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After fighting for 30 years, Taiwan’s gay rights crusader senses victory for marriage equality
In 1986 when Taiwan was under military rule, Chi Chia-wei came out publicly as gay and spent 162 days in prison.

Fascinating look at the life of Chi Chia-wei, whose case it was that led to the Taiwanese court declaring bans on same sex marriage unconstitutional. 

He’s been fighting for LGBTQ rights for 30 years. He was the first person to publicly come out in Taiwan in 1986, during a time when the country was under martial law. When he submitted a request for gay marriage to be recognized, he was imprisoned.

Still, through immense passion and dedication, Taiwan is immensely close to marriage equality. The public largely says yes, and now so too do the judges.

“I never tire,” Chi said. “Every morning when I wake up, it’s like my first day of doing this 30 years ago.”

On Good Friday 2017, someone chained a cross to the fence on Gay Street in NYC. 3 days later, they put it on Micah Latter’s gate- so she bought some Champagne, texted ‘we’re rainbow painting the cross’ to the neighbors, and over 50 people came to help. They also superglued the locks to keep the cross in place, because it 'belongs to the street now.’ Source Source 2

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it’s so cute how mylene was there to give inspiration to jackie and a chance to get his life back on track and in turn he’s been there for her and sheltered her in his gay haven… like thanks for portraying addicts as something else than worthless garbage and thanks for showing the gay scene as a place of love and not just a weird decadent place…. it’s so good how they were there for her, to lift her up… mylene cruz actual LGBT royalty…. elected by the people

my dream is to start an all-women (trans-inclusive of course) musical theatre company. it would be so cool to see women taking on traditionally male roles like jesus and phantom and fiyero and javert, and it would be so fun to take regular white-bread love stories and make them gay. i would especially love the super gay aspect of an all-lady musical theatre company, because there are so few lesbian/bi roles and they’re basically all belters. there is so little variety. i love belters like big alison, celie, and maureen, but i also want to see butch coloratura sopranos, and soft femme legit altos, and all that. i especially want to see trans wlw represented on the musical stage, because there are no roles for them in the standard repertoire. if i directed my own productions where all the characters were wlw, i could make those roles. i could take the tragically straight musicals i love and change them to reflect the amazingly varied wlw community i love so much. and that would be so amazing