gay champion

ezreal: guys, i have been waiting for the right moment to tell you that I’m gay.

lux: that’s okay, we still love you.

taric: i’m gay, too.

twisted fate: me too.

graves: same.

ezreal: jesus christ, does nobody here like girls?

vi: i do.

can we just for a moment talk about lou sullivan? a trans gay man, born 1951, passed away 1991, a pioneer and activist, who lived most of his life to help trans people, who fought for our rights, who openly spoke about being hiv positive, who openly and freely spoke about being attracted to men, loving men, when no one did, who we have to thank for championing trans gay rights so trans gay people are able to transition true to both their sexual and gender identity? who managed to have cis medical professionals recognize the validity of trans gay people? cause, damn, i think it’s about fucking time he gets the recognition and praise he deserves

reading between matches. wonder what genre she likes? 

been inspired by @paladinsheadcanons, and drew a proper tyra after ages of not drawing!!! id honestly love to draw any hc i could, but two days of my weekend’s not enough for it;;



Yup, yup, that’s what I meant hehe XD Humans only lol

Sorry for making it gay except not really

Feel free to use these as matching icons or whatever, just make sure you credit me :3

who would win in a fight between a straight author who thinks that they’re a champion of gay rights because they put one (1) extremely stereotypical White Gay Man™ into each of their books vs. a neurotypical horror author who keeps purposefully misrepresenting mental illnesses and their symptoms because “crazy people are scary”?