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it’s the last day of black history month, so here’s a black ass love song. 🌹 i threw in a few shout outs for the black excellence we got to witness at this year’s Oscars. no shadeeee. ☺️ i really hope y'all like this. i’m tryna share my music on here more.

Tom: He? Matt is straight? Right?

Matt: Yeah, I- I am. I don’t know why they’re- why the would say that…

Tom: I mean like if you aren’t that fine and you can tell me cause obviously- 

Matt: Yeah, I know. But I’m not- we should just move on. 

Tom: Sure

Yeah, this is a rant.

Assuming every Overwatch character is gay without any evidence of any of their sexual preferences (except maybe Anahardt cause those two flirt together in-game) then proceeding to attack STRAIGHT/BI people for liking STRAIGHT ships (cause you know, its not like they enjoy those ships because that is their sexual preference just like how some gay people prefer their ships to also be gay…) and finally accusing them of being homophobic is the most backwards tumblr logic I have ever seen. Honestly just stop. I am sick of seeing all of the unwarranted hate. Personally, I support both gay and straight ships but some people prefer to ship only straight or gay ships. Which is fine, but stop bringing other people down for preferring something else. Cause that is about as stupid as someone telling me that I am not allowed to prefer puppies over kittens because kittens are clearly “the better choice because it is not heteronormative”. Stop being a little bitch over shipping fictional characters. You enjoy your ships and we enjoy ours.

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Evidence for gay Sirius Black:

  • Straight up ignored girls, despite getting loads of attention from them
  • Lived with Lupin in at least two different houses (‘lie low at Lupin’s’ and ‘Lupin, who was staying in the house with Sirius’)
  • Bought joint Christmas presents for his godson with a bloke
  • About clocked Snape for attacking Lupin
  • ‘Too busy being a rebel to settle down’ or alternatively ‘too busy just straight up loving men to get a wife/girlfriend’

Evidence for straight Sirius Black:

  • Had a poster on the wall of his childhood bedroom
  • ??
  • ???????
  • ??????????

Um so ace + Jughead discourse, basically:

Aphobes: aros/aces are basically straight! You have straight privilege! The straights accept you!

Us: ….no? We have way more in common than you think.

Jughead: *literally coded blatantly aroace, is confirmed canon*

Aphobes: ok but he’s like us? Like look at him. He’s not aroace (coughstraight,) he’s coded like we are and everyone can tell he’s gay! (Read: gay and not straight are synonymous to them.)

Us: but he never likes a guy? Like there is NO evidence of him being gay other than evidence of him being Not Straight, but there is evidence (and canon) that establishes him as aroace

Aphobes: but aros/aces are straight lol

Like, if you can look at a canon, very aroace person and recognize the similarities of experience, and realize they definitely aren’t straight, but will insist that their canon orientation is fake and they’re Actually Gay rather than reexamine your perception of aroaces, you have a Problem.

Raven’s current friend status on the EAH wiki...

“Apple and Raven are not friends, although they attempt to be on friendly terms at least. Raven is also close friends with Cedar Wood and Cerise Hood.”


Are you sure???

“Apple and Raven are not friends, although they attempt to be on friendly terms at least.”

“Apple and Raven are not friends, although they attempt to be on friendly terms at least.”

“Apple and Raven are not friends, although they attempt to be on friendly terms at least.”


“Apple and Raven are not friends” .

Apple and Raven 




Yep! They hate each other!!!

Episode 11 has me fukkin shook so here’s an aesthetic for Yaha-kui ZaShunina

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Naiked it on the 2 options behind all the fuckery. Going a step more, based on the "evidence" isn't gay the most probable? As awkward and chemistry-deficient as Cait & Tony appear, u could reasonably explain that as Cait not avoiding PDA because privacy. But Sam pretending to have a fake long-term romance with DSC to hide his real deal with Cait? That would be unprecedented in Celeb chicanery. Not even an A-list duo has gone to the extreme of a fake gf/bf to hide a different hetero relash.

I have absolutely no idea what the answer is of course. No, I don’t think “gay” is the most probable, I think it is equally probable as anything else, for many corporate reasons previously discussed.

And no can do on the Cait and privacy nonsense…. Cannes, GGs, Oscars etc etc is not private… I really don’t understand how people can still try and make that stupid argument.