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Don’t Say Anything (part 9)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

A/N: I think this fic is coming to an enddddddd. Also how have you been? Are you well rested? How was your day? How’s school going? How’s your job? I care about you guys, man.

Steve breathed in, opening his eyes and looking at his - very stupid - best friend. He tried very calmly to process all of the information Bucky had just thrown at him all at once.

“So let me get this straight,” he spoke in a soft tone. “You’re dating Natasha at the moment.” Bucky nods. “And all of a sudden you like Y/N?”

Bucky let out a deep sigh. “When you say it like that, it sounds bad. ‘All of a sudden’.” he mocked.

“I’m just trying to understand how one minute you’re happy with Nat and the next you want to be with Y/N.”

“It wasn’t like that.” Steve gave his friend a confused look, causing the brunette to continue. “I think it was a long time coming. At one point in time I had a small crush on Y/N but never did anything about it. I thought she just saw me as her friend so I pushed aside my feelings for her. I didn’t want to lose the friendship I had with her. Then Nat came around and she made me forget about my feelings for Y/N, even if it was only for a few hours.”

“So you’re using Natasha.” Steve stated.

“Don’t say it like that!” Bucky hissed, shoving Steve’s shoulder. “But yeah, I guess I am. I never really got over Y/N. The feelings I have for her just lingered in the back of my mind and I tried my best to distract myself from them.”

“Bucky.” Steve groaned. “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why string Natasha along all this time! What has she done to deserve this?”

Bucky sighed. “I forced myself to believe that I liked her in that way. She’s a great person and not gonna lie, the make out sessions were amazing. And don’t get me started on the-”

Steve cleared his throat, bringing his best friend back to reality. Bucky muttered an apology and ran his fingers through his hair.

“You have to sort this shit out, Bucky.” he sighed. “What are you gonna do?”

“I have to talk to Nat first, tell her I’m sorry for everything. I hope I didn’t ruin her friendship with Y/N.” the super soldier responds.

“You royally fucked up my friend.”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Yeah thanks for reminding me.”

Bucky thinks back to all the times he’s hung out with you. How much he loved watching movies with you because no matter what, your fingers would always find their way to his hair. He loved calling you baby doll, seeing your cheeks tint pink and holding back a grin but ultimately failing at doing so.

There was a reason he always reminded you of how beautiful you looked because to him, you looked beautiful all the time. In his head, he knew no one could take you from him. He knew he couldn’t be replaced and he knew you couldn’t be replaced - by anyone.

So why had he tried replacing you with Natasha?

Too much thinking made his brain hurt and he let out a whimper. “Tell me how bad I’ve messed up again.”

“You’ve messed up so bad, Nat might cut your balls off and hang them on her wall.” Steve wasted no time. It’s like he was waiting for this moment to come because there was absolutely no hesitation. “You’ve messed up so bad that Y/N might reject you because you hurt her best friend.” Bucky huffed. “You’ve messed up so bad that-”

“Alright, alright, I get it you asshole.” Bucky barked, throwing a pillow Steve’s way. It hit his face and fell onto his lap.

“So you choose Y/N?” Steve questioned to confirm.

“Yeah.” he nods. “I hate to say it but Nat was just a distraction.”

“How long was it going on before you told us?”

“A year.”


“It wasn’t even serious, Steve!” Bucky held his hands up to protect himself from the pillow being thrown at him. “What we had was a fling. All we would do was talk and fuck. That’s it. We didn’t actually start dating until the night we told all of you. We talked about it a couple of hours before dinner.”

“That doesn’t make it okay!”

“I know, I know.” he stands up. “I have to go find Nat and talk to her.”

But before Bucky could walk away, Steve grabbed his arm. “Now might not be the best time to talk to her. She’s in Y/N’s room with her and Wanda. They’re having ‘girl time’. Whatever that means.”

“How do you know that?”

“I bumped into them, taking cookies and other things into the room but before I could ask what they were doing, Wanda said they’re having girl time and not to bother them for the rest of the day.”

Bucky sat down slowly. You and Natasha were going to be in a room. Together. It had only been three days since Nat accused Bucky of liking Y/N and after many, many talks with his friends (much like the one he just had with Steve), Bucky finally figured out his feelings. For both Natasha and Y/N.

He hoped Nat didn’t say anything about their little argument to Y/N. He wanted to talk to her first. Bucky sat back on the couch and looked over at his friend.

