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How do you feel about English as a language? Do you think its easy to learn? Dense? Flat and gawdy? Superior? Its interesting to hear this from a non native speaker and translator

Very interesting, isn’t it? I love hearing people trying to word how they feel about the different languages they learn and speak. The images they use. I like to attribute elements, sounds or smells to the languages I love; it grounds them in the reality they create.

I am very aware of the contrast between French and English—the gap between my French and English voices, literally and literarily. English to me is younger, smoother, suppler. There are ways to twist it, to build upon it, to create vacuums, voids, mysteries; a myriad of alarming (exhilarating) nuances. Something ambiguous and pliable and aquatic. Absolutely that. Aquatic.

Learning English to the point of being able to express myself satisfactorily has made me more fearful, more wary of using French when I write creatively, because I feel bound by it, somehow, despite my (much) better knowledge of it, a captive of its rigid boundaries; and my conscious and unconscious efforts to always make marble-French more liquid hampers my very use of it. English and its savage vagueness have taught me to dare French neologisms, to suppress punctuation, to linger on verbal obscurities for the sake of fluidity and ambivalence; opening meaning as it is often opened in English.

I don’t find English difficult to learn, but I am aware that, somehow, my initial, innate, intellectual ease with English, my linguistic appeal to English have lead me to learn it steadily and in the way that was right for my mind. Reading, mostly. Writing, a little. Learning convoluted grammar and old-fashioned vocabulary in antiquated fictions. Striking my fancy is always a sure way to make me a keen student.

What I want on my dash:

Some people are so horrible or tacky that they must be followed! I’m new to this, but I want to collect some of the most

  • Trashy
  • Gawdy
  • Hood rat
  • Chola
  • Ratchet
  • Way too shiny
  • Rich white girl
  • Glittery

shit I can find in between my pictures of Vintage Black Glamour, b&w pictures of pop culture in the 60’s and weird ass pictures of major historical figures. I’m a well rounded mother fucker. What can I say?

some of my favorite 80′s idol stages

I’ve posted all of these on my blog before, but I wanted to post the videos like this so people would actually watch them!

this performance of “Hitomi wa Diamond” is one of my personal favorites. the silver confetti is just… WOW… so beautiful and wintery!

another honorable mention as far as Seiko stages go is this super ridiculous underwater stage they did for “Natsu no Tobira”

I frickin’ LOVE this gawdy space station they made for Yukiko’s song “Kuchibiru Network”! the first time I saw it, I was impressed with all the moving parts and sculptures they made just for this performance. plus I love seeing her smile around the ~1:00 mark when the robots are both ramming into her legs haha

this whole stage is such a CONCEPT… I can’t believe they made her an entire heckin’ JAZZ CLUB for this performance! it’s a little bit of a bummer that you can see the cameraman in some of the shots but Akina more than makes up for it with the close-ups she gave him haha

I also REALLY love the sunken ship stage of “Nanpasen” I posted recently (skip to 3:00)! there was a really neat neon light stage for “LIAR” I posted a while ago too but the video is gone :(

I also came across this video completely by accident and was totally blown away that they built Minayo an entire house, a backyard, AND gave her fake snow???? this is the pretty much the pinnacle of 80′s excess in my opinion lmfao

other than a couple of other videos that’ve been deleted, those are the ones I could think of just off the top of my head! anybody else have favorite stages they want to share? :)

Boys on Film

A/N - Another random original fic, another awful title that doesn’t really reflect the story at all! So yeeeeeah, this was yet another product of an insanely self-indulgent idea I had, that my lovely pals @mandywritesrtthings and @howmanypointsisthatdick both encouraged me to actually write after I spilled the beans to them. So hopefully someone enjoys this long ass fic! Oh, and just to be 100% clear, the ex-wife and kids mentioned in this fic are NOT Ryan’s IRL wife and kids - they’re fictional because I just wanted Single Dad! Ryan working part-time as model. And I never really mentioned them in detail here, so if you wanna headcanon that Ryan’s ex-wife is a lizard creature and their kids are humanoid-lizard hybrids, be my guest!

Pairing - Ryan x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex - kiiiiiiinky-ish sex…

Word Count - 6, 782

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Crimson Market Headcannons

- Even after they get off the isle and start working in Auradon, Harry still goes back to the isle to give tattoos.

- He actually has a storefront shop that he bought. He has someone there working to take appointments and talk back and forth with him at all times.

- Harry is booked out for almost a year because so many people in Auradon and the Isle want his tattoos. 

- Most of the HK’s and VK’s have at LEAST one tattoo by Harry now.

- Belle and Beast were the first parents that Harry tattooed. 

