gay brother love

the only thing my little brother said to me after I came out to him was “it doesn’t matter because no one wants to date you anyway” and it was honestly the best possible way to handle that situation and it showed how nothing had changed between us and I think about that a lot

Achievement Hunter AKA The Six Gayest Straight Dudes You’ll Ever Meet.

being a history major


  • spies
  • know two entire dates and everybody thinks you’re the shit
  • All The Gay™
  • period dramas
  • Hamilton


  • you know too much
  • everyone dies
  • historical inaccuracies
  • The Research Rabbithole 
  • everyone thinks it’s boring
  • ain’t war hell
  • umm actually
  • niche interests 
  • nobody gets your references
  • Hamilton
the 10 stages of being in the starkid fandom/cult

1. fall in love with Joseph Walker as Voldemort 

2. stan the StarKid boys

3. realize that you are actually gay and in love with Lauren Lopez

4. see a photo of Clark Baxtresser and fall in love

5. realize that the StarKid girls deserve more love

6. stan the StarKid girls because fuck it- they’re all so gorgeous and talented 

7. get really into Tin Can Brothers and Shipwrecked Comedy and stan them too

8. stan Diane more than a lot of other people

9. be hopelessly in love with a lot of different people

10. realize everyone else in the fandom/cult is also really gay, bi (etc)

let little kids be gay! little boys following their crush around like a puppy dog, sitting next to him on the bus every day and telling him silly one liners from the jokebook he bought just to be able to make him laugh! little girls sharing all their snacks from home with their crush, endlessly complimenting her on her new hairband/dress/shoes/backpack, bringing in dolls to play with and giving her the prettiest and least ratty doll, braiding her hair and holding her hand tight playing double dutch jumprope!

let kids defy gender roles and be gender non conforming! let little boys play dress up and love wearing that one tutu and stealing their big sister’s makeup! let little girls roll around in the mud and play alien secret agents and be shamelessly loud and bossy and rowdy and refusing to wear dresses! let little kids who know they’re not boys or girls find comfort in androgynous role models just like them, like their camp counselor who explained that they’re not a boy or a girl, and telling them that they might not be either! let them be indignant of the fact that all the clothing and toys made for kids is either pink and ruffly or blue and intense so they pick the most androgynous stuff they can and play a lot of really cool puzzle and board games, and maybe get something a little gendered if they want it because hey, some things are just cool!

let your kids be kids like they’re meant to be, pure and sweet and careless and rowdy and loud and exploring relationships with their peers and living their childhood the way that makes them happy and keeps them healthy! let your boys pick flowers for the kitchen and let your girls play football with the bigger kids and let them present themselves however the heck they want because your children are discovering themselves and growing and having fun and don’t push your ideas of gender roles and conformity on your children who have no concept of them, and who wouldn’t understand why a boy wearing a dress is bad but would believe it because their minds are impressionable and you told them, and you’re their entire source of information and right and wrong meter and mentor on how to relate to the world! you end up setting a bad path for your kid, whether they grow up and realize that they’re LGBTQ but you told them through ostracizing and side glancing kids who were strange and didn’t like the things marketed to their gender that it makes you turn out “you know….. *makes effeminate hand gesture*” and that’s wrong so they punish themselves for it and repress it and hurt themselves doing that, or they grow up harassing LGBTQ kids and making fun of them and contributing to the binary society they rejected as an innocent little child because you told them that that was okay.

let kids be kids be kids be kids and let them be who they are and teach them to respect other kids being who they are.

And every day someone will use religion as a way to cover up their bigotry, and every day someone’s heart will break because someone they love can’t seem to open up theirs. Your brain is a tool, you have the right to your own beliefs, but what happens when they hurt the people you claim to love? Your God is your God. Or maybe there’s many or maybe there’s none but don’t let any of it dictate the possibility of happiness for someone who doesn’t conform to your ideas on how and why things are the way they are. They deserve to be happy, just like you deserve to have your own opinion. You don’t have to agree, but you do have to allow others to make their own decisions without emotional abuse tied to their birth right.
—  Letters to the close minded
Untitled Modern!Javid AU (P.1)

If there was one thing Davey hated more than anything, it was grocery shopping. He knew it was necessary, he had to get food for him and his brother somehow, but it was just tiring. It was a fifteen minute drive to the nearest supermarket from his apartment, and Les always insisted on being in control of the radio, which led to him constantly flipping through the channels until they got there. It didn’t help that the channel Les seemed to settle on the most was the country station, which just so happened to be the station he was on at the moment.

