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This post is for my Tumblr fans because I know my fans on Tumble are more open minded and understanding than some of my conservative friends on facebook. 

It’s about gay couples in cartoons.

Personally, I think it’s great! If it’s done right.

It all started with Korra and Asami simply holding hands as they walked into the Spirt World. 

Then The Loud House made cartoon history as Clyde (Lincon’s best friend) had 2 dads. The first married gay couple in a cartoon! 

Just recently, someone pointed out that in the latest episode of Star vs The Forces of Evil (Just Friends) there is a gay couple kissing at a concert. It goes by quick and you have to really look for it to catch it because ALL the couples in the audience are kissing, but it’s there. 

Now to back up a bit, what I mean by “done right” is - if the cartoon doesn’t make a big deal about it. With All 3 of these couples it’s about love. A couple holding hands, a married coulple raising a son and finally a couple kissing at a concert.  

They’re not shouting from the roof top, “Look at me, I’m gay!” 

They are just showing you, in a cartoon for younger views, that 2 people can love one another. That’s doing it right!

For the record, I’m not gay. I have been married to the same woman for over 10 years and I have 2 wonderful kids. I believe I am being a good dad by telling my kids love is love. 

I was very hesitant on making one of my characters in my Tercona story gay. I wanted to keep family friendly. However, now that I see a gay couple is becoming more acceptable and that it’s becoming more and more mainstream, I’m going to make one of them gay. Well, I wanted to from the beginning, I was just never going to say anything about it. Now I know I will, when the time is right. 

So, what do you think about gay couples in kids cartoons. Is it a bad thing or a good thing?  

malec is the only interracial pairing in the e! top 4 poll and it’s one of the two lgbt pairings (the other is clexie… that’s my new name for it…) so uh? ICONIC LMAO 



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Ey Bowser Jr, whaddya think of having two daddies?

“I like it. Two daddies means more fun for me! I thought Peach as a mama would be good, but Mario as another papa is better. He keeps up with Papa easily, so they’re a great couple! Kamek and I just have to help Papa plan out the wedding already, and then I’ll have two dads!”

“I’m begging of you, please don’t take my man| Please don’t take him just because you can!” 

Jolene… Jolene, Jolene, Jolene! 

Just check it -> 

Im speachless… I love them so-fokin-much.

- Harriet.

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•if you try to tell me that remus lupin, year 6,
•brewing amortenia (or rather a weaker one) in potions and saying aloud. •'Pads, i know you’re there, i can smell your bloody cologne.’ Only to turn •around and find Sirius half way across the room. If you think Remus fucking •Lupin didn’t gulp and spin around quickly to inhale a deep whiff of his •potion and then gulp again because that ducking potion smelt like his best •friend and he was definitely not gay for that pompous, annoying, slacking, •charming git. Never. Nope.
•Then you are wrong and I’ll fight you on this.