- He often gets invited to various parties and balls because he’s become so popular. He doesn’t attend most of the time, but when he does, he always brings his gun because someone always asks for a tattoo. 

- He usually only does small stick ‘n poke style tattoos at these parties though to save time.

- Harry pretty much always has his gun on him. It’s got a nice spot on his belt next to where his hook hangs.

- His pirate hat has also started collecting random needles that he uses for stick ‘n poke tattoos. He’ll find a new one and just stick it into the fabric like a hat pin.

- FG does finally find out after graduation that Harry was the one tattooing people. Being the drama queen he is, he made a big spectacle at the graduation party. With the help of the VK’s and Jane, he set up a huge, gawdy and red booth in the gym with a banner that said CRIMSON MARKET on it.

- FG was not amused and she scolded him for nearly two hours, even as he put his booth to use and started tattooing people.

- Jane actually ended up convincing her mom to get matching tattoos with her towards the end of the party. They now have little fairy wands on their arms.

- Harry also has a room on the Lost Revenge specifically for his business. When they dock at various places throughout Auradon, he uses it as his tattoo shop to fullfill appointments.

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At least Dorn hasn’t forced her into that gawdy shade of yellow he so adores. That piss color hurts to look at and not just because I’m Nostraman.

(I’m not even sure what to say mun is in an amused shock.)
“Come now, yellow isn’t that bad a color. And piss yellow is far lighter…

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I always felt Las Vegas was a good embodiment of Set. The desert, the gawdiness of the Strip, the general craziness and chaotic nature, both in weather, and in the untamed nature of Vegas. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".

To me, if we’re going to compare LV to Set, it’s the juxtaposition of the Strip in comparison to everything else that is LV valley (LVV).

On one hand, you’ve got a small (in comparison to the entirety of LV and LVV) section of LV that is well well well known. It’s gaudy, its bright, it’s what everyone comes to LV to see. It’s the bright garrish exterior that he portrays to everyone. Filled with shiny things and distraction.

Get off the Strip, though, and LVV is a very different place. Sure, there are still elements of the Strip. You’ve still got casinos, booze, escort services, overpriced knicknacks, etc. But the rest of LVV is very much not what the Strip is like. It’s quiet. It’s run down. It’s like any old small town you’ve ever lived in. If it wasn’t for the Strip, I’d argue that there is very little of note for the rest of LVV (point in case: when is the last time you heard about Henderson being The Place to be???? do you guys even known Summerlin exists???)

When you push back behind his gaudy exterior, you tend to find a very different person. And I think that in that respect, the comparison works really well. Because Set likes to appear like he is only the Strip and nothing but the Strip, and those attributes are his most well known. But the truth is that the larger part of him is actually what isn’t on the Strip. And those parts aren’t always pretty or nice to look at.

And so few ppl ever wander off of LV Blvd – metaphorically and literally.

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Okay, this look longer than it should have to come up with, but... Jeremy coming home in full Rimmy Tim regalia, playing out his GTA character and trying to smooth talk the Reader, which turns into some very orange-and-purple sex.

A/N - Oh, Mandy darling - your prompts never fail to be amazing! This was a goddamn good one and a great way to not only start off this batch of prompts, but also start off this…insane little weekend that I have planned. Because yeah, this is officially now my Jeremy Dresses Up as Random Characters in Smut Fics weekend! Starting with this one to commemorate the loss of Jeremy’s purple-and-orange hair, and ending tomorrow with that fic I talked about featuring the Newly Bald Jeremy. Avast all hope ye who enter, folks - these are some goofy, gratuitious-ass fics, yo. So yeah, thank you so much for your prompt, love, this was a blast to write! Especially thanks to the, ahem, additional details that Mandy here was kind enough to ask that I include in the smut ;P Enjoy, sweetheart!

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex, Jeremy being such a goddamn goofball dressing up as his alter ego WHAT THE FUCK