Davey glared at the winding road as Les hummed the song on the radio, assumedly something by… Luke Bryan? He didn’t really know, and didn’t really care. He just wanted to get to the store already. Sighing, Davey looked over to Les for a split second. “Hey, Les, could you change the station, please?” he asked. Les scratched his chin, humming in fake concentration, before responding. “Nah.” he said, smiling at his older brother. Davey groaned and hit his head off of the steering wheel, causing his younger brother to laugh. Just then, a thought popped into his head. “If you change the channel, I’ll buy pizza for dinner.” Les grinned widely and switched the channel - to another country channel. “Are you kidding me?” Davey yelled in exasperation. Les laughed again. “I’m kidding, Davey. What station you want it on?” he asked. “Anything other than country, please.” Les nodded, changing the channel yet again. This time, he changed it to the old rock station that Davey was fond of. Davey smiled and relaxed a bit. “Thanks, buddy.”

“No problem.” said Les, reclining in his seat. After a brief period of well-welcomed silence, he continued. “Still owe me that pizza, though.” Davey chuckled. “A’ight, kiddo. I know.” Within a minute’s time, the two siblings arrived at the supermarket. Les grinned and hopped out of the car and ran over to Davey’s side of the car. He grabbed his hand as he got out of the car and tugged him towards the door. “C’mon, Davey, let’s go! Time’s a-wasting!” Davey laughed. “Is it? Last I checked, we had the whole day off.” Les pouted. “Just because we have the day off, doesn’t mean we don’t have other things to do.” Davey raised his eyebrow, grabbing a cart. “What do we have to do?” he asked. Les hopped on the front of the cart before answering. “I have the whole day planned out! First, we’re gonna go shopping, then we’re gonna go to the park, then we’re gonna go back home, and then we’re gonna watch some Disney movies.” he finished.

Davey grabbed a jar of peanut butter off of the shelf, chucking it into the cart. He scanned his list for the next item they needed to get, and started heading in the direction of the drinks. “Disney movies, huh?” Les nodded. “Why can’t we watch something I pick this time?” Davey started. “You chose last time, it’s my turn today.” Les shook his head. “Did not.” Davey glared. “Did too.” “Did not.” “Did too.” “Did too.” “Did not.” “Fine, you’re right, Davey. I did not choose last time.” Davey grinned, before realizing his mistake. “Hey, that’s not fair, you tricked me!” Les laughed. “Yeah, but you were the one dumb enough to fall for it.” Davey huffed, checking the list again. “Okay, so we have to buy you some new shoes. Your old ones are getting a bit worn out.” Les looked down at his shoes. “I don’t see anything wrong with them.” Davey peeked around the cart and started at his brother incredulously. “Les, they’re falling apart at the seams.”

Les frowned. “But I like my shoes.” Davey sighed. “Then we can find another pair that looks just like ‘em, a’ight?” Les nodded. The two of them walked over to the shoe section in a peaceful silence. Les hopped off the cart and searched the aisles, looking for some sneakers. Davey stood by the cart, humming softly. Pulling out his list, he checked it over once again. “Aw darn, I forgot to grab milk.” he said. “Hey, Les. I’m gonna go and get some milk and I’ll be right back, okay?” From around the corner, he heard a muffled okay! “Stay right there until I get back.” Davey said before heading in the direction of the dairy aisle. He grabbed a gallon of milk for himself and a gallon of chocolate milk for his brother before heading back to where he left Les. “Hey, did you find a pair you liked?” He asked, waiting for his brother to respond. After a few seconds with no response, Davey spoke up again. “Uh, Les? You there?” Silence.

