gay gay gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

So Ghostbusters actually exceeded my expectations. My god, that was a good movie. I loved everyone in it. It was funny but also warm and sweet, and wow it’s genuinely fucking refreshing to watch a bunch of ladies be awesome together and to each other.

Also jesus fucking christ, Holtzmann’s the biggest lesbian I have ever seen, like goddamn, that was the least subtle performance, did Sony tell Feig he can’t have a lesbian and Feig just went “okay sure” and changed nothing, because wow. Holtzmann was gaaaaaaaaay.

me: i wonder if they’ll just make jimon bickery and lowkey homoerotic in the show and just ignore all the angst and super gayness the books unintentionally had



writers: wanna see jace aggressively forcing simon to hold his hand and simon pinning jace to a wall and getting really close to him and simon insisting he’s not jace’s type and jace carrying an injured simon in his arms?