gay actress

Children are too cute for words!

I was sitting in rehearsal talking with a friend about school and people and just life backstage and me and my friend ended up on the subject of sexuality. Me and her started talking about how a lot of our male friends are gay and a little nine year old boy in the cast overheard us and asked “Why are they gay?” So I kindly responded “They are gay because they like other people of the same gender as themselves.” And the little boy went “eww that’s gross.” My hopes dropped a little but I kept going “it’s just a way that people feel. You will learn to live with it.” And he said “but I don’t want that.. that’s gross” so I responded “Well you don’t have to like boys, you can like girls!” And his response was just. “Eww I don’t want either gender. I’m fine with what you like, but I don’t like others like that.”

I just thought that was the cutest thing ever and can we all just appreciate children who are completely oblivious to the hatred in this world?!?

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