous asked:

Is no.6 gayer in manga like How Gay Does It Get also you're really adorable

I think it is gayer but i started the manga a while ago and never went back to read it. I’ve read the novel more recently but still not in a while lol. I would rank the no.6 media as this: anime - gay, manga- gayer and novel - gayest.
and omg thank u so much dear !!!! 😭💗