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Family Feud 12x13 verdict

The Good

Mark Pellegrino as the velvety and menacing face of Lucifer once more. He really knows how to hold a room with the briefest of lines. 

Mr. Ketch timing Mary with a stop-watch on her hunting skills - a nice, if blatant, shout-out to the British Watchers’ Council and all their “tests” for Buffy. 

Dagon - played by Ali Ahn - badass - even her cheesy “Come with me if you want to live!” terminator line. Shame we already know she’s gonna get offed eventually by some Winchester-Crowley combo.

Mary coming semi-clean with her sons by showing up with beer and burgers provided for an excellent final scene - great acting by all. Although, coming semi-clean is always a mistake, because when the rest of the dirt comes out, the people you semi-lied to are going to be twice as pissed.  Mr. Ketch has the Colt and her sons don’t know it.

Jensen emoted whole essays with his body language about his long role as Sam’s protector (substitute Mom) after Mary diied. Of course he did.

Rowena - she’s a great character - end of.

The Bad

So Cas says “I love you” one episode ago and all we get is a gruff Dean POV phone call about Kelly Kline? (although Dean did stroke his phone a lot). Why is Cas off hunting for Kelly on his own anyway. And how come he’s having no luck when a couple of angel would-be assassins tracked her just fine?

All mothers are bitches who will disappoint their sons in the end Mary/ Rowena parallels ?!? Ah yes…

Crowley has always been Mr. self-preservation central. Would he really pass up the chance to pop Lucifer solidly back in the cage just for some petty revenge soliloquies? OK. 

So Crowley saves their angel and one second later the Winchesters go behind his back, with not even a heads-up phone-call from Dean (ex-bromance and all) before they get his son killed? OK.   

The Ugly

Fiona getting gang-raped by the crew of the ship in order to further Gavin’s noble back-to-the-past sacrifice plot. Gratuituous rapey-ness - thanks Bucklemming.


Clunky script saved by the acting, but I suppose Dabb had the satisfaction of making Bucklemming correct the plothole they created by yanking Gavin out of his timeline in 9x21 King of the Damned 

(see )

I do like the developing theme (begun last week in Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets of Lucifer as Iago and Crowley as Othello).

Saving People, Hunting Things, and....Baby Sitting?

Request: Hi! I love so much your little Gavin imagines. Inspired by your stories, I was wondering if you could write an imagine or drabble about Sam and Dean making a deal with Crowley for information or ingredients for a spell and in exchange they have to babysit his 5 years old son which is part demon/part human: innocent, with lots of energy and some demonic powers, like telepodemonic powers, like teleporting, setting fires… you know, daddy’s boy. Hope u like it but if not it’s ok! I love your work! 

Requested by: @wholita

Warnings: None!!

A/N: Okay guys, so I wrote this really quick tonight and I absolutely love it. After all of my sad fics, I think this humor was well needed. While reading, imagine Dean as he was in Yellow Fever because that is how I imagined Dean when writing this! I really hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Title: A Life Worth Saving (Intro/Chapter 1)


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“As most of you know, I save lives for a living. It’s not an easy job to do, because, to keep track of so many people at the same time can really wear you out, and no matter who they are, if they find themselves in distress in my sight, whether they are worth it or not, I must save them. Now, I remember the day I met Jude, and right now on this day I can tell you, he was definitely a life worth saving…”

When it all started…

It was summer, it was hot, and almost everyone was enjoying their day on the beach. Connor had just arrived at the beach to dismiss the lifeguard on duty in order to take his shift. He had been a lifeguard for about four years now, he started when he was only sixteen years of age after he joined a swimming team, and now he works part-time at the beach on Saturdays.

Just as he sat in the tower, Connor heard a scream.

“JUDE! Oh my God, help! He is drowning”

Connor quickly got up, took his shirt off, grabbed the rescue tube and started jogging towards the ocean. He dived into the water as soon as the water reach his thighs, just as he was trained to. As he came close to the victim he stopped to make his introduction.

“I’m Connor, the Lifeguard, I’m here to help.” He took the rescue tube and handed it to the victim, who was still splashing water around with one hand while keeping the other under water while saying his leg hurt.

“You ready? Hold tight!” Connor said as the young man grabbed the rescue tube. He turned around and started swimming back to shore with the victim. “I think I cut my leg…” said the breathless voice behind him. “It’s ok. What’s your name, bud?” Connor asked.

“Jude. I’m Jude.”

“Ok, Jude, you’re safe now. Keep holding onto the tube, we are almost there!”

Once they reached shallow waters, Connor got up and helped the victim get up and walking by putting the victim’s right arm around his neck while he grabbed him tight by the hips. His victim was easy to carry because of the skinny frame and light weight though healthy looking.

As Connor came out with the victim, who was limping now that they reached the sand, he told one of the family members that was close by to call for an ambulance. Once they set him down on the sand, Connor could see that the victim was pale and about to faint.

“Stay with me!” he called out, but the young man fainted shortly after. “Someone give me a towel or something. I need to apply pressure to the wound.”

The young man next to him quickly took off his shirt and gave it to Connor. He wrapped the victim’s leg and applied a lot of pressure to keep the victim from bleeding out completely.

Shortly after emergency services arrive and take the victim. The big family follows the team and Connor’s job of rescuing is officially over.

“Hey, dad.” Connor greeted as he answered his phone.

“Hey, bud! How was work today?”

“It was ok, the heat was immense though.”

“Yeah, these past days have been the hottest of the summer, saw it on the news this afternoon.”

“No wonder…” a knock on the apartment’s door interrupted the conversation. “Hey dad, I’ll call you later. Someone’s at the door.”

“Oh ok. Hey how about you come over tomorrow?”

“Sure, it’s ok with me. Later.”

“Bye, son.”

Connor hang up and placed the phone on the small coffee table. He walked up to the door and opened it. A familiar face stood in front of him.

“Connor, right?” the woman asked.


“Hi, I’m Stef, you saved my son earlier today. I asked for you around until I got to your boss.”

“Oh, yeah! Now I remember you, how is…?”


“Jude. How is he?”

“Well he, he is doing good.” She nodded and smiled at Connor. “He got a couple of stitches and a blood transfusion but he is now resting at home.”

“Good, I hope he gets better.”

“Thanks. So I was wondering if you would like to come by for dinner next Friday. It’s the least we could do after you saved my son.” She asked.

“Sure. I’d like that.”

“Yeah? Ok so here is the address…” she said as she took out a piece of paper out of her purse and gave it to Connor.

“So Friday, at 6:00pm” she said again.


Stef smiled and thanked Connor once again and left. Connor closed the door and looked at the paper with the directions.

“Hmm… It’s not far from here…”


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