gay feather

[fluffs up my Big Gay Feathers real nice and does an especially vigorous display dance] ARE YOU IMPRESSED? ARE YOU IMPRESSED? ARE Y

my issue with all of these ppl whinging about lafou is the fact that like?? the only thing they’re complaining about is the fact that he’s not being represented the Exact Way they want him to be which imo is harmful in itself because like? people are just. people. there aren’t two gay men that are exactly alike- just like there aren’t any two lesbians, two bi people, two of our lovely trans brothers or sisters- none of them are the same as the next. expecting lefou to fall into one single mold is stereotyping, regardless of where that mold comes from.

is lefou a little (dare i say it) flamboyant? yes! but nowhere near as flamboyant as lumiere, or gaston, who are both coded as Violently Straight. it’s musical theatre, people. set in france. FRANCE. let’s throw it back to les mis- is there a single character in it that isn’t the most extra bitch alive? how about lafayette? like yall. ffs.

lefou may just be a character, but to many he’s a person with many different facets, not just a one-dimensional cardboard cutout with “QUEER REP” written on its forehead in sharpie. he’s not the Gay Best Friend- he’s just the best friend who happens to be gay.

Sand Songs

Girls like us, get it.
We spend hours
Swapping flowers
And noticing not
Very much. Silence
Is our music. We choose
Kisses for sustenance.
Maple syrup is our
Lipstick. Skirts purple
Like olive green in
Between the sighs of
The afternoon in the
Swooning summer park.
Dark looks are our comic
Exchanges. A frown is
A jest, role play, a gay
Feathering. Weather
Spies on us, cheekily.
We grin like sleek 
Bee-hearted seals.
Untease my tickled heart.
Be art with me. “Is that
Pretentious?” I ask. “I hope
So,” you laugh. Ask all of me.