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Manly Monday Physiques

Gavin Dacey  Fits The Bill At Merthyr RFC, Something We Knew All Along As  He Sauntered The Sheds At Pontypridd RFC With Mates Simon Humberstone And Dafydd Lockyer.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

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Gwen didn't choose to drive with the nanny over Blake. She went with her kids, which I'd expect. Given the constant criticism for the involvement of nannys, and the fact that anons here roasted Gavin a while back for leaving the nanny to drive the kids while he was in his fancy sport car, I thought that would be acceptable. Plus Gavin had the kids Monday and Gwen was on set early so they may have dropped the kids at Gavin's last night.

Exactly. It’s such a strange thing to get worked up over, honestly…

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Freewood Immortal FAHC headcannon/prompt: Gavin usually dies the most because the other kill him in retaliation for being an ass, but there are some days where he just gets sick of being shot or bombed as soon as he shows up. At times like those, he starts actively avoiding the others, and they tend not to notice until a few days have passed. When he gets like this, Ryan will take a break from the chaos and just chill and spend time with him. He'll listen as Gav rants in different languages.

(this kills the man. tho for this, platonic freewood is <3. This will be from my immortal crew au.)

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Jonnor on Ellen!!

Whatever happened to this trend? I mean don’t you all want to get thegavinmacintosh and Hayden Byerly on Ellen for their kiss on The Fosters. I know I do.

So in honor of the premiere on Monday, Let’s get this trending again on June 8th starting at Midnight up to the premiere. Let’s show Ellen Degeneres how much we love these two unicorns. Let’s post gifs, pictures, and videos to Instagram. Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Come on guys Let’s Get Jonnor on Ellen.

Repost if you really want this to happen. Let’s spread the word. Let’s get #JonnorOnEllen Trending on Monday June 8th at Midnight up to the premiere or even later!