“Why does the universe hate me?”

“We haven’t done this in so long.” Natasha sighed as the three of you sat in your room. Nat was painting Wanda’s toes and you were laying down beside them, flipping through a magazine.

“Yeah..” you hummed. You weren’t about to tell her that the reason you’ve been distancing yourself from her was because you were madly in love with her boyfriend and that seeing them together felt like someone was stabbing you directly in the heart with ten knives all at once.

“How’d you detach Pietro from Y/N?” Nat asks Wanda who was munching on a cookie.

“I told Sam to occupy him for the day.” she replied.

“It couldn’t have been that easy. This is Sam we’re talking bout.”

“I have to do his laundry for two weeks.”

You snort as you flip the page. “That’s the Sam I know and love.”

“Speaking of love..” Nat trails off, sitting up and looking at you. “What’s the update with the guy you’re madly in love with?”

You take a bite of your animal cookie, not looking at Natasha as you flipped another page. “There is no update.”

“What do you mean there’s not an update?”

“I mean there’s not an update. He has a girlfriend so there’s no point in pining after him.” you calmly respond.

“So? Y/N you’ve been in love with this guy for years. Break them up and get with him.” she says as if it’s the most obvious thing to do.

You look over at Wanda and give her a look, basically pleading her to change the subject. She understands you immediately.

“I love the color, Nat. What is it?” Wanda spoke as she wiggled her toes.

“It’s called Miss Behave.” the red head winked, causing Wanda to laugh.

“Well I love it. It’s really pretty.” she brings her hand up to her face. “Maybe you could paint my nails to match my toes.”

You let out a sigh of relief as Natasha agrees to paint her nails. You wait a few seconds before relaxing and trading out your magazine for another one.

You silently thank Wanda when Nat starts speaking again. “How about this: you tell me who this guy is an I’ll talk to him. I just wanna talk.”


“It’s just a talk, Y/N. I won’t even bring my gun.”

“No, Natasha.”

“This guy broke your big heart, let me avenge it.”

You started to get irritated and you got up, placing the magazine on your nightstand. Stay calm, Y/N. Just. Stay. Calm.

Wanda notices the look on your face and licks her lips. “Uh.. Hey Nat have you seen the new episode of Law & Order? It’s absolutely crazy!”

“Not now, Wanda.” she turns her attention back to you. “You’re obviously not over this guy, Y/N.”

You whip around. “So what if I’m not? It’s just a little crush. It’ll bypass in no time.”

“Guys..” Wanda’s voice gave off a warning tone.

“It’s been five years.” Natasha reminds you and you clench your fists. Stay calm and don’t cry.


“So this isn’t ‘just a little crush’. You’re in love with this dude!”

“Natasha, just drop it.” Wanda says in a soft tone. She knew where this was headed and she tried shutting it down.

The red head looks over at the brunette and glared at her. “No, I’m not going to just drop it. Y/N’s wasted five years on this asshole, Wanda. We’re her best friends. We need to teach that douchebag a lesson.”

“She’s right, just drop it. Nothing will change.” you spoke, trying so hard not to break down. You were afraid that if she continued to push the subject, you’d tell her everything. You didn’t want to break her heart; to betray her. What kind of person likes their best friends boyfriend? How fucked up is that? She couldn’t find out.

“Just tell me who he is!” Natasha was beginning to get frustrated. After all, she just wanted to make the guy pay for hurting her best friend.

“No!” you shout. Don’t cry, don’t cry. Fuck! Your eyes fill with tears and when you blink, they roll down your cheeks, staining them.

“Nat she’s crying, just leave it be.” Wanda grips Natasha’s forearm but she yanks it away, not listening to her.

“Why won’t you tell me who he is!? It’s fucking simple Y/N!” her arms are waving all over the place and her face is as red as her hair from yelling. “You know about me and Bucky so why can’t I know who this dude is!?”

“Stop pressuring her!”

Your tears blurred your vision so all you could see was a red blob and you sobbed loudly before shouting; “Because it’s Bucky!”

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You hear him talking to the boys about you

anonymous asked:

Can you make a preference where You hear him talking to the boys about you??💞

mmagcon101 answered:

I sure Can Thank you for the Request !!!

