gay colours

For @evanora23, a first attempt at Thirteen and River, having dinner dessert. There is no way the Doctor has the patience to sit through a full meal, so their dinner date consists of hot chocolate and crêpes.

I hope you like it despite the mess!

Do you ever just…. think about Victor and Yuuri holding each other, in complete silence, simply listening to each other’s heartbeat.

to my white followers

“POC character”  “character of colour”

“POC movies” “diverse movies” or “movies by/about/featuring POC” or “black/asian/lantix/whatever takes up the majority of the cast movies”

“POC love” “black/asian/lantix/etc. love” or “interracial love”

“POC gays/lesbians etc.”  “gays/lesbians/etc. of colour” or “gay/lesbian/etc. people of colour”

“my POC friend”  “my friend who is a POC” or “my asian/black/etc. friend”

POC is a noun, not an adjective

Just wanted to draw my three favs showing their pride :D this is supposed to be like a photo (which Eren treasures because it’s the only one he has where Levi’s smiling c:)


i tried to do the 4+1 but there are only so many ways to carry a person.

bc let’s face it the only one kakashi will allow to touch him is gai the only person he can get drunk with is gai and gai is a mighty mighty guy and i might be in love with the idea of gai carrying kakashi and vice versa. there was originally supposed to be a de-aged kakashi being carried around by gai but it seemed forced ;_;