And in that moment, Davey panicked. Les was known for sneaking off while he wasn’t looking, and everytime without fail it takes him at least twenty minutes to find him. I knew I shouldn’t have left him alone, he thought. Davey walked all throughout the shoe aisles, making sure Les wasn’t just hiding on him. Maybe he went to the… Toy aisle? Nope. Garden section? No. Sport section? Not there, either. For all he knew, Les could be on the other side of the store. Or he could be outside. Or with a stranger. Or being kidnapped. Or, y’know, just in the bathroom. Now Davey was really panicking. Ever since he was little, Les has been glued to Davey’s side. When he finally moved out of his parents home, Les came with him. It was up to him to make sure nothing happened to his little brother, and if he couldn’t keep an eye on him? Well, what kind of a brother was he?
Just as it was reaching the fifteen minute mark, Davey rounded a corner and saw Les - talking to a stranger. Davey glared, but his gaze softened when he saw Les laughing and smiling. He cautiously approached the pair, hoping to not draw too much attention to himself. That, however, did not work, because Les quickly spotted his brother and waved him over. “Hey, Davey! Come meet my new friend.” Les’s ‘friend’ turned and smiled, and Davey felt his stomach flutter. Davey smiled back sheepishly and went to stand next to Les. “So, who’s your friend?” he asked his brother. “His name is- wait, why can’t he introduce himself?” The stranger chuckled, and the sound made Davey’s heart swell. The man ran a hand through his messy brown locks before introducing himself.

“The name’s Jack, Jack Kelly. I take it Les here’s your little brother?” Davey swallowed, nodding. “Uh, yeah. Yeah he is. It’s nice to meet you, Jack. My name’s David Jacobs, but you can call me Davey.” Jack smiled and shook Davey’s hand. “Davey…” he said, mulling the name over. “Sounds nice.” Davey could feel his face heat up, and averted his eyes from Jack’s. “Thanks.” he said, trying to clear his thoughts. “So, how’d you and Les meet?” he asked. Jack looked towards Les and smiled. “I was just kind of walking by when he stopped me and asked what shoes he should pick. I told him he should pick the blue ones, and I asked if he could help me pick out a new bike. We just kinda kept talking after that. If I had known he was waiting for you to come back, though, I wouldn’t have brought him with me to check out bikes.”

“No no, it’s okay! I’m glad you’re the one Les found, and not someone else.” Jack smiled back. “I’m glad I’m the one who found him, too. He’s a good kid.” Les beamed at this, and looked towards me. “Hey, hey, hey Davey. Can Jack come over sometime to hang out? Pleeeease?” he begged. Davey looked between the two, and sighed. “I dunno, buddy. I don’t think we should impose-” Jack interrupted him. “It wouldn’t be imposing at all. As long as you’re okay with it, I’d love to hang out with Les.” Davey looked back to Les, who was busy giving him puppy eyes. With a small sigh, Davey nodded. “Yeah, that’d be nice. Uh, you wanna, I dunno, exchange numbers? That way I can get ahold of you, y’know?” Jack nodded. “Of course. Just let me put my number in your phone, and you can put your number in mine.”

The two handed each other their phones, saving their numbers into their contacts. Jack said his goodbyes to both Les and Davey, saying he’d text Davey later about when he should visit, and giving Les a hug. Davey payed for his groceries and headed back out to the car. Les cleared his throat, trying to get Davey’s attention. “Sooo… You and Jack, huh?” he said, smirking up at his older brother. Davey glared back down at him, before looking away, a faint blush coating his cheeks. “I dunno what you’re talkin’ about, kid.” Les raised an eyebrow. “I saw the way you were lookin’ at him, Dave. Don’t pretend.” Davey scoffed, climbing into the driver’s seat. Les hopped into the passenger’s seat and turned on the radio. 

As Davey was pulling out of the parking lot, he heard Les whisper under his voice, “You’re welcome.”

Two bros of a feather

Dark angel! Mark and angel!Ethan. Not exactly romantic but I promise it’s still cute
Mark wasn’t really sure if Ethan slept.

As angels, it wasn’t as if it were necessary. Especially to a newbie like Eth, sleeping probably seemed like the most boring thing in the world. He hadn’t been on Earth long enough to learn how to value such a thing. A long, peaceful rest after a tiring day. Letting yourself drift off, out of consciousness, while the world fades away…

Well, regardless of whether Ethan slept or not, Mark, renowned dark angel, did.