Cameron : “I’ll be right back’ you said to Cameron , you began to make your way the bathroom But then stopped at the sound of Taylor saying “dude give us the details what is she like when were not around ?””What I’m not talking about our Sex life !! “ Cameron quickly replied “No not that !!” Taylor said. “She’s amazing she’s got the whole package you know shes Beautiful,Funny and she’s good at (whatever your good at or like to do ) you know guys I think I’m falling in love “ He said “WHIPPED !!” Nash and the Jacks say in sync “Whatever guys but she gonna be coming so lets end this” cam said You started walking out and sat right back on Cameron’s lap the guys looked at you different not like they usually do “ I love you “ you whispered to Cameron. 

Nash : “Nash Why are you so in love with Y/N ?” Cameron asked “ there’s a lot of things you know she’s someone I can have a true conversation with and not feel judged , and lets  admit it My Bae Is Hot !! “Yeah she is why did she go for you and not me ?” Matt said “well that’s for her to answer because I have no Idea “  As you walked into the room it was silent not a peep out of their mouths “whats going on ?” you said even though you knew what happen “nothing just talking about guy stuff “ Nash said “ok well I’m going to call Andrea and talk about girl stuff” you said and then you give Nash a kiss on the cheek .

Shawn : “Shawn you like her don’t you ?” Hayes said “Yeah of  course I do I mean look at here shes Beautiful,smart and shes funny “ he replied “then just ask her out “ Taylor said “ I’m waiting for the best moment I don’t want it to be cheesy or stupid “”Yeah Ok well if you need our help were here alright and my first thing of advice is act quickly because Taylor over here does not hold back” Cameron said “i’ll try  look I don’t even know if she likes me “ Shawn said “true” the all said In unison. You decided to walk in and show Shawn that you do like him “ Hey guys !!” you said as you were walking over to Shawn . You decided to mess with him a bit by rubbing the back of his neck and playing with his hair.

Matt : You were walking back with Starbucks for you and the guys . “guys I feel like Y/N is different then all my Ex girlfriends you know like with them it was fun you know But With Her it’s serious “ Matt said “ Yeah well we can tell I mean It’s kind of getting annoying hearing you guys face time till 4 in the morning “ carter said kind of annoyed “Oh sorry but if you had a girl like her you would do the same thing “ Matt said  “I’m Happy for you man I mean You finally found a girl that you can be yourself around “ Hayes said . You than walked in with all the food “ Food “ Carter said “I really needed coffee “ Matt said getting up to grab the food from you “ I love you “ You said giving him a kiss “I love you too”.

Carter : You were walking back from the bathroom but thought something was weird because the boys were quite so you stopped behind the wall and started listing to their conversation “Oh my gawd guys have you seen Y/N’s Legs “ Taylor said “ Yeah their so I don’t know But their amazing “ Matt replied “ guys seriously You don’t need to be talking about her like that !!” Carter said “ Ok so you do like her “ Matt said “Yeah I mean Obviously !!” Carter said “Cartah stop it “ Nash said . they all started laughing I walked in and felt more confident about my legs I always used to think they were to long but apparently Their “amazing” . 

Jack J : “Yo I didn’t Know Y/N could (whatever you like to do or are good at ) “ Jack G said  “Yeah There’s a lot of thing’s you Don’t that she can do “ Jack J replied with a smirk on his face “ok that’s gross “ Jack G said “yeah well she is great at a lot of things and I’m not just talking in the bedroom “ He said winking “yeah Like what and not anything My mom wouldn’t want me to know “Jack g said “ well she actually has a great voice But that’s all I’m saying” Jack J said .

Aaron : “Aww Aaron has his first little crush “ Cam said “ok well She’s Not my first crush But I do like her “ Aaron replied “well than what are you waiting for” Carter said “ I honestly Have no Idea” Aaron Replied “well why do you like her so much I mean what makes he different from all you other crushes “ Matt said “Her personality and just everything about her “ Aaron said “that’s cool “ they all said .

Taylor : “ Y/N looks Hot in her bathing suit !! “ Taylor said all the boys kind of had this look were they didnt want to say anything being that I’m Taylor’s Girlfriend “Taylor we have seen you with a lot of girls but Y/N has been the longest and makes you different” Shawn said “ Yeah I guess she is what Can I say I am very lucky “ Taylor said leaning back in his chair.

Jack G : “ Guys I think I’m falling for her “ Jack G said “that’s awesome Man “ most of the boys said giving him a high five  The other half looked at him like what did you just say “ I don’t know what it is but whenever I’m with her I just feel different” Jack G said “we can tell I mean you seem happier “ Jack J said “yeah and I feel happier “ Jack G said .

