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Rock Lee/Might Gai Workout | Naruto Tough Like The Toonz: EP 18

Today’s Tough like the Toonz we Train like Konoha’s Green and Blue Beast’s Epic training.  Also thank you @train-go for giving me the push to do this :)

Rock Lee and Might Gai The Hardest working Goofball Badass Shinobi of Naruto. 

This workout is gonna make you stronger than you’ve ever been but do you think you can handle it. Be sure to like and share with your friends it really helps the video a lot.
Do this workout 4 DAYS a week. For exercises marked Failure do a MINIMUM of 50 reps, it doesnt matter how long it takes just get fifty to the best of your ability this workout maybe longer or shorter depending on your fitness level and also be sure to improve and beat your records everytime you do it. BE Stronger than yesterday!! 


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