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i am in a state of downright bewilderment because none of the straight people i have talked to thought that there was any queer “subtext” in the Lego Batman movie??? and it’s like??? WHAT MOVIE DID YOU WATCH FAM?? COS IT SURELY WASN’T THAT

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where did "the moon is a lesbian and also my girlfriend" culture come from and why is it so popular

it’s “angered straighty” culture mixed with “smol gay” culture

Question for my gays:

My bestie works at the local gay bar so usually I roll up in there by myself, sit at the end of the bar, and live my life and drink my Motel 6 dirty martini like a classy bitch, nah mean? Well Galveston, small as it is, you get to know who’s in a relationship and who lives together and what not. Basically what I see is that most, if not all, couples are always on the prowl for a “third” to take home.

Is that the norm, now? Is that something I’m gonna have to find out that my future partner can live without cause I meannn, I don’t personally wanna be about that life. I also don’t want to have to ask that, though. I feel like if I’m into someone enough that I want to be with them, then I’m gonna be with only them, right? I know the whole, “to each his own” and whatever makes a relationship work, but it seems strange to me that I’d have to be like, “Will I be enough for you? Or are you gonna need something to ‘spice things up’ once you get bored with my ass and the wonders it possesses?” Seems insulting to me. Who knows, maybe one day, bae and I will see a fine man and be like hmm, “that could be hot”, but I guess cause I can’t even hold a good man down on my own, I get mad that these couples get to be a couple, while also touchin’ everyone and their mom’s dick (lol), too. I guess I’m just scared if it gets to that point and I’ve invested all this time and effort into someone and that conversation comes up, I’m scared he’ll say I won’t be enough. Thoughts?


Black gay men school ‘Out’ magazine on the real origins of mainstream gay trends

Gay media is still so white, so straight, and so unwilling to acknowledge where mainstream gay culture comes from — people of color. An Out article by cultural critic Michael Musto drew outrage from many gay black men on Twitter by asserting that straight people steal from gay culture. And as Twitter was quick to point out, Out had a straight white singer cover its LGBTQ Pride Month issue

PSA: the-wiccans-glossary IS a transphobe, and non-binary people are NOT mentally ill*

* I mean, you might be, but the two are not mutually exclusive.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

This blog is open and kind to any and all, regardless of gender identity, sexual identity, or lack thereof. This blog is open and kind to those who are sure, and those who are not.

I am open and kind to those who are open and kind, to those who are gentle and those who are hard, to those who are religious and those who don’t believe, to those who know or do not know what they are doing.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

You do not have to stick around on a blog that perpetuates this horrible, horrible idea. There are hundreds of us out there with as much varied and in depth information as you can garner at TWG’s blog; you do not have to put up with bile and hatred, you do not have to put up with transphobia, to try and learn about witchcraft, paganism, wicca, or whatever else.

Your gender identity is not a mental illness.

Please, fellow witches, wiccans, pagans, jewitches, Christian witches, whoever the heck you are; if you support trans people on all sides and parts of the spectrum; reblog this, add other witches blogs and resources. Heck, even if you’re not a witch, if you support non-binary people, please let’s show the LGBTQ+ (witch) community just how much we care, and how minuscule and incredibly wrong people like the-wiccans-glossary are!

Your gender identity is not a mental illness!


I never understood why people constantly look down on drag queens, it’s mind boggling. It’s such a shame that no one realizes how drag is a very beautiful art form. For example, these are men who are changing they’re physical appearance to be they’re true self, and what in they’re perspective is what a woman is.
In other words, drag should be more respected than look down upon.

A Suggestion for People Who Have been Accused of  Using Homophobic Language

I don’t think anyone should ever have to explain to their friends or society why using a slur hurts them. If your friend tells you that you referring to everything from mild inconveniences to poor choices by movie directors as “gay” is language that offends him… just stop it, okay? Don’t make him beg.

That said, I’m a gay man, and I’ve got some time on my hands, and I feel like explaining my viewpoint on this. But I’ll be brief.

I always like to start off saying that these are my personal thoughts on the subject: I’m just one guy. I could put all kinds of links here about how using that sort of language in your day to day life is demeaning and hurtful and bad for everybody, but I like to be transparent: if I did that, I’d just be typing “Using ‘gay’ as a synonym for ‘bad’” into Google and posting the links, and you could do that for yourself.