Word Count - 3, 270

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i talk about how much mcgonagall loved the marauders all the time but also i’d like to point out that mcgonagall loved james and lily to death. like, i don’t doubt that she would have died for either of them. she would never admit it, but throughout their years at hogwarts, she found their bantering and arguing endearing and she could see something beneath the harsh (albeit empty) words that a young lily evans spewed and the gawdy declarations of love by fourteen year old james potter. she was the only teacher who didn’t bet on when the two would get together, not because she was morally opposed to it and wanted to show the two respect (thought that was partly a factor) but because she would have sworn on her favorite pair of velvet robes that the two would fall in love one day, and she didn’t need some bet to prove it. when they were heads together, mcgonagall absolutely loved watching them learn to work together and watching them realize their chemistry and fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. she was the one to tell the two about the order of the phoenix because the amount of trust and respect she had for them was insurmountable. she was almost overwhelmed with pride when they both accepted without hesitation. she got teary eyed when she received the wedding invitation. she cried when they promised to be each other’s forever on the altar and she cried even harder when they shared their first dance because there was lily evans (now potter), with her long red hair flowing behind her, her dress white and bright against her pale skin, looking as if she was floating through a dream, and there was james potter, his hair as endearingly mussed as ever, his eyes sparkling with the light of a thousand stars, the sheer amount of love on his face overwhelming. she sends a little knitted jumper and a baby book with little interactive spell simulations when they announce the birth of their son, harry james potter. when she comes to visit him, she’s blown away by how the special this young child will be. not because he might be the baby of the prophecy, but because he is a beautiful mix of lily and james potter and how could he not be special, with parents like those? and when she hears the rumors, she can hardly believe it. her ears ring. her head spins. and she’s at privet drive before she can even think, because she knows this is where dumbledore will be, and her back is stiff from sitting in that damned position as a damned cat for hours upon end but she needs to hear it from albus, needs to know if it’s true. and then he confirms it, and it feels as if the ground is collapsing around her. because lily and james potter are gone. lily evans, who came into her class one day as a second year and asked for pointers on a spell and stayed for three hours until she perfected it. james potter, who handed her the quidditch cup when gryffindor won in his seventh year and said “this is for you.” james and lily potter, who she watched grow up and fall in love. she goes home after albus drops harry off on the doorstep (harry, just a child, and the injustice of it all makes her want to scream) and cries on the couch. the tears, hot, angry, are a foreign, almost forgotten feeling. but she lets them fall for lily and james potter. and then, ten years later, she finds young harry potter in the crowd of first years waiting to be sorted, looking as if he might be sick, and her gaze lingers for just a moment. and she vows to herself, in that moment, that she will protect this boy with her life. and he will grow up to be just as special and caring and full of life as his parents.

fashion eras + zodiac

ARIES // 2000s

While the beginning of the 2000s was marked with Y2K(year 2000) futuristic fashions, the mesh of styles of the previous decade pre-cursed the fashion revivals of the 2000s almost perfectly. Throughout the new millennium modernized revivals of the 60s, 80s, and specific parts of other eras littered the ever chaotic fashion scene, making the versatility and impulsiveness of this technology ridden era a very Aries thing to do.

TAURUS // 1970s

While reveling in the aftershocks of the 1960s, most of the fashion choices in the early 70s were a reflection of the hippie subculture, but by the end of the revolutionary fashion era colors had become muddied with earthen hues and looser, more relaxed fits. The smooth movements, push for more natural beauty, and newfound sexual prowess discovered in this era are telltale qualities of a Taurus.

GEMINI // 1920s

The change of the 1920s fashion scene from all previous years was a very drastic one. A sense of lightness, wealth, and effervescence was brought to women’s clothing, creating a subculture titled flappers. In fact this revolution in fashion still dominates the fashion scene today. It seems this era brought a sense of life and fun in comparison to the grittiness the era held; this show of duality is unique to Gemini.

CANCER // 1990s

After the almost too vibrant antics of the 80s, the 90s fully rejected the obnoxiousness of the previous decade and turned it into something new. By 1993, there absolutely was no trace of the 80s, but instead styles like grunge, minimalism, hip hop, and glamor fashion had taken hold. This sensitivity to the previous decade and craving for originality is very Cancer.

LEO // 1980s

Materialism took this era by storm. Everything was bigger and brighter: hair, fashion, music, etc. Flashy jewelry, neon colors, power dressing, and brand names were never as important as they were during this era. All of the 10 years was a mixture fast-tracked people, look-at-me attitudes, massive egos, and brilliant energy; all describers usually associated with Leos.

VIRGO // 1930s

Due to the Great Depression, most fashions were very, very modest and handmade. Despite this, the 30s also marked the beginning of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Glamor still remained, however limited to those of wealth and the motion picture industry. Nothing was gawdy in this era, even the starlets had neat hair and simple, gorgeous flowing dresses. The cleanliness, meticulousness, and beautiful simplicity of this era equates well into the Virgo personality.

LIBRA // mid-late 1950s

As shown by the sales, the earliest years of the 1950s was a fashion slump, but it didn’t take long for fashion to return full force. The industry snapped back to a more elegant and classy standpoint. These years began more personalized options for clothing choices amongst women, ex. Coco Chanel’s suit, the poodle skirt, the sack dress, etc. time fashion was varying, options were becoming an actual possibility. The TV industry boomed in this decade, leading to a sense of elegance and romance that play perfectly into a Libra spirit.

