“Everything was very, very nice – our partnership, particularly. Ginger and I, we avoided, purposely, sloppy love scenes between us. We would sing, ‘You kiss while you’re dancing…’ but we never did the kiss. That was one of the reasons for the success that we had. They wished that we would grab each other in an embrace. And we might, a little bit, occasionally, during our dance steps.” – Fred Astaire, in a 1980 interview for ABC, explaining why he and Ginger Rogers rarely kissed in their 10 films together.

So i think atomic blonde was ok, I liked the cinematography and the outfits and the fight scenes!

but it IS essentially just a james bond movie with a woman lead instead. Which agent is the double agent whos actually a triple agent?! The decoy is secretly a decoy of the decoy! [Smokes a cigarette while drinking a vodka and stealing a car]

I was excited about the fact that there’s a female love interest, but do be warned, it’s a Bury Your Gays film, so that was disappointing

Straight actor internally, a minute before having to film a gay kiss scene, looking into the mirror and sweating: You can do this. It’s wrong and unnatural but you can do this … Just imagine that the man *shudders* is a woman … a woman person with straight body … Come on, dude … you didn’t drop out of your community theater’s production of “Wicked” to throw it all away on a homosexual kiss ..

Movie on Netflix y’all need to watch

  • Asian-American lead, and mostly Asian-American cast
  • Young gay man making peace with his family and finding himself
  • Great female characters who get about as much screen time as the main character and have their own growth and conversations and special moments
  • George Takei is in it and he plays himself, literally, and it’s great
  • All-in-all super sweet film 
  • Eat before you watch it, you might get hungry

This is strangely hard to post. I’ve been avoiding sharing this because when I watch it, I see all of the flaws, all of the things I wish I could change. BUT. I’m never done learning, my art will never be perfect, and all I can hope is that what I create connects to someone and translates real emotions. I’m excited to be starting my career with a project that pushed me, that tells an LGBT story, that helped me find my voice as a director. Thank you so much to everyone who has given to this project, shared it with others, and waited for its release! 

THIS is One Night: a lesbian/drama short film, written & directed by me - Lydia Smyth

For more info/credits, go to the vimeo page. 


Title: Me, Myself and Her (Io e Lei)
Year: 2015
Language: Italy (Subtitles)

Plot: Marina and Federica have been together for five years now, and although they share the same apartment, bed, face cream, they laugh and they fight, but even they, are sometimes not sure if they’re really a couple.

Basic Review:

  • A beautiful view of a mature lesbian relationship. The characters are sensual but emotionally charged and even sometimes flawed. They seem real and it allows the audience to empathise with them.
  • I loved the architecture and symmetry in the shots, where cool Italian afternoons make romantic connections twice as magical.
  • I disliked the temptation of heterosexuality when one of the woman takes interest in a man for a while, but its a clear choice and a happy ending for the women overall.
  • A totally cute soundtrack to whisp you away and some beautiful butterfly in your stomach moments.