To people who makes joke about softball whenever a woman with short hair walks by, or who think “faggot” is a perfect substitute for “fool”, I hope to provide a little different perspective on the issue.

Kindly but Clueless Heterosexual Friend

I have a friend—grew up in conservative Texas, a real boy’s club ex-soldier—who was super supportive of me when I came out to him, and to this day is one of the most encouraging heterosexual friends I’ve ever had. When I told him I was gay, he decided he was going to stop saying “That’s gay” when he meant “I don’t like that.”

He felt like it was bad to say things like this, but confessed he didn’t know why though: he’d just seen around the internet that language like that was not preferred, and now that he had a gay friend, he felt a responsibility to start behaving differently.

When Everyone Buys the Same Clothes…

I described it like this:

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers were a religion: people wore Green&Gold to church on game days, and the service usually ended early or was cancelled altogether so folks could get home for the game.

I never liked football—I was into playing soccer and watching baseball—and in fact hated how Packer fever took over the house every Sunday. I didn’t pretend to like the Packers, made my disdain known in that teen way.

But about 60% of any given thrift shop’s stock was Packer clothes, so about 60% of my clothes were second-hand Packers stuff. To anyone on the street, I was perfectly camouflaged as any old Packers fan, even though I didn’t want to be. If they asked, I’d go OFF about how I hated the Packers. But I only ‘talked’ to about 2% of the people who saw me where those colors.

Don’t Be Their Camouflage

To my friend, then:

Yeah, I know you are not a homophobe! You say things are ‘gay’ when you mean ‘disfavorable.’ You make jokes about pillow-biters, or about how any dude receiving a manicure must be gay somehow and should apologize. You say “no homo” after complimenting your friend. You make jokes about how long so-and-so’s been staring in the locker room. When you got owned in in Overwatch, you called that guy a ‘fag’.

I know that you are incredibly supportive of gay rights, and of my comfort and happiness in particular. Thanks, friend. You’re not a homophobe.

But you’re wearing their colors, at the end of the day. You’re pretty much indistinguishable from a homophobe. When I go out to a bar and a guy is talking like that: he could either be just some guy, ‘talking like guys do’, or he could be someone who’s going to try to jump me in the bathroom. Seriously, the spectrum’s pretty wide.

Bare Minimum ‘Activism’

I suppose, in my view, this little essay isn’t even ‘activism’: I’m not trying to convince anyone (in this post anyhow!) that it’s okay to be gay. If you’re reading this, you already think that. Here’s what I suggest:

We can’t see camouflaged allies. And we can’t see a threat when it’s dressed up in the same language everyone is using.

Let’s leave this language to the homophobes, huh? Let’s just remove the question altogether. If I walk into a bar and hear some guy tease his friend about being a ‘queer’ because he didn’t notice how hot the woman who just walked by was, can I just assume automatically that I am not safe around that man? Don’t camouflage yourself with homophobes, okay?

Do I think that this change will gradually do our society some good? Yeah, I mean, for sure, right? If only the homophobes are talking like homophobes, then hating gays isn’t normal any more, is it? It’s a special position with its own special vocabulary—like Flat Earthers or people who knit.

No need to go “Woah, buddy! It is not politically correct to call a guy ‘gay’ just because he wears pastels!” Use your friend’s slur as an opportunity to find out if your buddy is indeed a homophobe, you can even be nice about it. Ask away. Do I think there are steps you should take AFTER that? Sure. But this essay is getting long.

Homophobes are not going to work to distinguish themselves in our culture: they’re going to keep using those ‘things that everybody I knew grew up saying!’ So let them have that language, please? Just please help us ID them. If you don’t camouflage yourself as one of them, they can’t camouflage themselves as non-homophobes.

If you’re not a Packer fan, don’t dress like you love the team.

If you’re not a homophobe, don’t talk like you’re on their side.

i hate how this site shames girls for enjoying anything & everything . you like pastel colors n shit? fuck you. plants&succulents? animals? stereotypical tumblr girl.  non-feminine stuff? hairdye? stop being edgy. fandoms? bands? cringe!! etc etc.. like, can we please be nice to girls in 2017? can yall just let them like what they want as long as it doesnt hurt anybody, for once??