God it makes me so fucking mad when things that I stand for and things that I believe in like LGBTQ rights or black lives matter or abortion even are labeled as politics or a liberal pov because NO it’s literally just human rights, like if I say “black people should not be viewed as threats just because of their skin color” and you say “i don’t want to talk about politics” just like ??? Did I mention politics?? 

If you get offended when I don’t want to listen to your point of view, it’s because your point of view is invaliding someone’s existence. If you’ve been told again and again that your views are derogatory and hurtful, maybe instead of complaining, you should rethink your viewpoint.  

Vanya: *is played by Ellen Page*

Vanya: *dresses like this in season 1*


Vanya: *dresses like this in season 2*


Vanya: *kills her first boyfriend*

Me: Okay, I’m sorry, but there is no way this girl is straight

can we stop reinforcing traditional gender roles in the lgbtq+ community? not every girl who dresses traditionally “masculine” is a lesbian, and if she is, that does not mean that she is a top. by assuming this, you are reinforcing the gender roles and misogyny that is placed upon women in our society. and not every traditionally “feminine” girl is straight, or a bottom. also, “feminine” presenting men do not have to be gay. straight men can dress more “feminine” too, please stop upholding toxic masculinity. this is disgusting. 


it’s juneteenth so I bought myself flowers,

to honor my ancestors,

to smell the sweetness of liberation,

to flourish and be gay (happy or homo),

to defeat super exploitation,

flowers singing with the taste of nectar & tangerines,

today it is juneteenth and I bought myself flowers.

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