gawd this is so adorable

are you ever just watching a show and and you get annoyed when your ship isn’t on screen and you’re just like ‘ugh i don’t care about your problems and i just want to believe that love is real and adorable, gawd is that so bad’

because that’s me every time i watch any show that has any ship

avoyagetoarcturus  asked:

Headcanons for the female archers/soldiers in Tauriel's corps (doesn't have to be romantic)


-Girl Love all the way.
-No rivalries
-No hatefulness
-Just pure, sweet girls understanding and taking care each other (I’m a fan of this because we need more girl love in the world.)
-You need an extra dagger? I gotchu.
-The younger ones looking up to Tauriel and crushing on her- not Legolas. (He’s beautiful don’t shoot me. He gets enough love, we can all agree.)
-All of the ladies of the guard having archery competitions and it can get really intense but at the end of the day they all love each other.
-Non-warrior elves getting lessons by warrior elves
-Braiding back each other’s hair for battle. (Oh my gawd 😭)
-If Tauriel fell for one of them it would be so adorable because she just doesn’t know how to approach it?
-Tauriel complimenting the other girls daggers and she blushes
-Them matching dresses to festivals or hunting outfits
-Bows as gifts
-Intense archery competions
-If Thranduil’s a jerk to Tauriel and she’s sad her s/o would comfort her
-Okay but let’s not bash things that are considered a ‘woman’s job’ because without those things no one would have clothes, a clean house, or food. So Tauriel would make her s/o so beautiful stitched leggings or tunics
-Awesome lunches
-Who made those little apple desserts for the guard? A stacked male elf because he loves to cook.
-Just yes. Girl romance and girl friendship love.

I may have gotten a little carried away but I just have a lot of feels about this situation. Idk care what anyone thinks, Tauriel is amazing and I look up to her which is what she was made for so hmph! ❤❤❤


Obviously I’m an avid dog lover. And while I’m busy with commission art and therefore can’t provide you with more Undertale, you’ll have to bear with me shoving my favourite dogs onto your dashboard. Huskies.

Ever since 2009 my hometown hosts a little sled dog race in late October or early November and it’s my favourite weekend of the year. Admittedly, I’m not that interested in the race itself (or the overly prominent Eurohounds), but into taking photos of all the individual, unusual looking working-type huskies that are beautiful and incredibly lovely and happy (and very cuddly).

If you’re interested in seeing more, just tell me. This is only a very small selection of my favourite photos from this year. If you’re not interested in seeing my photography in gerneral, “khalliysgraphy” is the tag you want to blacklist, though.

Random Thoughts on SakuJuriRena

Because I love JuriSaku a lot now (sorry JR) and I love me some love triangle action because of potential angst and drama 😋


My headcanons of them be like:

Example - Living room scenario

J: *from a short distance away* You’re so cute Rena-chan~
R:… *grabs a pillow to cover her face*
J: *goes closer to check Rena’s expression with a cheshire smile on her face* Rena-chan~?
R: *trying to hide her flustered face* G-Go away you flirty idiot!!
J: / (  ̄▽ ̄) / ~~~

J: *from a short distance away* You’re so cute Sakura~
S: *blushes* A-Ah no I don’t think I am but umm…
J: *scoots closer to Sakura* Hmm~?
S: Ju… *trying to look away from Jurina, fiddling with her thumbs shyly* Jurina-san… is a whole lot cuter than I am……
J: (///_ ///) (Oh my gawd why is she so adorable?)
S: Umm.. *hesitantly reaches out to pat Jurina’s shoulder* Ju… rina-sa–
J: *suddenly snaps out of it, places both hands on Sakura’s shoulder and she makes a small yelp* I’ll protect you no matter what, Sakura…! No one will lay a finger on my personal precious cinnamon roll! (///ω///) /
S: *confused* O-Oh… o… kay?

~Dancing with the ones you love~

Seriously this won’t end. I’m pretty darn sure that I love this episode too much…. ANYWAY discord said to pinkie “Got to be ready to do alot of dancing tonight!” and though we didn’t get it, here is what we hoped for. I guess I might have to draw a Dislestia pairing of them dancing at the gala… BUT I will have to think about it

also, GAWD WHY ARE DRESSES SO DIFFICULT!!! also… THEY ARE ADORABLE!!! ok I’m finished :3

characters and clothing belongs to hasbro
art by me

My Black Coffee

An AU in which both Sebastian and Ciel go to the same college. Sebastian works in a near café and Ciel just enjoys watching him from afar, sometimes bringing his cousin with him;

“Sighhhhhh… Isn’t he dreamy?”

“Yes, he obviously is. So, are you going to talk to him or not?”

“What?! Are you crazy?! Noooooooo way! No! Definitely not happening! You go talk to him!”

“I’d actually love to, but I’m not the one head over heels for him.”

“Well can you blame me? Look at him! LOOK. AT. HIM. Perfect eyes, perfect hair, and his sm- OH MY GOD! LOOK, that’s my favorite part! See how he smiled to the costumer? That’s his killer smile!”

“…….. I’m not even surprised that you know that. Now just go talk to him!”

“I-I can’t….”

“Why not?!”

“I’m nervous!”

“Ugh, Ciel just go! You can do this.”

“You’re right! I can do this! I will do this!”

“Good luck!”

Ciel walked towards Sebastian, who was standing behind the counter taking orders, and took a deep breath, “H-hi…”

“Hello, how may I help you?”

In that moment Ciel realized that that smile was going to be the death of him. He could already feel his legs wobble, “Uh-Uhm… I’d- I’d like to take a Cof-” His voice squeaked before he cleared his throat again, “Coffee. Black coffee.”

“Alright, one black coffee coming ahead! That would be 3.75$. Thank you!”

After taking his coffee Ciel walked back to his cousin who was waiting patiently, “Black coffee? Really Ciel? Really? YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE COFFEE!”

“W-well… I-I panicked!”


EXO Reaction to their girlfriend modeling in a Victoria’s Secret shoot/walking on the runway

Here you gooo~  (✿◠‿◠) I’m sorry it kinda looked more like their reaction to their girlfriend walking on Victoria’s Secret Runway lol. Because that’s what I imagine more haha.

GIFs not mine, credits to the owner  ^o^
GIF I created: D.O’s GIF & Lay’s GIF


Suho: *Cheering* *GIF* 

Baekhyun: *Clapping* I’m so proud of my girlfriend.


D.O: Wait is that-? *GIF* (LMAO I LOVE HIM SO MUCH)

Kai: *Shocked and proud at the same time* *GIF*

Sehun: *Suddenly sees Miranda Kerr out of nowhere* Must. Not. Look.


Xiumin: Omo! Daebak! (Proud boyfriend is proud)

Luhan: *Jawdrops* (It’s the first time he sees you like this)

Kris: Nope. It’s not her. My girlfriend is crazy. That’s not her.

Lay: Y/N? Okay… Wait what!?

Chen: Holy sh8%. I can’t believe it is her.

Tao: *Cheering* *GIF* THAT IS MY GIRLFRIEND! (Oh my gawd he’s so freakin’ adorable  ∩(︶ ︿ ︶)∩)