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Who Are The Renaissance Gays

oh my god so many

it’s obviously hard in a lot of cases to pinpoint someone’s sexuality but in terms of people we have a fairly good bet about?

absolutely leonardo and michelangelo. possibly botticelli as well (he was only denounced once, which is shadier as people did tend to accuse their enemies of ‘sodomy’ but he had no known affairs with women and his reputed love for simonetta vespucci is on a lot of shaky mythical ground so take that as you will)

lorenzo de’ medici had many affairs with women as well, but many of his closest friends were denounced for sodomy multiple times and they wrote him extremely amorous letters….. which i have a hard time believing they’d do if he wasn’t down for it considering how powerful he was. i think it’s pretty solid to say he was into men, if not necessarily exclusively. the letters certainly indicate that to me.

henri iii in france had several male favorites who were called his “mignons”.

re the ladies, unfortunately there’s a lot less info out there. but benedetta carlini was a lesbian nun in renaissance italy so um, made some waves. there’s a book about her but i’ve yet to read it.

this is a very incomplete list but few examples off the top of my head.

in terms of more general social trends, michael rocke’s forbidden friendships is a study of gay culture in renaissance florence that’s p extensive

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