gay celebrity couples


K: Dude, there’s a cake promotion in that cafe!
Y: It’s an entire cake, Katsuki.
K: Let’s get two!

((Happy holidays, everyone!))

What Your (Popular) LL Ship Says About You
  • NozoEli: You're the mom friend, you think straight people are weird, you love boobs, and you listen to Garasu no Hanazono during sex. Also you're gay.
  • NicoMaki: You're gay and you yell a lot, you love tsunderes and you kind of hate yourself.
  • RinPana: You are too pure for this world, you like soft things, and you cry whenever you listen to bokutachi wa hitotsu no hikari. You're still salty about the lack of a RinPana duet. You're also gay.
  • KotoUmi: You think of KotoUmi whenever you see a seagull, you pretend to be pure sweetheart but your hobby is reading kinky Kotori doujinshi. "Umi-Chan... Onegai!!" You're gay.
  • TsubaHono: You're the friend that walks on the grass when the sidewalk is too narrow, you're thirsty for TsubaHono content, you're gay and love celebrity power couples.
Love Through the Hate

pairing: lams

modern middle/high school AU

request: anon: Please Make more fanfics. If you need inspiration I will freestyle for you. Okay It would be a Lams. John Laurens dad would hurt John because he’s gay. Alex will comfort him. Good Luck I don’t mean to be needy but, It has been a while since you made a fanfic and I am happy with all your new followers (You deserve them) Yeah so have a nice day.

word count: 2015

warnings: homophobia, hitting, does it count as physical abuse? if someone getting hit triggers you please don’t read

a/n: well i’ve been not productive about this blog lately. whoops. IF HOMOPHOBIA OR A FATHER HITTING HIS SON BECAUSE OF HATE IS A TRIGGER FOR YOU DO NOT READ. please, take care of yourself first.



“John, how come you never have me over at your house? Like, for dinner or whatever?”

John fidgets in his seat, picks at a loose thread on his sleeve, drums his fingers on the table, leans back and looks at the clock, does everything he can to avoid answering Alex’s question.

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