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Star Boys ⭐ ~ step-by-step process of >this< piece (^   v ^) <3 click through for minor captions!

since Tumblr can only hold eight photos, here’s my process reduced to eight steps. there’s a lot more fussing and changing and adjusting that goes in, but this feels like a good overview.

and here’s some bonus back story! X3 hehe~ i was really frustrated with my work last week… i honestly felt like maybe it was just time to move on and do something totally different. like it was just time to pack in my character work and go back to being a graphic designer. i kept starting new things over and over and over again and throwing them away. i felt very defeated. i was drowning my sorrows in coke zero and k-pop videos when i decided to just draw some self indulgent garbage to make myself feel better, regardless of how it might turn out looking. and i had no idea that it’d turn into this! XD

so when you’re thinking~ “why Pidgy… why did you dress those beautiful boys so stupidly?!?!” (7O  [  ]O)7 it was the k-pop dood! i was under the influence! have you seen the ridiculous/awesome clothes they wear?!?!? it’s FABULOUS! and i didn’t start drawing this thinking that i’d ever post it! HAHAHA!!! but it just worked out so smoothly! (O  v O) <3 and i felt myself feeling again like i knew i could - and new i wanted to - improve! I AIN’T GIVING UP YET!!!! (>   A <)

so yeah… (^   v ^);;; it’s a bit silly, and very colorful! hahaha! but~ i really tried my best to do new things and put my best foot forward… so i hope some of you enjoy it! i still have so much more i want to do! (O    w O) <3 <3 <3

Vandead Carnival Subaru Sub Scenario w/Shu Translation

Prologue   Chapter 1   Sub Scenario w/Shu   Sub Scenario w/Yuma   Sub Scenario w/Ayato   Chapter 2   Sub Scenario w/Ruki   Sub Scenario w//Reiji   Sub Scenario w/Azusa  

-Scene: Saint Nore Park Streets-

Yui: Shu-san… …Shu-san?

Shu: … …Nn… …

*Shu Gets Up*

Shu: … …What? I was sleeping.

Yui: I thought maybe you were sick or something since you weren’t moving down there… …

Subaru: Actually, how the hell can you sleep when it’s so noisy here?

That’d be impossible for me.

Shu: … …Well, yeah, but you get used to it.

Subaru: Really? I’d strain my ears trying to block out all this noise… ..

Aghhh… …it’s so loud! I hate this carnival!

Shu: Hmm. It doesn’t seem like you hate it.

You have a map in your right hand and popcorn in the other… ….

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~October Dengeki VC Informationals~

Heyya my dear little sinners~! It’s that time of the month again where I deliver any new magazine news to ya guys~ Scans (K704)


So, October’s Dengeki’s mainly about Vandead with a few recap information of the stuff in October Bs Log. There’s not much new information with this certain issue, so this’ll be short. KAY.


Let’s recap. Basically, they all go to this “Vandead Carnival” for a celebration, festival, whatever in the demon world as invited by Karl Heinz lol. And while here, strangely their love state or affection differs from usual. In short, we get fluff fluff cupcakes, well, fluff fluff cupcakes frosted with a dash of sadism~. You can tell from the fluff CGs that they act a bit different //shot.


Anyway, the OP and ED titles were also stated.

  •  OP: 吸愛ラビリンス “Sucking Love Labyrinth” (Ayato, Shu, Subaru)
  • ED:  誓いのカンパネラ “Campanella’s Oath” (Ayato, Shu, Subaru)


Sleeping Vampire: This is just a little extra in the game labeled as “special contents”. In both September and October’s Dengeki, we were given sneak peeks of those touch CGs (PS Vita has touch screen). In short, it’s a sleeping together situation with dummy mic action~. Other than this, not much has been said about it.


As I said before, there’s not much new information in this issue. So let’s go off to the CGS. Whoo~


Eating Millefeuille With Kanato…

Kanato: I’ll feed you, so turn your face over here.

Yui: Mn… …Ngh… …

Kanato: Nnn… …Haa, is it delicious?

Yui: What… …are you doing?

Kanato: “What”? I’m feeding you just as you wished.

Isn’t the millefeuille delicious? Nnn… …Mnn… …

Yui: Mn… …!!

Kanato: Nn… …Mnn… …Nnn… …

Yui: (This mouth-fed cream, or rather… …. kiss, is sweet. But, why is he doing this… …?)


What Flavor Ice Cream Does Azusa Like?

Azusa: … …Ah… …it’s cold… …and tasty… …

… … … …Mmm.

Yui: (Haha, Azusa-kun’s sure eating with a good appetite)

(Though, I’m a bit concerned he got red pepper-flavored ice cream… …)

(But if that’s what Azusa-kun likes, so be it)

Azusa: … …You’re not eating? If you don’t eat it quickly, won’t it melt then… …?

Yui: Aah… …!!

(The ice cream’s dripping down my hand… …)

Azusa: Heheh… …Hey, keep still. I’ll clean it for you.

Vandead Carnival Subaru Sub Scenario w/Yuma Translation

Prologue   Chapter 1   Sub Scenario w/Shu   Sub Scenario w/Yuma   Sub Scenario w/Ayato   Chapter 2   Sub Scenario w/Ruki   Sub Scenario w//Reiji   Sub Scenario w/Azusa  

-Scene: Castle Living Room-

Yuma: Aah!? I’m way stronger than you.

Subaru: … …Heh, you think you can beat me?

*Yuma Slams Arm On The Table*

Yuma: Match, let’s go!

*Subaru Also Slams His Arm On The Table*

Subaru: … …I’ll make you regret challenging me, haha.

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