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Thinky thoughts about Grace & Frankie

Yes, we already have a gay romance with Robert and Sol (I’d argue that Sol is bi even though they’ve never mentioned it, but that’s a different post.) But we never saw them fall in love. We heard about it briefly and saw a little glimpse of their earlier lives in flashbacks, but we were very much told they fell in love and now here it is. Whereas with Grace and Frankie, what if we’re actually seeing them slowly fall in love? And they don’t quite know what it is just yet because they don’t really have a frame of reference for it. They tried to make relationships work with other people… Frankie’s was even with someone she genuinely loved (much like Sol genuinely loved her) but they still find themselves coming back to each other.

I would love so much if next season, we get continued exploration of Grace and Frankie’s relationship and then there’s an episode that has tons of flashbacks of Robert and Sol falling in love and how it very much parallels what’s currently happening with the ladies. And then the finale is them finally acknowledging their feelings for what they are and where do they go from here?

And then it’s renewed for a 5th season where they can explore that. (And at some point, Dolly can officiate their wedding lol)

Cupid dissolved into the wind.

Nico knelt and picked up the scepter. He regarded Jason, as if waiting for an attack. “If the others found out—”

“If the others found out,” Jason said, “you’d have that many more people to back you up, and to unleash the fury of the gods on anybody who gives you trouble.”

Nico scowled. Jason still felt the resentment and anger rippling off him.

“But it’s your call,” Jason added. “Your decision to share or not. I can only tell you—”

“I don’t feel that way anymore,” Nico muttered. “I mean…I gave up on Percy. I was young and impressionable, and I—I don’t…”

His voice cracked, and Jason could tell the guy was about to get teary-eyed. Whether Nico had really given up on Percy or not, Jason couldn’t imagine what it had been like for Nico all those years, keeping a secret that would’ve been unthinkable to share in the 1940s, denying who he was, feeling completely alone—even more isolated than other demigods.

"Nico,” he said gently, “I’ve seen a lot of brave things. But what you just did? That was maybe the bravest.
—  The House of Hades

Hcs for Nico, Thalia and Percy as: The Ambitiously Gay and Autistic Trio

  • They came out to each other first, before anyone else, and were all super supportive of each other (obviously)
  • They always point out attractive people to the other and bond over the fact that they all kinda have a thing for blonds
  • They never go to pride in fear of having a meltdown or shut down - Nico can’t stand bright lights, Percy can’t stand loud noise and Thalia can’t stand being stuck outside in the sun all day in the middle of a busy, hot crowd - so they always celebrate it alone in Nico’s cabin
  • Percy and Thalia lowkey judge Nico for his taste in music, but will start dancing and singing along the minute that Born This Way comes on
  • They bond over their gayness and how confuse they are by the world of social rules
  • They always pick up stim toys for each, and Percy literally has a draw filled with them
  • They can always tell when someone’s about to have a meltdown/shutdown and immediately go into ‘protective cousin’ mood, shooing everyone else away and doing what they can to help
  • You will not get away with using ablelist slurs or making homophobic comments. You just won’t.
  • They infodump to each other - Percy about marine life and gardening, Nico about mythomagic and funeral rights, and Thalia about the hunters and punk history - and make an effort to learn about the others’ special interest
  • Nico feels very self-conscious about flapping in front of other people, so always runs to the nearest cabin to do it privately (whether that be his, Percy’s or Thalia’s). Whenever Thalia or Percy see him doing that, they’ll join him and they’ll stim together
  • Thalia doesn’t care at all and will happily chew, or play with the spikes on her jacket while listening to her music, flipping off anyone who gives her a funny look or nasty comment
  • Percy’s way of stimming is more subtle, but he still prefers to stim with someone else (help these boys and their nonexistent self-esteem)
  • All three of them have a case of resting bitch face and monotone voice
  • *someone eats pizza/food that’s meant to be hot, cold* three horrified gasps can be heard
  • Percy and Thalia make sure never to wear bright clothes around Nico and keep their cabins as dark as possible, Nico and Thalia make sure to never play their music too loud/make too much noise, and Percy and Nico make sure that whenever Thalia is in their cabin, it’s at a temperature she’s okay with
  • It’s not surprising for them to go to sleep, and wake up with one or two more people in their room
  • Some people try to give Nico shit for wearing sunglasses all-year around and  Percy with his earmuffs, but they never get away with it. Thalia will kick their ass, if Percy and Nico don’t beat them to it
  • Percy and Thalia make an effort to learn Nico’s routine and to never interrupt it unless it’s completely necessary
  • Every Wednesday after dinner they meet up in Nico’s cabin for a sleepover and mythomagic battle (Nico almost always wins, and whenever he doesn’t, he demands a rematch)
  • “Hey I found this shirt made from your favourite type of material so I picked up like seven of them for you”
  • Sally knows what type of food they all can eat, what temp to keep the house at and has basically claimed Nico and Thalia as her own. So has Paul, and Blue (Percy’s little sister who is also gay and autistic)
  • Nico spends 99% of his time with Blue assuring her that her feelings are valid so she’d hopefully never feel as bad as he did about his sexuality
  • Whenever they go out together (the three of them  + Sally, Paul and Blue) everyone thinks that they’re just one big family, that Percy, Nico and Thalia are siblings, and they never correct anyone
  • Thalia is Blue’s role model, the person she calls when she has her first crush and points out cute girls to whenever they go out somewhere
  • Family bonding time where they make stim toys while listening to some really gay music!
  • They can’t stand going out for dinner, so whenever the seven are getting together they go off on their own and get McDonalds (with Reyna too obviously)
  • Reyna joins the group now and then, being hella gay and autistic herself
  • Thalia would rather die than have a shower, but Percy found a way to manipulate the water so it doesn’t feel like a thousand tiny knives are stabbing her, so she always goes to his cabin to have a shower
  • Percy can’t stand brushing his teeth, and so Thalia and Nico carry an unlimited supply of chewing gum around for him
  • If you want to date one of them you’ll get the interrogation of a lifetime from the other two, no question about it
  • They ask Chiron if they can fit in a talk about autism and lgbt+ stuff in everyone’s daily schedule, and soon form a support group
  • Even though they’re the three most intimidating people on planet earth, the new campers adore them



