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“I died looking into your eyes.”
“that’s how I want it to happen in real life.”

elena’s favorite michael + gavin moments; happy birthday, @michaeljnes !!!

FAH!Brownman Headcanon

When Ray first disappears, they aren’t worried. Ray disappears all the time, he’s in and out of headquarters so constantly that Jack likens him to a stray cat.

It’s when he is gone for a week they begin to get worried. There isn’t any windows slamming open for their sniper to jump through - ‘What up bitches?’ - No random notes hidden inside books or gun cases with fucking yolo scrawled on them in pink sharpie. No panicked news articles where the LSPD have been sent into a tizzie because some fucker decided it would be funny to melt the entrance sign with a flame thrower.

It’s two weeks later when they really start to feel the void. Thay’ve been working non-stop. Geoff checking contacts, Gavin hacking into security camera feeds, Ryan and Michael spending their downtime checking out any possible leads. Jack spends more time out the house just driving through the streets than he does inside. 

It is almost three weeks later when they get a phone call.

Geoff is just about at his wits end.

“What the fuck do you want?”

Now, now Ramsey, that’s no way to start a negotiation” The voice is low and smarmy and Geoff hates it immediately.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Geoff knows he is snarling but he doesn’t have the time for smart-assed pricks - there is a bloodcurdling scream and Geoff’s heart stops.

Ray had never been very good with torture.

“Who the fuck is this? I swear to god i’m going to fucking kill you - “

The phone hangs up and Geoff throws it at a wall.

If there is one thing in this world that is fucking certain. Its that you don’t mess with Geoff’s boys. Who ever the fuck this asshole thinks he is, is going to find that out the hard way. 

shoob-a-doob  asked:

Klapollo basically having a whole whirlwind romance in the airport they're there for like 3 days thanks to snow delays and whatnot and they're washing up in the bathroom and teasing each other and having dinner dates its ridiculous


apollo making a really bad impression as a miserable moody guy who just wants to get on the plane and go (though he actually just wants see his buddy and get there in time for christmas day) and klavier tries to cheer him up bc he feels kinda bad for him despite his arsehattery but apollo is such a shitty jerk in the first hour klavier knows him

then he calms down and starts smiling and even cracking jokes, and he apologizes for how super rude he was and starts being more talkative, hanging out with klavier and following him around the shops and playing little games with him, lending klavier his charger and stuff

and by the beginning of the third day they’re talking like they’ve known each other forever and klavier’s buying apollo dinner because apollo can’t really afford all the expensive airport food and they’re looking at each other like they’re looking over the tables at a warm, cosy restaurant they picked out after long delibaration instead of over airport chairs picking at a kinda gross burger and klavier really really wants to kiss him but he’s a little nervous it might be going too far because he thinks it might just be a fling

and then they end up getting on the plane together and klavier’s supposed to be in first class but he ends up swapping with someone so he can sit next to apollo (he doesn’t tell apollo until ages afterwards) and they chat the whole way there and the people who were waiting with them and the airhosts are like :’)

they end up going each others separate ways and klavier really really really wants to kiss him but he doesn’t and they just exchange numbers instead and hope like hell they see each other again

(klavier calls apollo later but he doesn’t get to the phone in time, but klavier is prepared for that and sings a little song while playing his guitar about how cute apollo was when he fell asleep on him on the plane and clay hears it and apollo dies a little inside)


I just wanted to make this post to say Gavin is such a cute lil bean like !!!! his sneaky comments on our posts and following people and overall just being a really great person to us fans it’s so wonderful to see him interact with us on Twitter and now he’s starting to on here. plus he’s also a v v mature actor for someone who is only 16 and he takes his work so seriously I’m just WOW I love Gavin Macintosh so much. thegavinmacintosh keep doin u we all love u and thanks for making us happy d00d !! ❤️❤️