So first off. Thanks to @hnnolch/ @gavinfreeinplacesheshouldntbe for the P.Terry’s recommendation (which is fucking delicious if you go to Austin go to P.Terry’s) and for the amazing selfies (It was a pleasure to meet you I was very excited and happy so thanks for being cool!)

That picture of me at P.Terry’s is ft. my dad (who is a god damn trooper for taking my nerdy ass to RTX two times in a row.)

Second. Story time. At my signing with Miles and Kerry I was nervous af, I said my two cents of things (which was basically fuck the camp camp song that shit was hard to caption.) and did pictures. My general go to for photos is to unhinge my jaw like a damn snake. However, I recently had wisdom tooth surgery and have dry socket. Which I forgot about in my anxious excitement. So that picture of me with an unhinged jaw is both happiness and extreme pain. Just a fun tid bit. I also forgot to get hugs from either of them, and barely spoke a word to Kerry which I felt bad about. I promised myself I would do better at the Ryan and Jeremy signing. (Also shout out to the people I met in the line, Including @softcoreparkour. You all were awesome and super nice!)

Fast forward. I went to the Free Play panel (which was fucking awesome. Raves for the win.) I ran down to the convention floor to buy a Totoro onesie I desperately wanted. I put that thing on in the middle of the convention center in front of people (with my clothes on under it) because why the fuck not. It was hot as dicks due to it being well, pajamas and fucking Texas in the middle of July. I got in line (after a mad scramble to free some space on my phone for pictures) talked to some people and met Hannah (who again is amazing and an awesome person. Thanks for taking pictures and being a guardian and stuff).

I went up to Jeremy and Ryan, told Jeremy I met him last year (his response was that the signing was useless to which I said “Nooooo” and gave him a hug) I got my above pictures and remembered not to fucking hurt myself on accident. And hey I didn’t smell awful yet. Then came the time where I did some anxious babbling. HERE IS WHAT I MEANT TO SAY TO RYAN. “Hey you’re super nice and awesome even though sometimes you act scary in videos.” What I actually said was “You are super nice even though you look weird.” Ryan was a good sport about it and gave me a hug. I apologized profusely and now I am attempting to pretend that never happened.

Some other fun bits. At Griffons booth they sung karaoke for three days. (I have a video of Griffon being a queen). At the Achievement Hunter panel, Gavin got 4,000 people to all make the bird noise at once (also have a video of that) and I killed it at DDR (which was really in the groove 2 but it was DDR god damn it)

I’ve babbled long enough but RTX 2016 was awesome and amazing and I love Rooster Teeth. RTX is really where we can remember what its all about even among the drama. Even though most likely no one will read this far, if you do I love you guys. Thank you all for following me and thank you RT for being amazing and I’m so happy that 5 years ago I joined the community.