The Pain of the Ender Eye Part 1 (Ender Eye AU)

(This is based off of my Ender Eye oneshot I posted the other day. I decided to not make it a oneshot. Enjoy! Especially you, @samijen​ ) (This is also based off of a comic by @emptyfishtanks​ )(Part of it is, anyway)

The guys found Ryan laying beside the pond, clenching his burnt arm in pain. And it was burnt. There were scorch marks all up the side of it and it was red and irritated. Jack hurried over to the injured man and helped sit him up. “Ryan, what the hell happened to your arm!?” He exclaimed. Ryan didn’t answer, instead stared at his burnt appendage. Geoff ran over to his other side and helped Jack stand Ryan up. They carefully guided their fellow Gent towards the city, the Lads trailing behind worriedly.

“So now will you explain how you burned your arm?” Jack asked as he sat beside his friend’s bed. Ryan avoided his gaze. “I…I ran into a blaze.” He muttered. Jack narrowed his eyes. “A blaze.” He repeated, obviously not believing his story. “Y-yeah.” Ryan confirmed. “It must have escaped from a portal or something.” Jack eyed Ryan suspiciously. “You’re still upset over your eye, aren’t you?” Ryan’s head snapped up to look at Jack. “Ryan, I know that was very traumatic for you and you lost a part of you, but you don’t have to injure yourself. It’s not your fault it happened. We didn’t expect that skeleton horde to come out of no where.” “I didn’t hurt myself because I lost my eye.” Ryan said. “Well…I guess that’s part of the reason. But not the full one.” Jack looked at his friend worriedly. “Then why, Ryan? Why would you purposely burn yourself?” Ryan sighed. “You wouldn’t understand.” He muttered. Jack narrowed his eyes. “Try me.” Ryan bit his lip. “No one would understand, Jack. No one knows what it’s like to be part monster.” “Part monster?” Jack repeated. He glanced up at Ryan’s Ender Eye. “Oh.” Ryan chuckled darkly. “Yeah. Oh.” Jack crossed his arms. “You’re wrong, you know.” He said. “There is one person in this city that knows exactly what you’re going through.” Ryan scoffed. “Oh? And who would that be?” Jack smirked and stood. “Follow me.”

“Gavin?” Ryan said, unconvinced, as he stood in front of the Brit’s house. Jack only nodded. “Go talk to him. I promise you he will understand.” Ryan narrowed his eyes at the Gent. “I don’t see how.” Jack sighed. “You gotta be kidding me. Just go talk to him, Ryan.” Ryan shrugged, gave Jack one finally unsure glance, and knocked on Gavin’s door. When the Lad opened it, he gasped when he saw who had knocked. “Ryan!” He exclaimed. “Jesus! How’s your arm?! Are you alright?!” Ryan chuckled quietly. “Yeah…I’m alright. I…actually wanted to talk to you.” Ryan turned around to look at Jack, but the Gent was gone. “Oh…uh…ok. Sure. Come in.” Gavin said, stepping to the side to let Ryan in. The man hesitantly walked in as Gavin closed the door behind him as Ryan walked over to Gavin’s bed and sat. The Creeper clothed Lad walked to in front of the bed and leaned against the wall. “What…uh…did you want to talk about?” He asked. Ryan was quiet for a moment before sighing. He looked up at Gavin, and his Ender Eye gleamed. Gavin flinched. Ryan sighed again. “That.” He muttered. “I’m a monster. Ever since I put in this stupid Ender Eye, weird stuff has been happening to me.” “Like what, Ryan?” Gavin asked. “Well I can teleport now, for one thing.” The Gent said. Gavin’s eyes widened. “You can bloody teleport?!” He exclaimed. Ryan nodded. “I still don’t have a lot of control over it, though.” He said. “Another thing is…water burns me.” He glanced at his arm. Gavin’s eyes widened further. “Is that how you accidentally burned yourself?” He asked. Ryan scoffed. “It wasn’t an accident, but yes.” “Wait you mean you purposely burned yourself?!” Gavin exclaimed. “Bloody why, Ryan!?” “Because I’m a monster!” Ryan screamed. “I hurt you… all of you! I grabbed you by the throat, shoved you against the wall and punched you! I nearly ripped Geoff’s head off! Whenever someone looks me straight in the eyes I feel the need to tear them into shreds!” Gavin blinked. “You’re just like an Enderman.” He commented. Ryan rolled his eyes. “No, really?’ Gavin ignored him and looked at his friend worriedly. “Ryan, why didn’t you tell us this sooner? We might be able to help you!” Ryan shook his head. “I didn’t tell anyone because no one understands what it’s like to be part of what we are killing! No one gets what it’s like to be part monster!” Gavin narrowed his eyes and stared at Ryan a moment before gesturing to a picture of Gavin’s parents; two Creepers. “Prick.” He said. “I’m literally the 100% unlikely chance of a human being born from two Creepers. I’m part Creeper. If anyone knows about being part monster, it’s me.” Ryan’s eyes widened as he remembered his friend’s past. “Oh…right.” He whispered. He glanced at the Lad. “But you’re still all human. I have a part of a monster in me. You were lucky enough to be born completely normal.” Gavin crossed his arms. “I can talk to Creepers. They don’t want to kill me. I can pull TNT out of the ether. Oh, and also! How the bloody hell did you forget this? I explode when I get too excited!” He tilted his head. “I’m anything but a normal human.” Ryan turned his head, looking away from the Creeper boy. Gavin walked over to the man and placed his hand on his shoulder. “You can talk to me about anything, Rye.” He smirked. “Us monsters have to stick together.” Ryan chuckled. “I really appreciate it, Gav. I just don’t want to hurt anyone anymore.” He muttered. Gavin smiled. “Ryan, I forgive you for that little incident a while ago. Even more now that I know it was the Ender Eye that made you do it.” He glanced at the eye. “Have you…thought of taking it out?” Ryan suddenly stiffened, and the Ender Eye glowed bright purple, some energy spilling out the side. Gavin jumped back. Ryan quickly grabbed his eye and turned from his friend. After a moment, Ryan sighed and looked back up at Gavin. He looked normal. “Sorry. It…doesn’t like when we talk about destroying it.” Gavin tilted his head. “It’s…sentient?” He questioned. Ryan nodded. “To answer your question, I’ve tried. But it’s stuck. The only way to get it out would be to cut it out and-” A string of purple magic suddenly flew from the eye and towards Gavin. The Lad jumped back with a squawk as it wrapped around his leg. Ryan blinked it away before it could do anything else. Ryan sighed. “And it obviously won’t go down without a fight.” Gavin nodded. Ryan suddenly smiled and stood. “Thank you, Gavin.” The Lad looked confused, and Ryan chuckled. “For talking.” He explained. “I feel a lot better. If I feel the need, I think I’ll come by again.” Gavin nodded, smiling. “I’m glad, Rye. I just want you to get back to normal.” Ryan grimaced as he walked out Gavin’s house, the eye flashing purple.

“Me, too.”