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55.  Nebraska Supreme Court invalidates state ban on gay foster/adoptive parents; 4/7/17

“The plaintiffs were faced with the unavoidable inability to be treated on equal footing if they wished to pursue being foster parents,” Wright concluded, “and the district court’s order effected an immediate resolution of that imminent and serious harm. We find no merit to the defendants’ narrow view that the action presented a hypothetical harm because the plaintiffs have not shown an ultimate inability to become foster parents.”

I honestly don’t think Adam will continue to be an asshole for a long time.
The Fosters deals with real important issues, including bullying, in general and in the family. But we already saw that in Cole’s case with his parents who kicked him out, and stef’s dad who didn’t come to her wedding.
It is important to show that not everything is well and accepting in the world, but it’s important to show that a difference can be made.
Think about all the people who might watch this show cause “they don’t mind gay people”, they’re not “some big homophobes”, they just “don’t want their kid to be”.
And it’s so important to show the process and the struggle of accepting and trying.
They showed a bit of that in Father’s day when Adam said it wasn’t his intention to bully Connor, but still we saw that Connor didn’t want him to know he’s going to the lgbtqia + prom
I really hope we’ll get to see more of Connor’s life and see the process cause it can help a lot of people struggling with similar things. And i hope we’ll get our happy ending with Adam accepting his son and his relationship, and that it’ll happen sooner rather than later. I do want to see the process, but i don’t want it to only happen at their wedding or something like that.
Thanks for listening
How Two Women Fell In Love And Created Safer Spaces For LGBT Youth
While volunteering at a homeless shelter for women and children, Candice and Jaci witnessed things that motivated them to expand their own family.

“It is just a few days until Candice and Jaci’s wedding. Three days after I met with them, their lives would be forever altered. Yet in the time we spent together, they spoke only, and earnestly, about Candice’s biological son and the events that led them to foster their son Tyshan, whose adoption is scheduled to finalize in October.

The experience of volunteering at a homeless shelter for women and children in Santa Ana, California, was pivotal for Candice and Jaci. The couple was touched by the incredibly strong and loving children they were working with - some of whom, through no fault of their own, had bounced back and forth between their biological parents and various foster arrangements. The hours Candice and Jaci spent as volunteers at the shelter impacted them greatly and fueled their desire to expand their family. The women felt driven to give the children they saw, or others like them – the love and stability they deserved. So they leapt at the opportunity to take fostering certification classes when they were offered nearby.

Not content with merely leading by example, Candice now runs a bi-weekly “Parent and Me” group for families with children aged 0-6 at the Orange County LGBT Center, where she sings songs, reads stories and provides play and craft activities for children. In her words, “It’s nice for the children to have exposure to more diverse family situations and it is a good opportunity for parents to discuss the issues that affect us specifically.”

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November is National Adoption Month! For more information on LGBTQ adoption, check out the HRC topic page on adoption.


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Real question though: are the queer people on eyewitness actually queer? Is it canon? Bc I can't handle any more queerbaiting man, not again.


In fact, Phillip and Lukas kiss within the first 7 minutes of the series and continue to do so throughout. 

It is not a fluffy show, even aside from the triple homicide, there are a lot of painful issues, particularly regarding internalized homophobia. So, when I say “canon,” I do not mean “fluffiness and joy!canon”– but the characters are both fully developed and explicitly in love with one another. Well, so far they have only said “I like you” so not love, but you know what I mean. Philip has come out as gay to his foster parents officially; Lukas has admitting to liking Philip, has kissed Philip, and while he does have a girlfriend (he is the one dealing with a lot of pressure from the town/his father), he very clearly likes Philip. 

Again, it is not a fluffy show but their relationship has its heartwarming moments and is very realistic– or as realistic as it can be when both boys are also dealing with the fact that they witnessed a triple homicide. There is a lot of pain and trauma going around. But I think at the end, it is going to be a hurt/comfort fic for the ages. Except… a TV show. Aired on national television.

Also, so far, there have been hints that another character, who is in a relationship with a man, is bisexual. I would not call this queerbaiting because she is in a committed, happy relationship so there is no real hints that she is going to be with another character, but the word bisexual has been said aloud and we’ll see where that goes. 

(There are also so many badass women and POC women and found families and some hurt/comfort and as of episode 5, lukas does Not Have His Shit Together but the actor has said he is going to get it together and I personally believe it is going to be FUCKING GLORIOUS. Also do not even talk to me about philip because philip is my favorite fictional character in a LONG TIME. Like seriously. I cannot even handle how much I love philip.)

(Please watch it. It’s really good. Like also the plot is just good. I’ve been telling people in real life to watch it too.)

(To sum up, No Queerbaiting.)

(i shall reblog some gifs of the kissing as further proof, anon, just for you.)

There’s a good chance some of the Duggar kids would have gay foster parents.

Most of them would have absolutely no idea why they were halled off into foster care.

They’d probably be broken up across 4 or 5 towns.

Some might not be in English speaking homes.

Some could be in Jewish, Muslim, atheist or, gasp, vegan families.

The girls would have to wear the skirt they came in for weeks until their clothing voucher came in.

Come Tuesday morning at 8am they would all be enrolled in public school.