And he did not appreciate being woken up by hyperactive blue-haired white-feathered angels in the middle of the night.

Waking with a start, Mark’s eyes flung open. Good use that was, with the room pitch black.

It wasn’t hard to tell what had woken him from his sleep, though. At the end of the bed, he could hear the rustle of wings and the squeaking of springs as a certain angel bounced up and down on the mattress. With the combination of the loud noise and rocking sensation, who would possibly be able to sleep through that?

Mark groaned, but sat up nonetheless. There was no use in pretending to still be asleep. Ethan would continue being persistent, as Mark had learned from previous experiences. Many previous experiences.

Taking in a white-wing, however adorable he may be, was proving to be a very taxing job.

“Have I told you how much I want to kill you?” The dark angel muttered, brushing back dark tangled locks from his forehead.

“I’m pretty sure you have,” Ethan responded simply, innocent smile no doubt plastered on that stupid face of his. He always had a cheery, innocent smile. It was infuriating.

“Why did you wake me up this time?” Mark asked with a yawn. His wings hurt slightly from falling asleep in a bad position, but he figured he’d be back to sleep in a few minutes anyways. No point worrying about his wings.

Instead of a vocal response, Mark just felt the bed dip further beneath his fellow angel. “You better not be about to ask what I think you are,” the older angel warned.

And yet, he went ahead.

“Can we go flying?” Ethan asked, like a little kid would ask for candy. His voice had a pleading tone to it.

Immediate groaning resulted from the other side of the bed. Ethan’s face drooped with disappointment. That was not a sound that meant anything close to yes.

“We went flying. All. Fucking. Day. Yesterday,” Mark growled, perhaps a little harsher than he’d intended. In his defense, he had just been woken up.

Ethan simply whimpered in response, inching closer on the bed until he was on top of Mark’s outstretched legs. This drew an eye roll from the dark angel. What was he, four hundred? Was this just how white wings acted, like children?

“No,” Mark said.


“No,” he repeated, this time crossing his arms. “My wings are sore and I’m tired. Go out on your own.”

The light angel got off of Mark’s leg, but still didn’t leave. Really tonight? Couldn’t Mark catch some beauty sleep for once?

Of course not. Ethan had curled up into a pouty ball and was obviously not leaving until he was acknowledged. Any second now and…there go the waterworks. Okay, maybe Mark was being a bit of an asshole. That’s not exactly something he could help doing.

He sighed, stretching out his pitch black wings and crawling over to Eth on the bed. “Stop crying,” he said softly, sounding only a little irritated. “I’m not,” Ethan snapped, burying his face in his knees. He sniffled loudly.

Mark let out another sigh, then reluctantly wrapped an arm around Ethan’s shoulders. He was pretty sure this counted as some form of emotional blackmail.

“Is it really that important to you?” Mark asked.

Ethan nodded. Of course flying was important to him. What the heck else was supposed to feel familiar in this place?

“Okay, fine then,” he grumbled, “You win. I’ll go.”

Ethan’s head shot up and he beamed at Mark, eyes glowing with happiness.

“Only for a little while, though, and then we’re coming back,” Mark quickly added. Despite this, he was still attacked with a hug that made his wings splay out in surprise.

Mark refrained from pulling back, instead wiping a tear from Eth’s chin. “It’s really not that big of a deal,” he informed the younger, eager to escape as he awkwardly patted his back.

“My brothers used to take me flying at night,” Ethan explained, only tightening his grip before finally letting go, “Back when I…Yeah. It means a lot to me.”

Mark gave him a small smile, unable to resist, then kissed the top of his head. He remembered missing his brothers. Centuries and centuries ago when he still remembered what having brothers was like. He missed them, despite his hatred for them at being cast down. That feeling, knowing you’ll never get to see your closest loved ones again…Mark didn’t want Ethan feeling it.

Besides, maybe Ethan wouldn’t miss his old brothers as much if he could find a new one right here on Earth.

Granted, Mark thought, most brothers have the same colored wings.

Seeing Ethan gazing up at him with those grateful, big blue eyes, Mark mentally added: Adopted brothers were still brothers.