Sixth Time Lucky (3/3)

Summary: In which Gavin has a crush on the newest member of the Fake AH Crew, yet somehow manages to find himself faking relationships with every single other person instead.

(Five times Gavin had to pretend to love someone in the crew and one time he didn’t have to pretend.)

Part 1  Part 2  AO3

5. Michael

The next day at work, Gavin is a man on a mission.

A mission to avoid Jeremy at all bloody costs.

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If you have never seen Gavin’s amazing drum skills live, here’s your chance.

Mcdonalds delivery || Gavin || Luna

Gavin walked down to his car and drove to mcdonalds. He ordered two burgers, fries, and sodas. He drove to Luna’s and made his way up to her room knocking on the door. “Delivery for Luna”

Murdering Mr. Darcy (2/10)

Summary: Ryan is the most recent member of the Fake AH Crew, and he’s loving every second of his new job - except for the annoying British thief who, after a series of terrible first impressions, has become the bane of his existence.

Ryan hates Gavin, and he’s pretty sure Gavin hates him too - until one day, out of the blue, Gavin asks for his help planning a murder.

Part 1  AO3

WARNINGS FOR ENTIRE STORY: cheating, unhealthy relationships (not between Ryan and Gavin), dub con kissing and emotional manipulation in the context of 2 people both attempting to deceive each other by maintaining a relationship to cover up ulterior motivations.

The last place Ryan had expected to find himself was sitting in a roadside McDonalds with Gavin at two in the morning, looking over the other man’s shoulder at pictures on his phone.

“His name’s Peter Riemer,” Gavin said, scrolling through his gallery as Ryan looked on, bemused. “We met like… a year and a half ago? And we’ve been together for just over a year now- oops, that’s a dick pic.”

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