gay couple costumes

couples costumes for girlfriends!!

with Halloween coming up I hope to see lots of gf in adorable costumes…so I thought id help out. Many of these are closet safe btw!!

1) Daria and Jane

2) Velma and Daphne

3) Poison ivy and Harley Quinn

4) Buffy and Willow

5) The pink and blue power rangers

6) The sun and moon

7) Princess bubblegum and Marceline

8) Rachel and Monica

9) Artemis and Aphrodite

10) Thelma and Louise

11) Carol and Therese (Carol the movie)

12) The two versions of Rosie the Riveter

13) a greaser and a prep

14) A goth and a Farmer

15) Straight girls (it would be funny)

16) Ginny and Luna

17) hockey player and softball player

18) Holtzmann and Patty

19) Daisy and Peach (nintendo)

20) Eachother!!!!