Gavin Morales - Transcend 

Age  12 Teen Contemporary Solo

Dolce Dance Studio


Gavin Morales - No Excuses

Gav and Kenz at Revolution LIVESTREAM

If anyone’s watching/recording, here are Gavin and Kenzie’s numbers at Revolution Fresno this weekend:

256 - Haterz - Saturday 5:30PM

270 - Willkommen - Saturday 6:30PM

379 - You Got the Look - Sunday 10:38AM

387 - Ideas for Strings - Sunday 11:07AM

414 - Summertime - Sunday 1:45PM

443 - You Are All I See - Sunday 3:30PM

687 - Stronger - Sunday 3:42PM

??? - Transcend - Sunday 7:30PM

507 - When She Came Back - Sunday 7:51PM

512 - No Excuses - Sunday 8:06PM

513 - Walk For Me - Sunday 8:09PM

517 - Pulse - Sunday 8:21PM

520 - Numbers - Sunday 8:30PM

If anyone could record, I’d be super thankful!


Gavin Morales - Transcend

Age 12 Teen Contemporary Solo

Choreo: Victor Smalley

Dolce Dance Studio


Talk about synchronization 🖐🏼😍


Gavin Morales - Transcend


Gavin Morales - Pulse

Dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Pulse Night Club shooting.

Age 12 Lyrical Solo

Choreography: Shelby Martin

Dolce Dance Studio

Radix Anaheim

Taking bets!

So just found McKenzie and Gavin’s full scholarships for all Radix conventions next season! However, they have to have the permission of their former studio to use them! So….who thinks they will get permission from their former studio? Show of hands….anyone?