· it all begins when Thalia started visiting Camp Jupiter quite a lot because of the encouraged communication and unity between the Greeks and Romans
· during meetings Thalia represented Zeus as well as Artemis and Reyna would catch herself looking at the huntress way more than she should be
· she starts stuttering and blushing a bit whenever Thalia caught her off guard, whether it’s a small gesture such as a brush of their hands—actually, any physical contact that isn’t quite necessary during the specific situation at all
· Reyna going out of her way to avoid Thalia as much as she possibly can, but it didn’t work quite as well as she hoped because Aphrodite thwarts her every plan to do so
· Annabeth was the first to notice something off about the praetor and using her (now working) invisibility cap to stalk Reyna and eventually put the pieces together
· Piper already knowing what’s going on when Annabeth approaches her about it because she’s been the one who does Aphrodite’s bidding, doing small, inconspicuous deeds such as putting the two closer together during senate meetings, and making them bump into each other quite a few times (rarely using her charmspeak, because damn it’s really destiny for them to be together !!!)
· Annabeth confronting Reyna about it and giving the praetor (and Piper if she happened to be around) knowing looks and sometimes even winking whenever Thalia was around and earning a bone chilling death glare in return, but it isn’t quite effective because Reyna’s face is completely red???
· Thalia started assisting Reyna with her duties when the Hunters are settling down in Camp Jupiter for War Games
· Thalia enjoying Reyna’s company and deciding that they would get along really well
· Reyna warming up to Thalia a bit, but eventually the two became somewhat attached to the hip because after only a few months they feel like they’ve been friends for the longest time; they have complete trust in each other and they understand the other’s situations and how they got to where they were perfectly
· Thalia being one for physical contact, so she often loops her arm around Reyna’s or holds her hand to drag her away or toward something, and Thalia just hugging Reyna so tightly whenever she got excited
· Reyna eventually realizing that oh my gods I have feelings for Thalia Grace because she just absolutely adores the way her electric blue eyes seem to crackle with life and excitement, the way her lips curl up in a beautiful smile, the small dimple that appears on her left cheek, and the way her freckles dotted her pale face like the stars on the night sky, because to her Thalia was perfect in every way and Reyna was absolutely and undeniably in love