SCORPIO // 1980s punk

In response to the 1980s spike in brand name and commercialism, the American punk was born. This subculture didn’t just touch fashion, but hairstyles also spoke of their disscontempt with the mainstream 80s scene. This patchwork grouping kept together by safety pins, bravery, and band memorabilia embodies the independence and tendency for resentment of the SCORPIO folk.

SAGITTARIUS // 1970s disco

It didn’t take long for the vibrancy of the hippie style to be assimilated back into mainstream culture. While all of the rebellious intentions of the bright clothing died out, people were still left with the colorful fun. Tube tops, wrap dresses, and other infamous pieces brought these colors from the outdated 60s and into the evergrowing 70s, forcing a whole new sense of Sagittarius-esque freedom towards another generation.

CAPRICORN // 1940s

The length and flow of the 1930s didn’t show much in the styles found in the 1940s. The outfits of this time period had a more modern flare. While,during WWII things took a change and women had to work in factories, while men were at war, this period still managed to change things for women and women’s fashion. This, along with the sharp lines and bold colors of the post-war fashion scene, speaks volumes of CAPRICORN’s tenacity and undying ambition.

AQUARIUS // 1960s

The 60s proved to be even more radical in its changes than the years that proceeded it. As wars struck, the children rebelled and countercultures were born in bulk. It was in this era that youth found its voice and showed the nation its independence and relentlessness, shown not just in their words, but the boldness of their beauty standards and clothing. This is something that is without a doubt a very AQUARIAN trait.

PISCES // 2010s

The ever-increasing amount of technology in this era has allowed for a more easily accessible approach to fashion, making pinpointing a certain style that defines the unfinished era difficult. Through the internet, the increase of online stores/e-commerce, and the blossoming strength of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made finding your unique style easier than ever before. This sense of individuality and idealism is a very obvious part of the Pisces lifestyle.

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Hello! I was interested in possibly working with Set, (I currently work with Yinepu), and was curious as to what he liked? Thanks! :D

omg Big Red.

Anything gawdy and shiny and dick laden. Yep. He likes balls and is associated with iron and the adze and the was. So any of those.

Anything red or gold. I’ve heard good things about alcohol and meats. Lettuce and ranch is a sure fire win, and I’ve had good success with dark, rich chocolate. Anything expensive or expensive looking.

Did I mention gaudy? like bling bling rhinestone grill gaudy?

For more resources:

Soulmate AU - 2P!China

AU: Everyone is born colourblind and the issue is fixed after meeting their soulmate

China couldn’t remember the last time he fought over the colour of carrots. He was fairly sure they were purple with red leaves, though the other party was quick to disagree, stating that they were in fact blue with black leaves. In a fit of rage, China had grabbed the bag of carrots, ready to prove his point by walking out on the street and asking people.

It was after the third pedestrian that China finally decided that maybe he was actually wrong, and now carrots could also be pink with yellow leaves. Turning the corner to return back home, China stared, eyes wide and jaw slowly dropping as the clothes of the stranger in front of him turned from a contrasting blue and red to a gawdy bright pink and lime green in the blink of an eye.

China made a discovery that day: carrots are actually orange with green leaves.

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Verses battle thing ( ask-tribune-ra)

Battle intro: The Emperor’s finest, cast in the image of Himself. You make me sick.

Victory: I see father is no better at building his slaves.

Defeat: What monsters has father created now?

Taunt: I don’t know which is worse. Your gawdy armor, or the fact that in Father’s palace it’s as good as camouflage.

Reacting to Taunt: Killing you is almost unfair. Not that I care.

Tie: I’ll end you and your false emperor one night.

Perfect Victory: Perhaps if that armor was more useful and less ceremonial, you’d be alive.

Final Finisher: Death to the false emperor.

- - TAG QUOTES - - 
Assist: Go blind them with your armor, we’ll catch them off guard.

Your muse down during Assist: Pathetic. Get up.

Using item on your muse: You are supposed to have the finest equipment in the Imperium. Stop mooching off of me.

Healing/Buffing your muse: Father sure knows how to build them tough.

Tag Team Special: Your armor is hurting my eyes. Go. Be somewhere else.

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Not going to lie, I actually was legitimately interested in the Big Mouth show, because it had a lot of comedians that I'm huge of, but if the gawdy animation and stale humor didn't kill it off for me, that clip of a girl Talking to her Vagina officially killed off any interest I had in the show .

There’s some legitimately talented people in the voice acting range and it’s bizarre because so many of them having genuinely clever stand-up/ writing skills but it’s like they either need an easy paycheck or are just doing this as a favor to Nick Kroll but holy shit how did Netflix think a show about 12 year olds talking about jacking off or showing them having their periods would be a good idea?

I’m tired of every middle aged comedy dude who’s obsessed with their dick getting a movie/show about it