I did a bunch of Jessica Jones illustrations for Gawker and Netflix! Check it out on Jezebel! Big thanks to Patrick, Justin, and Jacob at Gawker Media.

Full disclosure: I haven’t actually watched the show yet. Everyone seems to really like it, so I guess I kind of have to now. 

I don’t not like the colored versions of these, but I really enjoyed them just as ink drawings (as usual). 

Gawker wrote a piece today wondering if Jeb Bush has worn the same sweater four days in a row since he’s been photographed in it at several different events over the past few days. So, Jeb Bush e-mailed Gawker to answer their question, and it kind of makes me like him more (“I am the proud owner of four sweaters. And I have the best tax plan.”)
Gawker Source Praises Breitbart Tech's Integrity
The dominant narrative in the media has been that these pages are fake, set up by racist trolls who don't attend the colleges they claim to attend. Following Breitbart Tech's story, however, even Gawker is reexamining their story.

People have no trust in Gawker and they’re forced to report on it.

This is sublime.
Idealists Won't Vote for Idealistic Candidate Because He Can't Win Because They Won't Vote For Him
Today, American voters can finally head to the polls to exercise their hallowed democratic right: the right to actively participate in destroying their own dreams of a better country.
By Hamilton Nolan

“"Bernie Sanders can’t win, too bad,“ say idealist voters who will cause that very thing to happen.”

Gawker with these killer lines

Angry Militia Leader: Stop Mailing Us Dildos” 

“ No one ever said it’s easy to take a stand against the federal government: it’scold, there aren’t enough snacks, everyone is pissy, and a bunch of strangers won’t stop sending you hate mail and dicks.”

People are sending the terrorists occupying my state dildos, penis-shaped candy, and hate mail. While they plan on reselling the dildos on ebay, if you have the money to spare, I encourage sending glitter, hate mail, sequins, etc, to these assholes.

So this happened. To a Montrealer, but at New York restaurant Le Bernardin. Hopefully someone at Gawker will stop reporting on the snowstorm long enough to cover it because, just, HELL NO.

And if you don’t understand why this was totally inappropriate – for a restaurant to send a ‘Congrats’ cake to a pregnant woman during a business lunch, unsolicited – we can’t help you. Maybe just Google Amercia + parental leave + unpaid parental leave + motherhood penalty + wage gap + structural sexism + lean in + networking for women + miss manners + miscarriage + postnatal + baby weight + bad ideas.

In the words of the woman who posted this, ‘Thanks for calling attention to my professional handicap. And… congratulations on being pregnant?’

  • Picked up this story from MARY LATTIMORE’s Facebook page, which links to this story by Hamilton Nolan: "At Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, more than 800 nurses are voting tonight [1/20/16] on whether to unionize. The company’s shocking plan to stop them: old cookies.Yes—old reused cookies.We are able to bring you word of this horrifying instance of anti-labor dessert news thanks to a tip from a labor organizer helping the Pennsylvania Association of Allied Nurses and Professionals, the union that is leading the organizing drive at the hospital.”  The cookies had been iced over with the anti-union message, having not been eaten at some other hospital’s previous event. Hamilton Nolan again“It will take more than a nasty old reused cookie to break this union — sir.”

You know what’s funny? On one side of the Gawker spectrum there’s writers defying court orders to show a leaked sex tape, bragging about committing domestic abuse, outing gay/bisexual people and practically encouraging readers to break into people’s houses and steal their guns. 

And on the other end we have Kotaku, the site where they whine about not getting free video games and people spoiling Star Wars.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kotaku staff legit gets bullied by the other Gawker employees.