gay as it get

Okay but Ophelia totally has gay shirts and Jules doesnt know that she not straight so Jules is like gotta get over this little crush bc it aint gonna happen, then O wears a shirt thats like “straight outta the closet” and Jules just kinda stops in her tracks and is like “oh”

i mean….its not just cishets. if ANYONE says they hate gay ppl and its not an actual gay person saying it (a trans lesbian saying she’s fed up w cis lesbians, a black gay man upset w white gay men’s racism etc.) it is. homophobia.

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I want to prove someone wrong.


#friendly reminder that alex danvers is not a case of ‘actually bisexual but the writers don’t know how to say it’ #friendly reminder that alex not wanting to be intimate with men in particular doesn’t make her ace #alex danvers is coming to terms with being a LESBIAN #she’s not just sapphic or a wlw she is a LESBIAN #so stop trying to erase that