9 : TV Countdown : Gavin And Stacey

What can I say. Its fantastic. Alrigh’ Bryn, allrigghht. I love copying the Welsh accent. Which is made ultra fun as I live very near Wales and can relate to some of the Welsh stereotypes. Every single actor and actress in it I adore and are hilarious. It is one of the best comedy shows made. I love it. 

Its lush.

gavinstacey-deactivated20140719 asked:

Here he was holding Dante's nude sleeping form in his arms wondering exactly how wrong was it to be sleeping with a boy barely two years older than his own sons when Dante shifted and awoke. "Go back to sleep , you look exhausted" he spoke kissing Dante's lips gently.

Something, he didn’t know what, woke him up. He opened his eyes to see Gavin staring back at him. ‘Nah, I’m fine, babe.’ he said with a smile. He kissed back softly. ‘How come you’re still up?’


Gavin smiled as Dennis brought him a bowl of left over soup. “Thanks babe” he wrapped his arms around Dennis’s waist and kissed his stomach as he turned back to stare at a computer screen , a news article half edited. “Im so tired, take me away?” he almost pleaded wanting to leave work for tomorrow rather than tonight as city lights slowly dimmed and nighttime fell

Dennis wrapped his arms around Gavin, a mischievous quirk on his lips. “I have lots of ways to take you away, you have to pick. I could rub your back. Or massage your scalp. Or get you hard with my mouth so you can take out on my ass with your big cock. Whatever you want. Or you can finish and I can get you hard in the car and then do the rest.”