Why People Who Like Achievement Hunter Suck

You probably heard this tale before. “DON’T GO TO THE COMMENT SECTION OF A VIDEO LINDSAY IS IN!” 

Though of course you do, and it’s full of misogynistic comments. 

If Jeremy, Gavin, Ryan, etc. does something fucking dumb in a video game it’s “uwu my soft good bean bois uwu”

Though Lindsay? Get fucking ready to see a 10 page paragraph on how of an “unfunny bitch” she is. Telling her to go back to editing and bring one some other Achievement Hunter. 

Oh yes because you rather watch bossy whiny Matt Bragg play online building blocks

Or cringey Andy race some fake cars 

Or now no personality Alfredo  


“She must have IQ issues!” 

Oh I’m sorry she didn’t drink a whole bottle of that ricky and morty gaming juice and plays stupid video games for a living. She literally voices Ruby Rose who is gaining the popularity around the fucking world. Ran Achievement Hunter. It’s a stupid video game! It’s content they have to make! 

I’m so sick of this misogynistic, fatphobic, etc. bullshit I’ve seen Achievement Hunter fans vomit out. Not even have I seen any of the actual fucking Achievement Dumbasses say for all ya’ll to shut the fuck up so I got to. 

Shut the fuck up!!!!!