gavin younge

from Caleb

we move like the ocean bad suns; jinx dnce; clocks go forward james bay; where you go the young romans; bloom the paper kites; satellite guster; dreaming smallpools; little hell city and colour; kid in love shawn mendes; living louder the cab; meaning gavin degraw; young forever the ready set


Guys you don’t know how many I have of these. I’ve done a lot of them last year for me and Namhirya, but now we no longer know what to do with them so… if you like them, i’ll post the rest!

ok hear me out: i need, in a completely not cringey way, fahc geovin with a relationship exactly like the joker and harley quinn.

i want gavin free being the young bright eyed and bushy tailed new psychologist in a fucked up city who takes the one case no one wants. i want geoff slowly corrupting him, seducing him, winning him over without him realizing. i want gavin helping geoff and some of the others in his crew break out of prison and end up doing something even crazier to prove his loyalty. i want gavin to just go nuts, turn into the trigger happy, wild, unpredictable boy in the flashy gold shades we all know and love. i want the rest of the crew taking him in and bonding with him and being almost as equally protective over him as geoff. i want him to be geoff’s pet, never happier than he is now at geoff’s side. i want geoff to destroy anyone who looks at gavin wrong. i want them to be the kings of los santos, ruling totally and completely.

so…….if someone could write this that would be 👌👌


New song released today by Dance Gavin Dance called “Young Robot”

Check it out!


Manly Monday Physiques

Gavin Dacey  Fits The Bill At Merthyr RFC, Something We Knew All Along As  He Sauntered The Sheds At Pontypridd RFC With Mates Simon Humberstone And Dafydd Lockyer.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!