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6x08 episode ficlet

Sure - everyone else does happy schmoopy fic or wedding night smut, I write mourning that a certain really tall brother isn’t there.  In fairness, you shouldn’t be surprised. -Kasey

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He tries not to think about it, but sometimes he can’t help himself.  He can’t stop himself from watching for an extra tall head bobbing awkwardly out of time with the sea off-white tuxes, and for a second he swears he hears-

It’s dumb, he knows that. Dead people don’t sing harmony, just like they don’t suddenly reappear for weddings.  It’s not as though there’s such a thing as a good enough excuse to get a daypass from the afterlife.  He smirks to himself for a moment at his joke, imagining Finn filling out forms in his white tux, looking as intense as he used to when trying to finish his math homework so he could go over to Puck’s for a HALO tournament, but the thought just makes his chest ache more intensely.

Finn should be here. 

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LALALALALALA wasn’t it cute how Glee ended with Klaine getting married and having a big NYC wedding where Kurt got June to use her connections to get Katy Perry to surprise Blaine by performing at their reception?

And it was so sweet how Blaine asked Mike Chang to be his best man (much to Cooper’s dismay) while Kurt had his best bestie Mercedes by his side during the wedding.

Oh and I loved Burt’s toast and it was great finally meeting Blaine’s parents and it was especially nice to see Blaine speaking Tagalog with them and discussing how Kurt was going to come visit Blaine’s extended family in the Philippines.

And we can’t forget the OTT glam-fabulous one-of-a-kind designer tuxes both Kurt and Blaine wore to the wedding. Plus their custom made Tiffany wedding rings. And didn’t you cry when Blaine surprised Kurt during their first dance by wearing his own “gay braveheart” kilt as he asked, “Excuse me, may I have this dance?” because Blaine is older now and even braver than he once was and he wants Kurt to know how much Kurt’s courage has inspired him.

And weren’t you shocked when Sugar Motta showed up to the wedding (with her BFF Joe in tow) and as her wedding present she gave them an all-expense paid trip around the world for their honeymoon just because she thinks they’re both adorable and Sugar is awesome like that.

And everyone cried when Kurt and Blaine sang “Come What May” together, and cheered when Blaine joined Kurt on the “Single Ladies” dance. Also, Blaine sang “Thinking Out Loud” to Kurt and Kurt sang “Unconditionally” to Blaine, all the while with the Warblers (Wes, David, Trent, Nick, and Jeff) and the New Directions (season 3 version + the “original” newbies) singing back-up.  

And wasn’t it great how both Blaine and Kurt graduated from NYADA at the top of their respective classes and Kurt went on to become editor-in-chief at Vogue and also perform in a few critically acclaimed off-Broadway productions while Blaine went on to become an A-list movie star who starred in all of Artie’s Academy Award-Winning movies and even record some of the Grammy-winning soundtrack? (And also it was pretty cool when Rachel Berry won her first Tony for her role in Funny Girl and the first person she thanked was Kurt Hummel for being her inspiration and friend even when she was totally awful to him and from then on she was significantly nicer to him and never took him for granted ever again.)

Also Kurt and Blaine had kids and they never fought about anything ever again except for who loved the other more and which one of them needed to take little Hepburn and Tracy to ballet and piano class and who was going to get the snacks for their pee-wee soccer games. (They had long since hashed out all of their issues, Blaine regained his confidence, Kurt became a better listener, and they both became better communicators.)

And most importantly, nobody every set foot in McKinley High ever again and they all lived happily ever after. The end.

alltherattlesnakes replied to your post: omg “Fruity Fonzie” I had no idea where that was…

Fonzie though. That is a pretty apt nick name. I bet if Blaine hit a jukebox it would start playing.

Oh Fonzie is totally spot on, but I am just S O  D O N E with the jokes about Kurt and Blaine like, “Haha you’re totally like this thing except GAY, RIGHT TROLOL?”



Fic: Surface Tension (2/5)

Words: 4000 this chapter, 20,000 total

Summary: Kurt, a graduated junior from Lima, Ohio, is looking forward to just being part of the crowd at an arts based overnight camp in the Catskills - as far from Lima and as close to New York as he can get himself at age 17. It’s perfect - Everyone dances and sings and comes from places that are distinctly not Lima. He can blend in without being ‘the gay kid’. Sexuality irrelevant. Finally.

And it’s blissful, it is. Until he meets the laughably cocky head of canoe staff, Blaine Anderson. Camp veteran, athlete by day, performer by night, every camper’s crush, every staff’s confidante. He’s only Kurt’s age, but he’s in charge of his section. And also, it seems, is proudly, non-chalantly, and totally, a perfect gold star gay. The out-est boy he has ever met. He is infuriating.

Notes: This fic is complete. I will be publishing one chapter every other day for 10 days.

A huge thank you to my beta, the wonderful buckeyegrrl, for the excellent editing and absolutely gorgeous cover art that captures the setting of this fic so perfectly. Thank you!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Blaine is true to his word. 

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