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jiemba  asked:

Congrats on the party! I'm deep in 5 different fics atm and I'm writing one about Alex adjusting to the lgbti community, learning terms and confronting some biases she didn't know she had. Was there anything about the queer community that surprised you as you got in it? (for me it was the infighting e.g. racism, TERFs, biphobia) Also my gf and I are both youth workers and atm she's working with an adorable but sadly homeless gay boy of colour and he reminds me so much of Adrian!

Yesss that’s amazing!!! (And I saw what you tagged me in and I can’t wait to give it the attention it deserves re: reading it and then, inevitably, reblogging it because your work is golden.)

As for your question, yes, the same things that surprised you surprised me. Racism, huge. And classism, too. And femme-shaming. And butch-shaming. God, we shame everyone? Also casual transphobia amongst cis gays, like not aggressive TERF-like transphobia but more low-key stuff that’s harder to pin down, you know?

Well okay that happened.

But yes – all the real-life Adrian’s!! I’m so glad such wonderful people as you and your gf are working with these brilliant youth: they deserve validation and love from fantastic folks like yall <3 <3 <3 

i still have no idea what i was intending with this picture but its somehow one of my favourite things ive drawn