“I stargaze as
a strawberry crescent bouquet
blossoms within my palm
wistfully weeping,

for your love was never parallel
to mine, as mine curved
between petal from root
to stem, stumbling-
‘til I gave my heart
to you artlessly,

while yours never reached
the same depth,
but rather rose while I

-Couragous Dreamer

I drew Sophie today! I thought it’d be nice to put her in since she is the heroine of the series. Another snowy scenery and a somewhat hesitant/determined look on her face (or at least I tried to). I tried to draw her a little more closely to the ones on the cover and I hope it doesn’t look too far off. Maybe I’ll do Biana some time soon since she is in the cover as well!!

*Okay, off to do something else*

Yuuri is actually, technically, adept

I’m sure that we’re all still at the height of celebrating canon Victuuri - thank God for that! Just wanted to bring everyone back to the start of this wonderful journey: Yuuri skating to Victor’s program.

Most of us were just barely introduced into the figure skating world so I just wanted to highlight the truly difficult, technical jumps that Yuuri successfully executed during this performance:

  • Quadruple Lutz
  • Quadruple Flip

courtesy of Wikipedia

It’s safe to say that he performed the program perfectly as well, give Yuuko’s (and Victor’s) reaction. Granted, he wasn’t under a lot of pressure at the time but imagine Yuuri at his finest!

I reiterate, he is probably fully capable of making these difficult jumps but he just lacks confidence during actual performances. The surprise from his free program is that he executed a quad flip at the very end, which Victor himself has never attempted. Gawsh Yuuri! Your stamina is just!

Edit: Also, it was supposed to be a quad toeloop but you get the gist.

Now that must be a load of useless info lol! But I am really REALLY looking forward to the pinnacle of his free program - with way less audience cuts (Victor notwithstanding)! I am sure it’ll be absolutely stunning!

Yuuri’s fav appears to be triple axel so maybe it’ll evolve into a quad axel lol! Though I prefer the sentimentality of the quad flip, so sue me.

Perks of being a Hey!Say!JUMP fan.

1. You get to love members that are either too short or too tall.

2. You get to see their perfectly synced dances and choreography. It’s kinda creepy sometimes,,, of how synced they are…

3. You get to say “aw” and “oh my gawsh” every so often on how cute their member-ai is.

4. You are probably surprised how Inoo-chan has been doing recently…

5. You get to memorize and sing “Viva! 9′s Soul” with all your heart. 

6. You get to watch awesome making clips of new music videos. 

7. You look forward to Wednesdays to see whether new “Itadaki High Jump” video is uploaded.

8. You get to understand why Yama-chan is very girly inside. 

9. You get to hear their songs that are written AND composed by the members themselves.

10. You get to love a group that you never get tired of. 

millin21  asked:

I agree, strawberries are really nice. I mean, I like apples and oranges, they're nice... but strawberries are just so... oh mah gawsh. (Especially chocolate dipped ones. Mmmmm~!)

Chocolate dipped!


anonymous asked:

Found out I was a lesbian at summer camp in my impressionable teen years. There was this cutie, identified as a girl back then but now they're out as nb. Anyway from the moment I saw their face I was. SMITTEN. Like, brown eyes with little amber flecks like STARS. Short hair. I was like, oh meh gawsh this is NOT an axe body spray middle school boy. The crushes I had in the past were so inconsequential.. But!! Someone with a soul as wild as the ocean! Mesmerizing. We're still friends! :D

omg summer camp, that’s cute!!