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“Goal Number Two: Keep Gavin Alive”

Okay so Michael’s Heist was basically one big, convoluted soap opera and I loved every minute of it.

Gavin Free Explains the British Education System
  • Gavin: My spelling is pretty damn top. I did do A-level in English Language.
  • Michael: Oh, wow, A-level. Is that, like, real school?
  • Ryan: What does that mean? Some one was talking about, like, geniuses the other day, and they were talking about math level A or B and I don't understand what that means in the UK. What is that?
  • Gavin: A-level?
  • Ryan: Yeah, what does that mean?
  • Gavin: It's a qualification.
  • Ryan: What does it pertain to. Like, what is an A-level math person able to do?
  • Gavin: You can bloody put it on your CV and get bloody jobs because you have an A-level in math.
  • Ryan: But what does it mean?
  • Gavin: It's a bloody qualification. It's like GCSEs.
  • Michael: What level of, like, knowledge, do you have at A-level.
  • Gavin: A-level is the final thing you do at school, so, sixth form, you do A-levels.
  • Ryan: Ohhhh, wait, wait, I get it. Is it like you OWLs?
  • Michael: Are those real?
  • Jack: Well, it's based on reality, so yeah.
  • Michael: Gavin. How many Outstandings did you get?
  • Gavin: Shut up!
  • Jack: How'd you do in Potions?
  • Gavin: You do A-levels when you're between sixteen and eighteen.
  • Michael: Is that before or after the NEWTs?
  • Gavin: Okay, what qualifications do you get, between the ages of sixteen and eighteen in US.
  • Ryan: You get a high school diploma and a fuck off.
  • Gavin: Yeah, but what does that... in what, though?
  • Ryan: What do you mean in what? You get a "hey, this guy managed to graduate from high school".
  • Michael: There's a standardized set of courses you must take in high school.
  • Gavin: So, there's nothing specific? Everyone gets the same thing?
  • Michael: Unless you go to vocational school, yeah.
  • Gavin: So you just end up with a piece of paper with "school" written on it?
  • Michael: Yeah, basically.
  • Gavin: "Please employ me, I done school"?

How Geoff passes time when there’s no customers.

Let’s Play - Minecraft 133 - Top Chef Part 3


I swear this is one of my favourite videos, by Tumblr user Waywardism

The “Xray and Vav We Need You” bit always gives me goosebumps.

But the bit that makes me smile most is when Gavin attempts the backflip, and Ray literally breaks down laughing. 

I think this video cemented by belief that these guys really do see each other as family.

And I love Waywardism for this. 

Its perfect.

Sketching all the Gavin Free clones! Top to bottom, left to right Minecraft King!Gavin (headcanon yo) 11 little roosters, slomo, destiny, gtaV Podcast, Vav Gavin prime and Gavin second? (cannot remember what the second was named) Secret door Gavin is in the center, with Ben King beside him (first rt short with clones, look it up!) Rtaa Gavin and Woody from Lazer team as well. Will ink and colour eventually!

Title: Ruffled Feathers

Word Count: 4242


Another AHOT6 originally prompted to ‘coolasdicks’; Think you can write a RT Hybrid!AU fic where Gavin hates how his feathers puff out through his shirts and hoodies and the guys tease him about it to the point where it gets to him and he plucks most of them off of himself? Sorry its super long.

Notes: Thanks once again to 'coolasdicks’ for letting me adopt this prompt, I have a real weakness obsession when it comes to RT Hybrid!AU so this prompt was amazing to write. And to the original prompter, wherever you may be, I hope I did your fabulous prompt the justice it deserves!

Warnings: Mentions of wing mutilation.

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