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Tom Riley :P

I’m swooning right now. I love all of @hauntologistic Tom riley FCs. I love Gavin and Riley so much. I’m pretty sure i love Gavin about the same as Vic does… or maybe it’s just a crush. But he is amazing and I love reading everything on the dash, and I love all of his interactions with Vic. Honestly, you could do like 50 self paras with just Gavin and I would read every word.

I also love his friendship with Danyelle and his budding friendship with Stephen. Just give me all of the Gavin connections…. I’m so serious lol.


Gavin Riley and John Karel proudly present:


Part 1 of many…


i think those posts that are like ‘i used to feel bad for gavin but now im like GET SHIT ON GAVIN!’ are actually funny

and i laugh at those

but i dont like the ones where people get mad at others for liking gavin


no just because your fave isnt my fave or my fave isnt your fave doesnt mean you get to hate me or them or anyone

cmon waffleo out of this


CONCACAF Beyond the Pitch – Episode 3 – Portland Timbers & Thorns

Christmas Dinner [Gavin + Riley]

Gavin had bought a couple of small steaks from the fresh market in town, along with some other items for dinner. Marco had gone out for several hours so Gavin could have his special night with Riley. Flame-less candles around the room, relaxation music playing softly..having it a bit of the romance mood. He had already given her a promise ring early but Riley didn’t mind and she loved it of course. Tonight is the night that Riley will give Gavin his special treat, her wearing something sexy or change into something sexy for him.

As he was cooking the steaks on the stove, the table had already been set. A small table, but big enough for the two of them. Waiting for her arrival, the steaks will be able to be done by that time.