It takes acquired minds to taste, to taste, to taste this wine
You can’t down it with your eyes
So we don’t need the headlines
We don’t need the headlines
We just want
We want the airwaves back
We want the airwaves back
Everybody sing like it’s the last song you will ever sing
Tell me, tell me, do you feel the pressure now?


Imagine: Saving Gawain from a bar fight in a local tavern. [x]

   A voice caught your ear, and he had been the reason you hadn’t left like you usually would. He sounded like he needed help, despite the overconfident tone the stranger used. It wasn’t until you finally made eye contact with him that your decision was sealed. His eyes locked on yours, and you gave an almost silent signal, one that told him you were going to intervene, going to distract the others and free him from the fight. He nodded, before turning around  and looking back towards the men who had started the fight.
   “You know, as much as I would like to stay here and talk to you gentlemen,” he smirked, “I think it’s time for me to leave.”
   “You don’t get to make that decision,” one of the men shouted, his anger rising.
   “Actually,” you interrupted, “I think he does.”
   You grabbed the handsome strangers hand, pulling him away from the group of men inflamed by anger. A smile crossed your lips, a plan forming in your head.

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Finally finished the fusion of my msa oc Gawain and @canarychirped Jesse. I like this much more then the old one, also that armor man. Took forever to do it.

Link to the old version

Jesse belongs to @canarychirped / @dirgeofthedeep

Gawain is mine / @ask-demonicking


Here’s two blades with runes carved into them the top one reads “odins fury” the bottom one is “wolfs bite” these are both custom blades, based off of the first wolfs bite blade I made. If you’d like a blade like this one message me here or contact me through my etsy account. The link is in my bio! Thanks all!



to camelot 1/? ~ Merlin

Merlin is a fatherless child, a wizard, a prophet, and an advisor to Arthur. Some believe he knows the future because he lives backwards in time and others claim he is a servant of the devil. Merlin taught his magical powers to his love Nimue, who betrayed him and drove him mad. Now he sleeps beneath a tree, hidden deep in the wilderness, dreaming of long lost ages and waiting for the second reign of Arthur, at which time Merlin wll awaken and stand beside his king once more.


Walking beside Gawain in the guild she had come back from a meeting with Gina “Thank you for helping me carry the documents.” He nodded and said it was nothing.