Little Pigs

Been enjoying the Achievement Hunter’s play through of Outlast. This picture was inspired by a conversation between the two when they wonder if the playable character (Miles) talks using both voices.

Extra drawing of full Michael and Gavin with various scribbles and stuff that I drew while making the finished drawing

gavin was talking about how pokemon go was making him uneasy because there is a pokestop right outside his house and he’s scared of fans seeing him and knowing where he lives

So please, if you are playing this game and happen to stumble across any member of RT (or any other celebs) in their own houses (someone found Jack’s house by accident playing the game) be respectful, do not share their address, do not knock on their door, do not enter their property. If they happen to walk out onto the street away from their house then okay maybe you can politely approach them and talk to them but don’t bombard them and don’t share their private personal details, and do not linger outside their private property

They are people too. Don’t stalk them. Don’t post any information that allows people to track them. We’ve already had one YouTube star this year get shot by stalker fans, so realise how terrifying this invasion of privacy is to them.

It just hit me that newer rooster teeth/achievement hunter fans won't remember a time when:

•Geoff and Gavin lived together

•Ray was a very prominent member

•Lindsey’s last name was Tuggey

•Ryan didn’t dress like the biggest dad to ever dad

•Geoff had the most kickass mustache to ever grace the earth

•Gavin was genuinely afraid of Ryan

•Jack fanfics were basically illegal

•There was wild speculation in between episodes of 10 little roosters (I’m still waiting for 11 little roosters dammit)

•Burnie was the CEO