So today I realised something -
These skittles are cool, sure. But let me get needlessly deep a sec.
I always thought I didn’t like the yellow skittles, or the orange ones. So if I saw them in the pack I’d leave them or give them to someone else.
And today I’m munching on these white Skittles thinking “oh no I’m going to come across a yellow one any minute” and you know what? I must have come across a yellow one by now because almost the whole pack is gone. But you know what else? I’ve enjoyed every flavour I’ve put in my mouth this morning. I just think skittles have summed up the way things like homophobia work. They see the label, the ‘colour’ and think “wow, better stay away”, but if you take that away, chances are they’d enjoy the different flavours all the same.
Back to your regularly scheduled poetry soon everyone !!

Things to remember this Pride Month

This pride month, remember those of us who have not lived to see this day

Remember that we lost nearly an entire generation of queer people due to the AIDS crisis

Remember those who died before their country decriminalized homosexuality 

Remember those who sacrificed themselves for the next generation of queer people

Remember that the first pride was a riot 

Remember that this year, pride may feel like a party and it may be a lot of fun –and it should be! – but it was not always like that. It is with great sacrifice and great struggle that today we are safe enough to celebrate

Remember that there are places around the world today where it is illegal on pain of death to be LGBT

Remember that our brethren is being tortured in Chechnya 

Remember that gay marriage is not the only thing we are fighting for 

Happy Pride Month