gay dress

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With the anon talking about straight girls dressing more gay, oMg someone finally said it like my gaydar is fucked up these days and idk what is happening but I do not like it

Right like goddamn so many straight girls dress gay as hell now like they’ll get undercuts and gauges and like sleeve tattoos and shit and then like they’ll also get offended when you think they’re gay?? The WORST is the classic straight girl “just because I have short hair doesn’t make me a man-hating lesbian” like okay Suzie way to be a homophobe while defending your Straight Dignity but if you wanted people to stop assuming youre a lesbian stop dressing like one like. You’re really gonna tell lesbians that you don’t want to be associated with us while stealing every gay thing we do???
Anyway I’m in a mood clearly I’m sorry lol I’m glad this isn’t just me tho lmao


Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 



I’ve been sewing all day, here is the result! 😊 The underdress is made from scratch today. The apron was given to me, but had to be taken down 4 sizes for me to be able to use it. 😅 So with that, my Viking/archeress kit is done! Now I just need a lot more accessories and jewelry to bling it up. 😍