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While it might be possible that Oliver simply dreams Felicity saying the "I don't want to be a woman you love" line, I think the fandom should prepare that it's most likely that Felicity is going to say it directly to Oliver when they are both awake. It's going to hurt more that way, and there is nothing the Arrow writers love more than inflicting pain on their characters and us.

Oh god Nonnie that is going to hurt like a bitch!! But I completely agree. I just don’t know if I can handle that happening in reality. IT’S TOO PAINFUL TO EVEN IMAGINE!!

My mind probably came up with the idea that it would happen in a dream because I’m trying to save myself by thinking of a slightly less painful scenario… which, let’s face it, probably isn’t going to happen because like you said THE GODDAMN WRITERS LOVE INFLICTING PAIN ON US.

Sims problems

when u download a bunch of new stuff get an error , freak out  make a back up to do a reset then add the folders back one at a time, start the game to make sure it works , start adding the new stuff again  one at a time to find out….it was 1 friggin wallpaper mod. And yet u wont learn ur lesson n continue to put 1 mod in at a time start the game close it n repeat no….

until we meet again error….

Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe

Someone please tell me that this isn’t the type of music considered standard or popular.  I’m begging you, world.  I just sat through the video for this, curious after hearing some of the very confusing lyrics, and genuinely feel like the video was an attempt to rot my brain.  If this is considered mainstream, I think I understand why there was so many tweets asking “whose paul mcartney?” when he appeared at the whatever music award show that I don’t even watch because modern music tends to not be my cup of tea.

All I could take from the video of Stupid Hoe was that Nicki Minaj, like most “musicians” today, thinks she is amazing and feels a need to brag about that.  In the process, also calling some unknown individual an unintelligent slut.  Is there backstory behind that?  Seriously.  Unless she was calling herself a dimwitted whore, I don’t know any parties that could be given such a label.  The video itself…was she supposed to look attractive?  Or was she trying to be shocking?  Perhaps she watched a lot of anime or something?  I honestly can’t tell what the director had in mind, and I can only hope that Minaj didn’t direct it herself, instead just answering yes or no to options given to her.  At least then she’d look like less of a knuckle-dragging harlot.

When watching it I wondered if this is watch a Japanese individual would compare to how Americans view PONPONPON.  Thus I subjugated (probably word misuse) myself to that video again.  Honestly I can’t dare compare those because at least PONPONPON sounds fun and lighthearted.  Even the video just looks like a girl trying to have fun…with access to a green screen and special effects that no intelligent being (subjective term) would expect to ever be programmed.  The PONPONPON video genuinely made me feel better.  I wish I knew why.

So yeah…the fact that I just typed this is kinda sad.  I’m gonna go pick up my friends and go to the mall now I guess.  This is entirely irrelevant but the three people who follow me and might give a fuck where I am will hopefully read this.