Here you go sorry it took longer but I was kind of losing ideas and sorry that the end ones arent the best But I tried my best .

And I might be doing a Fanfic  So stay tuned for that also Don’t expect a lot for me this weekend because I am super busy with birthday parties  LOL

But send some request And I cant Believe I Have 530 Followers that’s amazing I cant thank you guys enough!! S

And keep the Request coming all this week I am going to be making ALL of the request I see and Answering ALL of the question’s I see So Keep them coming Bye loves 

If I want to feel sympathy for a "homocidal psychopath" because I pay attention to canon and see that there is something inherently wrong with how he got to where he is, THEN I WILL.

I don’t need to justify myself. But I’ll make myself clear… And if you don’t like it??? Well kindly block my blog and gtfo of my space….

I love Kylo Ren. All of his tortured villainous ways, and I want a redemption for his character– not to fulfill some “overdone” trope. Because honestly forgiveness and redemption will NEVER be overdone. Is it overdone for you, cuz you better hope people don’t treat you the way you treat this character; fictional as he is but still a conduit through which you express serious hate.

I want a redemption for his character– not so he can finally end up with who I’d like him too. And YES I ship Reylo! Because gawd forbid anyone heal and find the best in themselves, and if that were to lead to them finding the best in an equally lonely person that’d be amazing…

No I want redemption for his character because his very CANON childhood doomed him to what he has become. I truly believe that. Call me an apologist. Call me a sympathizer. Call me a monster. You won’t be wrong. I’m owning it. I fucking LOVE Kylo Ren and there is NOTHING you can do or say that will change that. So stop trying. Thanks.

The best 5 Seconds of Summer fan art on the internet - The good, the slightly bonkers and the totally hilarious


5 Seconds of Summer aren’t just a band anymore - they’re actually proper muses these days, basically modern day versions of the Mona Lisa, the bird with the pearl earring and that gal in the giant seashell, who inspire some majorly talented artists every single day. Yup, YOU LOT.

One of the best bits of a fandom is all the incredible fan art that pops up online, so I thought I’d gather together some of the best pieces on the internet inspired by 5SOS and drawn by you, from the seriously good, to the slightly bonkers to the totally hilarious. And bloody Nora you lot have got the skills to pay the bills haven’t ya?

An amazing pencil portrait of Luke and Mama Hemmings.

CalPal’s secret power is actually looking snoggable in sketch form.

I even fancy Mike-Ro-Wave’s sexy shading. Interesting.

WHAT IS THIS SORCERY. That’s a pencil drawing for gawds sake.

An awesome recreation of the Don’t Stop comic strip by one clever duck.

It’s not a secret that I’m just a REALLY GOOD ARTIST, either.

Umm, can I buy this off you and stick it to my face at all times please?

Someone’s been getting fancy on Photoshop and it turned out awesome.

Please turn these into earrings so that I can carry them with me at all times.

MINION 5SOS. So cute it hurts my face.

I’m starting to suspect that you lot are secretly attending art classes at Hogwarts.

Ahmahgahd, these cartoon 5SOS thingies are weird but wonderful.

Petition to throw splodgy paint at real life Mikey to recreate this beauty.

WHY ARE YOU SO CLEVER SERIOUSLY. How are you doing this?

Is this the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen? Probs. Stick it in the Louvre immediately.

Well I know what I’m doing at the weekend. SO COOL.

This is intense and beautiful and I’m genuinely attracted to a coloured pencil drawing.

Is drawing Ashton single? I’d probably contemplate dating him tbh.

Err… let’s ignore the fact that this is a tiiiiny bit creepy and just say it’s cute instead.

Michael wants another slice, Michael wants another slice, Michael wants another slice

Is it unfair to say I love this one more than all of my family members combined?

Hurry up and turn this one into a merch poster for me to buy PLEASE.

I haven’t been this attracted to cartoon since Prince Eric. Help.

This is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I want the rest of the comic.


Turns out Calum’s cheekbones are particularly beautiful when shaded in pencil.

Please teach me how to be really good at something.

Consider my mind officially blown.

Christ on a bike, when you’re all famous artists working for Pixar and Disney and stuff, can you please remember the day that Hollywood Express included your 5SOS drawing in a fan art story? Thanks a bunch.