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keith can’t swim but he’s super gay

i saw a post about lifeguard!lance and a keith that couldn’t swim (if you find it, link me and I’ll put it up) and this is the result

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Looking | Patrick’s Gay Storyline | Watch all 21 parts
Part 19 - openload | |
The movie pt. 1. Patrick comes back to San Francisco and 9 months have passed since he broke up with Kevin, old characters that appeared throught the series meet for a final party and Patrick has his eye on a new guy to have sex with.

Part 20 - openload | |
The movie pt. 2. While sharing a bed, Patrick and Dom have a heart to heart about their relationship and would’ve happened if they had carried on their date many years ago and the weed makes effect and Dom makes a move while Patrick meets with Kevin.

Part 21 - openload | |
Series Finale. The movie pt. 3. The end is here and on time for a wedding!!! A final celebration takes place and Patrick finale makes his choice: Is he willing to share and go with Kevin… is he gonna move to be with Richie… or will he risk his friendship and choose Dom?.


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so i hit 2k and i wanted to make a list of some of the beautiful accounts that you should all follow (as if you aren’t already) because they are all amazing and i legit love their content and everything so much! 

(also I’m a lazy shit so this isn’t alphabetical)

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