gay dress


Because that’s life, innit? Beauty or chips.  I like chips. So did she, so that’s okay…

Bill Potts + being a very adorable cutely dressed lesbian and reminding me how bi i am - 10.01 - “The Pilot”

When you can’t stand the direction the show is going in but can’t stop yourself from caring about it 


So I want to brag for just a minute!!
So this is my good friend Qu'ran. He is a senior at the school that my teaches at. He has been gay for as long as he can remember and recently wanted to start cross dressing, which is fantastic. He did not go to his junior prom for many reasons, but largely because of comfort. This year, the school approved it for him to wear a dress to prom, and I have never seen him more happy. I took him dress shopping today and he had the time of his life. We walked in heels and danced and I am so happy for him.
I mean seriously, look at how happy he looks in those dresses!! I am such a proud friend right now!!

Let boys wear makeup
Let boys wear nail polish
Let boys wear dresses
Let boys wear pink
Let boys be feminine

But don’t question boys masculinity
Don’t question boys gender identity
Don’t question boys sexual interests

Just let boys wear what they want
Let boys like whoever they want
Let boys be whoever they want

Junkrat in a wedding dress. Roadhog in a tux.

A scared priest held at gun point. On Junkrats side there is only bombs with faces. On Roadhogs there’s his pachimari and pigs. Very beautiful. I want it. Junker wedding. But Roadhog and Junkrat style.